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Casey foots the bill for even more OCSO incompetence

So after a few more shenanigans and an uncharacteristic flurry of activity from OCSO, Judge Perry has now decided to adjust Casey’s bill and take it up to $217k. That’s still way less then half the original amount the Sour Grapes State were shooting for, but in the big scheme of things the actual figure is irrelevant.

The fact is: If OCSO and Law Enforcement  had put the same amount of time & effort into properly investigating this case as they have getting their receipts in order (instead of that cretinous piece of filth Yuri Melich and his cohorts trying to frame Casey from day 1), then things would certainly have been different.

In other news, the latest issue of People magazine features Casey on the cover, together with a story about her life “in hiding”.  They also brought out a $3.99 Casey Anthony-themed book a couple of weeks back called “Outrage: The Casey Anthony Story”. That’s all well & good… but the only real outrage is that George Anthony is still walking around as free as a bird and cashing in left, right & center… even after his serial child abuse & aggravated manslaughter of Caylee Marie Anthony. So like I say, adding $119k to Casey’s bill really is a moot point.

Here’s a recent post from Jaylyn that sums it all up quite nicely:

“I have to say I have always thought that George Anthony has had something to do with what happened to Caylee, however I don’t actually think he murdered her. I believe that that Caylee did in fact drown in the pool, however George Anthony knew that he could never allow Caylee’s body to be autopsied because her little body would most definitely show the signs of his sexual abuse. He knew that his daughter would straight away point the finger at him because he had done the same to her. He knew very well that the best thing would be to make Caylee disappear. By the time her remains were found there was not enough left for them to find any signs of sexual abuse, therefore George could breath again and start to point the finger directly at his daughter.  Every time I have heard George Anthony deny the sexual abuse allegations I have never been able to believe him and I really do think that sexual abuse really lies at the center of the mystery, of what happened to Caylee Anthony.”


Casey Anthony: 418,000 reasons to be cheerful…

Looks like a decision has finally been reached on the trial costs issue – with Judge Perry deciding to reduce the Sour Grapes State’s initial over exaggerated claim by $418,000… and leaving Casey to pay $97,676.98

I think Team Casey should appeal the decision… but failing that, Casey should consider forwarding “the bill” on to George Anthony. He can pay it from the $250k he just got from talking bullshit with Dr Phil for 9 1/2 hours… seeing as Casey was forced into covering for his aggravated manslaughter of Caylee.

Your thoughts?

Click here for the 8 page court ruling & specifics. (opens PDF in a new window)

Here’s the latest from

418000 reasons to be cheerful

Team Casey submit $200 counter-offer in Trial Cost fiasco

On Monday afternoon, Lisabeth Fryer (representing Team Casey) filed a brief including a $200 counter-offer with regards to the current trial cost fiasco.

The Sour Grapes State Attorney’s office thinks Casey should be liable for $517,000 in respect of their incompetence – while the statutory limit is $50 per conviction.

So… $50 x 4 dubious misdemeanors (currently under appeal) = $200.

Bottom line: Judge Perry would essentially be ignoring the law if he ordered Casey to pay more than $50 per count.

A decision is expected at any time, although Judge Perry has until September 22nd to decide.

If you missed the initial riveting trial cost hearing from September 2nd, Part 11 of 13 is below. It covers a portion of Cheney Mason’s closing arguments, and his specific highlighting of the State’s very long list of inaccuracies & lies in relation to their overly exaggerated BS costs claim.

To see all the videos from the hearing, click here.

Casey Anthony – Costs Hearing, September 2nd 2011 – Part 11

Casey Anthony’s Trial Costs Hearing, 9/2/2011 – FULL VIDEO

The full video of Casey Anthony’s Trial Costs Hearing from yesterday has now been uploaded.

Part 11 of 13 is below. It covers a portion of Cheney Mason’s closing arguments, and his specific highlighting of the State’s very long list of inaccuracies & lies in relation to their overly exaggerated BS costs claim.

To see all the videos from the hearing, click here.

Casey Anthony – Costs Hearing, September 2nd 2011 – Part 11

Casey Anthony – Trial costs hearing UPDATE

After a delayed 10:45 kick-off,  this morning’s Trial Costs Hearing finally got underway… with LDB & Frank George representing the Sour Grapes State, and Cheney Mason & Lisabeth Fryer once again flying the flag for Team Casey.

The hearing started very interestingly, with the State’s 1st witness, Randy Means (State Attorney’s office) denying all knowledge in relation to the particulars of the 4 counts of “lying to LE”. The other witnesses didn’t perform much better, with their total lack of understanding regarding the equation of hours worked versus costs incurred. The State wheeled out Sgt. John Allen (OC Sheriff’s office) as their last witness.

To all intents and purposes, way too many people at the Attorney’s Office, Orlando PD/MBI, FDLE & OCSO did very little aside run around like headless chickens, then attempt to duly overcharge for it.

In summing up, Cheney Mason stated: “I think it is time that Lawson Lamar’s office ACCEPTS the fact that they LOST this case.” Well said.

He also highlighted the fact that the Sheriff’s Dept. (and Deputy Kane) failed to act properly in not following up on Roy Kronk’s calls in August 2008. Cheney Mason concluded by highlighting the overcharging hydrologist who could only confirm the Suburban Drive area had never been underwater, and therefore was not asked to testify by the prosecution. Even The Laughing Guy’s claim of $31.50 for buying himself a book from got a mention.

The outcome? Judge Perry needs more time to think it all over and has given both sides until next Friday to submit additional info.

So today’s hearing just finished with a bemused looking Judge Perry… a happy looking Cheney Mason & Lisabeth Fryer – and a very ruffled looking LDB.

As an interesting side note — not only did the FBI decline to submit a request for reimbursement, but the Department of Corrections generously followed suit by deciding not to invoice Casey for 3 years bed, breakfast, evening meal (& solitary confinement) in their establishment.

CLICK HERE to see the FULL VIDEO from today’s hearing.

Casey Anthony doesn’t owe ANYONE a damn thing

Another Groundhog Day of high-stakes chicanery begins at 10am this morning… this time with the re-scheduled Trial Costs Hearing.

This is where the all-incompetent Sour Grapes State not only wants Casey to pay for being prosecuted on false & bogus BS evidence – and being found NOT GUILTY… but they also want her to pay for the decidedly shoddy investigation they carried out. The grand total is currently estimated at over $500,000.

In my opinion, Casey Anthony doesn’t owe ANYONE a damn thing, least not the State.  She’s already paid her debt to society.

This is no more than a continuation of the personal vendetta against Casey from the State that gambled and lost.

It’s actually Casey that should be suing THEM (and the media who vilified her) for the attempted ruining of her life (and attempted murder) by the over zealous prosecution who over charged her.

In the meantime – and for anyone that might have missed it – here’s a quick reminder of what happened back on July 5th 2011:

NOT GUILTY VERDICT Casey Anthony Trial - July 5th 2011

News & video to follow later today…