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Jose Baez interviews clips – PBS “Frontline: The Real CSI”

Here are 5 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez, as he discusses the various aspects of Casey’s trial on a recent broadcast of PBS’s “Frontline: The Real CSI”.

It once again proves how shambolic, desperate & clueless the cesspool-style prosecution really was in their failed attempts to validate their fantasy forensics, and appease the unwashed knuckle-dragging masses.

Click here to watch the full 60 minute episode (opens in a new window). Casey’s trial & Jose Baez’ comments are featured in Chapter 4/6 at the 31:52 mark.

Go Jose! :mrgreen:

Video clip #1: “Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom”:


Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom

Video clip #2: “This Prosecution Was So Desperate”:


This Prosecution Was So Desperate

Video clip #3: “Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed”: 


Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed

Video clip #4: “It Was an Unprovable Case”:


It Was an Unprovable Case

Video clip #5: “How ABC Helped Cover Casey’s Defense Costs”:


How ABC Helped Cover Caseys Defense Costs

Still seeking enlightenment? Click the link below…


Casey Anthony doesn’t owe ANYONE a damn thing

Another Groundhog Day of high-stakes chicanery begins at 10am this morning… this time with the re-scheduled Trial Costs Hearing.

This is where the all-incompetent Sour Grapes State not only wants Casey to pay for being prosecuted on false & bogus BS evidence – and being found NOT GUILTY… but they also want her to pay for the decidedly shoddy investigation they carried out. The grand total is currently estimated at over $500,000.

In my opinion, Casey Anthony doesn’t owe ANYONE a damn thing, least not the State.  She’s already paid her debt to society.

This is no more than a continuation of the personal vendetta against Casey from the State that gambled and lost.

It’s actually Casey that should be suing THEM (and the media who vilified her) for the attempted ruining of her life (and attempted murder) by the over zealous prosecution who over charged her.

In the meantime – and for anyone that might have missed it – here’s a quick reminder of what happened back on July 5th 2011:

NOT GUILTY VERDICT Casey Anthony Trial - July 5th 2011

News & video to follow later today…

The Laughing Guy is writing a book. Read it and weep

After failing miserably in front of a global audience – and turning yourself into a laughing stock at the same time – you really wouldn’t want to have all that documented in a book, would you? But “The Laughing Guy” himself, Jeff Ashton, is doing just that.  Details of his book (due out in November) started appearing in the Barnes & Noble and Amazon listings yesterday.

I think it’s gonna be titled “I Who Have Nothing” and you’ll find it in the FICTION section.

Do you remember Jeff? He was the imbecile prosecutor that amused us no end with his arm waving, foot stomping and every-2-minutes objections during the trial. He’s the guy that thought he could coerce & cajole the jury into delivering a Guilty verdict on the always innocent and exceptionally gorgeous Casey Anthony – using false evidence and fantasy forensics.  He failed miserably as we all know… then promptly did the decent thing by retiring his sad sorry incompetent ass.

Anyway, it looks like he’s been keeping himself busy since then, and making himself a few extra $$$’s by doing the TV rounds, while still trying to convince everyone how totally wrong the verdict was. Ah yes… there’s no end to his talents. He always makes people laugh wherever he goes, so maybe he should have his own stand up comedy show to coincide with his book release? After all, it’s a cast-iron certainty that nobody’s gonna be offering him any amount of money to take all his clothes off… but someone might just end up buying him a new toupee.

With all that in mind, I thought this would be as good a time as any to post this video featuring The Laughing Guy. Enjoy…

THIS is the reason we do what we do…

Watch this movie. It’s a tribute to Casey’s strength, bravery, & emotion despite all of the opposition that stood against her, from the public, to media, to law enforcement, to her own family.

THIS is the reason we do what we do.

THIS is the reason we brush aside all the hate & venom we encounter during our mission.

THIS is the reason we stand shoulder to shoulder, united in our undying support for Casey Anthony.

THIS is the reason we’ve always supported Casey – before, during and after the Trial…

and THIS is the reason we always will.

WE LOVE YOU CASEY! CMA Forever in our hearts.

Geraldo Rivera’s analysis on the Casey Anthony verdict, 8/15

Here’s a personal video Geraldo Rivera uploaded to his Facebook page earlier today – and his respective thoughts & analysis on the Not Guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial:

Geraldo Rivera analysis on the Casey Anthony verdict

So, which part of NOT GUILTY do you still not understand?

Let me first add some clarity here:

The principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, recognized in many nations.

The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to collect and present enough compelling evidence to convince the trier of fact, who is restrained and ordered by law to consider only actual evidence and testimony that is legally admissible, and in most cases lawfully obtained, that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

In case of remaining doubts, the accused is to be acquitted. This presumption is seen to stem from the Latin legal principle that ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof rests on who asserts, not on who denies).

FACT: Yes, Casey Anthony was found guilty on a handful of innocuous misdemeanors – but more importantly she was found Not Guilty in respect of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

So to the clueless masses out there that stupidly say – “Yes, BUT, Casey was found not guilty… she was not found innocent!” – I say to you – which part of NOT GUILTY does your confused little BS-filled brain have trouble understanding? Hmm?

Hold on though. Could it in fact be that you’re jealous of Casey’s undisputable beauty? Her celebrity status? Her total awesomeness?… or her soon-to-be-claimed fortune? Maybe it’s all of the above? Or, maybe it’s none of the above, and you’re just a sad sorry spiteful piece of self-righteous trash with nothing better to do?

Let me know and I’ll tackle your comments accordingly.

Give it your best shot, and try and keep the f-words to a minimum :mrgreen:

You may proceed….

Casey Anthony – Still Innocent. Always has been. Always will be.

A lot of people WANTED Casey to be guilty – just so they could draw a line under it and forget about it.

The fact Casey was found NOT guilty stopped that from happening. I’m still not sure which part of “Not Guilty” the Haters still don’t understand.

Forget “chloroform searches“, “car boot decomposition”, “duct tape suffocation” and all the other fantasy forensics thrown up in the air by The Laughing Guy (now retired) & Linda. That was all BS, and was PROVEN to be BS. They even knew the CacheBack evidence was flawed during the trial.

Watch Jose Baez’ Opening Statements if you want to know what really happened.

So as much as the lynch mob wanted Casey to be found guilty for a crime she didn’t commit, it just ain’t gonna happen. The sooner they realize that, the better.

Casey has already been through the full circus of the judicial system (not to mention the hell of losing her daughter and being in soltary confinement 23 hours a day for 3 years) and be proven NOT guilty – much to the disappointment of the media and despite the daily rantings since July 15th 2008 from disheveled whores like Nancy Grace and others. (PS. Did anyone stop to ask HLN to help cover the “costs” of the trial, seeing as their nightly Grace-fuelled witch-hunt shows rocketed their ratings & generated them over $30m in extra advertising revenue? I think not… that wouldn’t be fair now, would it?)

The fact is – this was never a first degree murder case. The Laughing Guy and Linda knew they did not have a viable case against Casey Anthony right from the get-go, yet they insisted on wasting tax-payer money in order to try and please the masses.

Bottom line:

So what if Casey wants to write a book, sell her story, feature in a magazine or do anything else she wants. Casey doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing. She’s already paid her debt to society. If anything, it’s Casey that should sue the ass off the ncompetent  & over zealous prosecutors who over charged her and the media who vilified her.

Casey Anthony is innocent. Always has been. Always will be.

RESPECT the verdict and move on.


Cheney Mason speaks at the Tiger Bay Club, Florida, 7/22 (video)

Defense attorney Cheney Mason speaks at the Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida (July 22nd 2011) regarding the Casey Anthony trial, the verdict, the jurors – and highlights the stupidity of anyone that still thinks Casey is guilty (plus other related topics). Here’s the video in full…

Cheney Mason Tiger Bay Club

Major Forensics Failure in Casey Anthony Trial

Geraldo and his resident FOX expert team further debunk the junk science & fantasy forensics deployed by the prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial:

Major Forensics Failure in Casey Anthony Trial

Was Casey Anthony prosecuted with inaccurate data?

Expert says assertion that chloroform was searched for “84 times” was based on bad computer data. It was in fact searched for one-time only, and in relation to a MySpace post made by Ricardo Morales. The prosecution were well aware of this. It also explains why the prosecution decided against using it in their closing arguments, even though they brought it up numerous times during the trial.  Both MSNBC & the New York Times tried contacting the prosecutors for their comments, but they failed to respond.

Here’s the TODAY video in full w/Kerry Sanders:

Flawed search evidence produced during Trial