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On this Day in 2011 — Casey Anthony — Not Guilty & Acquitted

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of a truly monumental day – that being Casey’s Not Guilty verdict and acquittal. How time flies.

Here are my comments and the 3 videos I posted 2 years ago. The same comments still apply.


The Verdict:

Shame on every single one of you still holding on to the myth that Casey is guilty – when the truth is out there for all to see. Shame on you. No way she killed her child! The whole image the media created was a lie that YOU fell for. Respect the verdict and get over it.

The Verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial – Not Guilty… GO CASEY! – July 5th 2011:

NOT GUILTY VERDICT Casey Anthony Trial - July 5th 2011

Casey Anthony: Not Guilty Verdict Celebration + Geraldo Reaction, July 5th 2011:

Dorothy Sims, Cheney Mason & Jose Baez speak after the Not Guilty Verdict, July 5th 2011:

Jose Baez after the verdict


Here’s what Jose Baez stated after the trial (in the above video):

“Casey did not murder Caylee. It’s that simple. And today, our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction.”

As far as historic moments in TV history go, this one is right up there. If you remember what you were doing before, during and after the verdict – post your comments below.

Congrats once again to Team Casey.

Celebrate the day!

Keep the faith,


Embrace The Awesomeness…


Check out this video. Thanks to Caleb for the link…




Casey, the movie & future plans – Jose Baez interview (WESH)

Check out the interview below where Jose Baez discusses the recent Lifetime movie, his life after Casey’s trial and his future plans.


Jose - life after Casey + movie

“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” – the Lifetime movie reviewed!

No wonder all the knuckle-draggers are up in arms. They got bitch-slapped yet again!

Review from

If at all possible — and it’s probably not — the best way to approach this film is with a blank slate. Strip away any memory you have of those months.

The net benefit of this little act of mental gymnastics is that you may walk away with the impression that Anthony was innocent after all.

It’s a fascinating impression, and in that sense, so is the film. It is told from Ashton and Burdick’s point of view, not Baez’s, who — far from being the slick Willy the media (and Ashton) made him out to be — is seen here as shrewd, reasonable and quite possibly even right.

Lowe’s portrayal is not far removed from Chris Traeger of “Parks and Recreation”: An earnest, self-righteous choir boy who is so enamored of the evidence he has collected that he tends to dismiss the obvious fact that some of it is probably circumstantial.

He harrumphs when Baez reminds him of this, or (worse) smirks. Even Burdick grows weary of his antics, scolding him as a mother would her precocious and ill-mannered child. He is so blinkered that he never sees the verdict coming, nor quite grasps so-called Juror No. 3’s blunt rationale for acquittal: That he may have been wrong.

BOTTOM LINE A surprisingly revisionist take on one of the most controversial trials of the decade — from someone (Ashton) you’d least expect revisionism from. Nancy Grace, meanwhile, will hate “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Leave your review below.

Cheney Mason – WESH 2 interview

Here’s Cheney Mason’s interview from last with w/Jim Payne @ WESH 2.

In this interview, Cheney discusses Casey’s hobbies, fave movies, her probation release, after probation plans, law enforcement activities, Hater threats, unethical AG’s, the ongoing ignorance of the masses, the jury, the fact that he’s not yet read Jose’s book – and a bunch of other stuff to boot. Very insightful & very interesting.


Cheney Mason – Part 1/2:

Cheney Mason WESH Part-1

Cheney Mason – Part 2/2:


Cheney Mason WESH Part-2

Jose Baez – Fox News Latino + AP interview

Here are a few interviews & reports from last week… one featuring Jose Baez on Fox News Latino, an Associated Press interview snippet plus a Fox Report on GA and the ever-present incest & abuse allegations.

Jose is also re-scheduled to appear on “Hannity” (Fox) sometime this week. The MSNBC documentary is still proving elusive but will be uploaded shortly.


Jose Baez on Fox News Latino:

Fox News Latino

Jose Baez – Associated Press video:

AP news

Fox News report – George Anthony incest & abuse allegations:

fox news 7-23

My super cool Amazon book review + other stuff

I’ve now read Jose’s book twice, and found it to be both awesome and a great insight into the whole trial and the build up to it. The behind the scenes shenanigans of the prosecution and law enforcement were a joy to behold. It just goes to show they all perceived themselves to be above the law and were all prepared to break every rule & try every trick in the book to get a result. In addition to 4 typos, I also counted at least 7 references to The Laughing Guy being “an asshole”. Let me know if you counted more than 7.

Having said all that, the book is still awesome… but I do still have issues with Jose’s “drowning accident” theory. Fair enough, Jose couldn’t use or accuse George of Caylee’s murder as Casey’s defense, as it was of course up to the state to prove their case – which they failed to do with flying colors. I just don’t agree with it. I still believe George took Caylee’s life that morning either via suffocation while abusing her in the house, or by deliberately drowning her in the pool. The latter being the only was I can fit the pool into the equation.

This was no accident. Nobody dies in a swimming pool accident and finishes up being dumped in the woods, unless there’s something very sinister being covered up.

In the meantime, I also submitted a review of the”‘Presumed Guilty”  book to Amazon. I thought it only right to give it 5 stars… sing the praises of the book… and highlight the ongoing stupidity of The Haters. But when push came to shove, it transpired that whoever reviews the reviews at Amazon seems to be somewhat biased, as it never managed to get approved or published.

Just to test my theory, I also re-posted the review, this time only submitting the first paragraph. That too got rejected. Interesting.

I guess they took a look at the overall reviews and decided it’d be better to keep the majority (i.e. The Haters) happy, even though 99% of them never read the book for either mental or fiscal reasons. Good for them.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Amazon sucks, because I have a house full of their stuff… plus they got the book delivered to me the day after it came out… and I still have $370 in vouchers to spend there, courtesy of my recently redeemed Wells Fargo Reward points – but whoever reviews the reviews definitely sucks :mrgreen:

In an attempt to share my review in full, I’ve included it below. Enjoy… and as usual, feel free to post your comments below.



It’s an Awesome Read! (for those that can):

Forget the bad reviews. This book is a truly awesome read. It’s also a gripping read for anyone seeking enlightenment regarding Casey and the trial. The underhandedness of the overzealous prosecution, coupled with the corrupt & incompetent shenanigans of law enforcement were shameful to say the least… but justice prevailed in the end.

This is testament to what happens when you go into a faux murder trial with little more than a can of air and a lot of BS.

And while LDB acted in a professional manner, The Laughing Guy proved to be as useful as a tit in a trance from day 1… from his “pig in a blanket” jibes & jokes, right up to the sentencing day which he didn’t even have the balls to show up for. No wonder Linda’s 2nd fiddle beverage fetcher decided to resign straight after the trial. It was the only good decision he made in 3+ years.

Just a shame that a book of this magnitude has been reviewed by so many retarded knuckle-draggers, but that’s only to be expected, and will only serve to increase sales of the book.

For The Haters out there – this is for you:

Your reviews indicate a relatively low level of intelligence – on par with the average HLN viewer. Go figure.

It’s also not necessarily your fault that you’re retarded and you subsequently refuse to acknowledge it. There are many people out there in the same boat, so fear not… you are not alone.

But remember this while resting on your pitchfork:

Jose Baez is a legend. Like it or not, you will bow down to his brilliance every day for the rest of your sad sorry-ass lives. You have no choice. He accomplished more in 3 years than all The Haters combined could ever achieve in 100 lifetimes.

Accept it.

Casey Anthony is innocent.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Yes… you can cling to the illusion of Casey’s guilt all you like – and spew your filth over anyone that disagrees with you. Go for it. Carry on doing that. Carry on drinking from your very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial all you like. “Warrior” or not, this is one battle you are never gonna win. Your self-inherited loser-DNA unfortunately cannot be reprogrammed.

Shame on you for refusing to see through the BS. The media lied to you for 3+ years, and you were stupid enough to believe them. You also fell for the prosecution’s lies, “fantasy forensics” & “junk science” relating to the chloroform & duct tape because you couldn’t handle the truth (and still can’t).

How do you feel now?

You are a disgrace to Caylee’s memory.

You are a disgrace to the Constitution.

You are a disgrace to America.



Jose Baez – “Geraldo at Large” interview, 7-15

Here’s Jose’s interview on “Geraldo at Large” this past weekend – also featuring Dr Werner Spitz and his comments on Caylee’s initial botched autopsy.

Jose Geraldo Spitz 7-15-2012

The MSNBC Documentary (from Sunday) is currently proving as elusive as a George Anthony payslip, but it will be uploaded real soon. The Elves are working on it…


Jose Baez – “The View” interview clip, 7-11

Here’s a clip of Jose’s interview from yesterday on “The View” – (click here for the full episode).

Kudos to Jose for agreeing to be interviewed on live TV by 5 very clueless women at the same time. Just a shame they never stopped for breath long enough to let him finish any of his answers.

Many of the questions asked just prove how clueless they actually were. The “31 days of continuous partying” was certainly news to me.

Jose - The View 7-11-2012

Leave your comments below.

Jose Baez – MSNBC interview, 7-9 + Documentary info

Here’s a very brief MSNBC interview with Jose Baez from earlier today – including a clip from a Behind the Scenes Documentary on the Trial titled “Defending Casey Anthony” due to be aired on MSNBC July 15th.

Jose MSNBC 7-9-2012

Jose’s Piers Morgan (CNN) interview tonight was cancelled (for unknown reasons), but his appearance on “The View” is still scheduled for Wednesday.

I also found out today that George & Cindy’s pending trademark applications (through Mark Lippman) have both been abandoned due to a “Failure To Respond” on 4/6/2012.

The “JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE” and “CAYLEE ANTHONY” trademarks they applied for (back on 5/20/2011) were to enable them to put their Caylee logos on stickers, t-shirts and underwear. Today is 1 month away from (what would have been) Caylee’s 7th Birthday.

Click the link below to read my post from last August titled – The Battle for Caylee Anthony.

I also added a new NOTABLE POSTS section (to the right sidebar menu) including links to several “old” posts including: Casey’s psychological evaluations unsealed by JP — Media Whores – still drinking from the chalice of denial — Why Hating the Haters is such a bad idea — and — My 10 questions for George Anthony — plus a few others.