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Jose Baez – CBS “Crimesider” interview, 7-6

Here’s Jose Baez’ CBS “Crimesider”  interview w/Julia Dahl.

In “Casey Anthony Trial: The inside Story”, Jose talks about bombshell evidence relating to George Anthony, the suicide computer searches, the jury, defense strategy, the verdict, the media circus and “The Casey Anthony Reality Show”:

Jose CBS Crimesider 7-6-2012

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Parts 1, 2 & 3), 7-5

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Part 3/3), 7-6

Here’s Part 3/3 of Jose Baez’ interview from “On The Record“ w/Greta Van Susteren.

Jose Greta OTR Final Part 3

Click here to watch Jose Baez’ CBS “Crimesider” interview, 7-6

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Part 2), 7-6

Here’s Part 2/3 of Jose’s interview from “On The Record“ w/Greta Van Susteren last night. I’ll upload Part 3 tomorrow.

Jose Greta OTR Part-2 7-6-2012.flv

Click here to watch Part 3/3 of this interview

Jose Baez – Good Morning America interview, 7-5

Here’s Jose Baez’ interview from “Good Morning America”, July 5th 2012:

GMA interview jose 7-5-2012

Watch for Jose on FOX tonight too… On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren @ 10pm PT / 1am ET, where (among other things) Jose confirms George Anthony’s disposal of Caylee’s body on June 16th 2008 and the phone call he made afterwards.

We’ll post more of Jose’s interviews tomorrow as we get them. If you know of any others, don’t forget to post or email me the link, ok?

Today – of all days – wouldn’t really be complete without a re-post and re-confirmation of OUR MISSION, so here it is…


We are the #1 Casey Anthony Support Site. Dedicated to the conviction of George Anthony for the Murder of Caylee Anthony.

Watch this movie. It’s a tribute to Casey’s strength, bravery, & emotion despite all of the opposition that stood against her, from the public, to media, to law enforcement, to her own family.

THIS is the reason we do what we do.

THIS is the reason we brush aside all the hate & venom we encounter during our mission.

THIS is the reason we stand shoulder to shoulder, united in our undying support for Casey Anthony.

THIS is the reason we’ve always supported Casey – before, during and after the Trial…

and THIS is the reason we always will.

WE LOVE YOU CASEY! CMA Forever in our hearts.

Remember – when it comes to supporting Casey, it’s the friends you’ve made that count – not the ones you lost… because they were never real friends to begin with.


Piers Morgan discusses his phone conversation with Casey

Here’s a clip from CNN yesterday, where Piers Morgan discusses his Casey phone conversation with Brooke Baldwin…

Casey - Piers Brooke Baldwin CNN 6-14-2012

Casey speaks to TV host Piers Morgan

Check out the video clips below featuring Piers Morgan on CNN last night (w/Cheney Mason), discussing his phone call with Casey…

***CLICK HERE for the show transcript — (3-page PDF document)***

Part #1:


Part #2:


Part #3:

Casey - Piers TV 6-13-2012

News report from WFTV:

Casey Piers WFTV 6-13-2012


“Casey Anthony spoke out in an off-camera interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, revealing more than she ever has publicly.

She talked about her daughter Caylee for the first time since she was acquitted in the toddler’s death nearly a year ago.

Morgan said she reached out saying “Obviously, I didn’t kill my daughter.”

“She said to me ‘the caricature of me that is out there, it couldn’t be further from the truth,'” Morgan said.

When Morgan asked her what she was most self-critical about, she told him:

“Not being honest. I didn’t trust law enforcement. I didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt which is part of the reason they didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt.”

She also talked about the jailhouse video recordings of her visits with her family, saying:

“I’ve looked back at some of the interviews in the way that I’ve come across. It looks absolutely horrible and I’m ashamed in many ways of the person that I was.”

What is life like now for Casey Anthony?

Her attorney, Cheney Mason, was on the program, saying even though she is free, she is living in what he calls “a different kind of prison.”

Mason also said Casey was not out there selling her story, but “when the time comes she will have her story to tell.”

Mason said Casey was currently reading the Hunger Games trilogy, among other things to stay entertained in her life in hiding.

Casey also dispelled some rumors, saying she does not weight 500 pounds. Mason added that she likely barely weighs 120 pounds.  Casey also said she was not moving to Costa Rica.

It was just a day ago when Cheney Mason filed an appeal for Casey Anthony on the conviction that she lied to law enforcement.”

More news/video when we have it.

Team Casey claim victory in EquuSearch civil suit


Team Casey claim victory in civil suit

“Casey Anthony’s civil lawyers said they were victorious on Friday in their fight against Texas EquuSearch, which is suing Casey for more than $100,000.

The search group said that’s how much they spent on searches after Casey claimed her daughter Caylee was alive and missing.

Casey’s civil lawyers convinced Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon to allow them to question EquuSearch founder Tim Miller under oath about the conversation he said he had with Casey.

Casey later claimed during her murder trial that Caylee had been dead all along, after drowning accidentally in the family swimming pool.

Casey’s lawyers want to grill Miller about his claim in his lawsuit that Casey told him Caylee was alive and asked him to find her.

But Casey’s lawyers claim Miller made several public statements to the contrary.

Volunteers came from all over the country to help EquuSearch look for Caylee, who won the hearts of people everywhere.

Casey claimed a nanny took off with Caylee, and even though Casey’s story was full of contradictions and changes, EquuSearch came to Central Florida twice to lead massive searches that cost more than $100,000.

Casey was acquitted.

“Every person who was present during this meeting when this conversation allegedly took place denies that it ever occurred and this involves others than just members of the Anthony family,” said Casey’s lawyer, Charles Greene.

The judge still hasn’t ruled on EquuSearch’s request to have a special master, or a lawyer who would serve as a referee for the deposition, since there is no judge present. “

On this Day in 2011: Jose Baez’ Opening Statements

It’s more or less 12 months to the day since Casey’s Trial started, with Jose Baez delivering the Defense Opening Statements. No doubt JB will be elaborating much further on the run-up to the Trial in his book —  “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” —  due out July 3rd.

Here’s Part 2/8 of the Opening Statements from May 24th 2011.

Defense Opening Statements - May 24th 2011 - Part 2

To see the Opening Statements in full, click here.


Jose Baez w/Dr Drew – interview clips

Here are 4 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez on Dr Drew last night (5/14), discussing his forthcoming book –  “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”

The interview also includes a few behind-the-scenes revelations and confirmation that the book will contain a great deal of information & evidence that wasn’t introduced during Casey’s trial. Very interesting. I’ll post the full 60 minute interview as soon as I get hold of it.

This book definitely has #1 Best Seller written all over it. It’s currently ranked at #450 in the Amazon Best Sellers list and #8 in the Biographies list.

Pre-order it now if you haven’t already :mrgreen:

Resistance is futile…

Jose Baez on why the book will shock readers:

JB Drew - shock readers 5-14

Jose Baez: “I was Casey’s harshest critic”:

Dr Drew harshest critic 5-14

Jose Baez on why Casey never testified:

Dr Drew never testified 5-14

Web extra: Jose Baez disgusted with treatment of Casey jury:

JB Drew - jury 5-14

Jose’s book already climbing the Amazon Best Sellers list!

*** Jose Baez is on Dr. Drew’s HLN show (Monday 5/14 @ 9 ET/PT) ***

With very little promotion over the past few days, Jose’s book – “Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story” – is already up ranked in the Top 600  on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

Jose Baez - Presumed Guilty - Casey Anthony - The Inside Story

Despite the efforts of the wounded “Warriors” and their futile & BS-filled Amazon boycotting attempts, nothing is gonna stop the book being an awesome best-seller.

You gotta laugh at the failed boycotting BS though. But the truth is, Amazon couldn’t care less about Casey, Jose, The Laughing Guy or anyone else associated with Casey’s Trial. They’re in business to sell books and make a profit… and they know only too well how successful Jose’s book will be… so the likelihood of them “pulling” has always been (and always will be) less then zero.

As I said in reply to an earlier post — It’d take more than the incoherent ramblings of a handful of mentally-challenged knuckle-dragging idiots to make Amazon change course on this one. Jose is no less than a Defense Attorney God and a legend. Fact.

So what can be done about the misdirected boycotting efforts? Nothing. Chill. There’s no need. Sure you could impound their double-wides & pitchforks (or revoke their welfare cards) but it still wouldn’t make much difference. We just have to take pity on them. They are, after all, operating at their best level. It just happens to be several levels below us.

In the meantime all we can do is stay focused on our mission to help & support the ever-present awesomeness that is Casey Anthony.

Just like Jose Baez, we will be victorious in the end.

*** Jose Baez is on Dr. Drew’s HLN show (Monday 5/14 @ 9 ET/PT) ***