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Casey’s Video Diary – Part 2

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post, here’s Casey’s Video diary – Part 2. Not great audio quality, but still a cool video.


Casey Video Diary P2 - Feb 9th 2012

Coming Soon – Casey’s Video Diary (Part 2)

With the Casey news pool currently drier than NG’s nether regions, the best we can offer right now is a claim by the Radar Online website. Apparently they have Casey’s latest Video Diary, plus a few “new photos” to boot – maybe not dissimilar to the 2 above.

In the 2-minute video, Casey reportedly says: “I’m really starting to feel good about a lot of things. It’s about time.”


Click here for more info on the video from

More news as soon as we have it.

JB, Copyright Claims and ongoing Douchebaggery

It never ceases to amaze me how, time and time again, the vast majority of people state they are “not interested” in Casey, yet I upload Casey’s 4 minute Video Diary to YouTube and get over 500,000 views in 4 days. Not to mention sky-rocketing ratings coupled with countless millions of views the movie has had through the mainstream media.

By the way – NBC Universal (News) are now claiming copyright to the original first Casey Video (uploaded by Holly & Jon Briley – amongst others), as they apparently “bought the exclusive rights” to it from ____ – and they’re now trying to enforce that by issuing takedown notices via YouTube. Interesting. (Click here to see their YouTube claim).

While Rob Hensley apparently continues to hold out for the best offer on Casey Video #3… we also had our other (9 second) Casey video removed following a copyright claim from a clueless Vancouver-based fame-seeking whore called Brianne Chantal.

The plot thickens.


That same YouTube video also attracted a few hundred very positive & supportive comments (we deleted the odd negative post), and somewhere in the region of 8,800 viewers gave it the “thumbs down”. That was interesting, because when you look at the bigger picture of views versus “thumbs down”, that equates to an overall and none-too-shabby positive/neutral rating of 98.2%.

Here’s a typical comment copied from the movie page, which says it all really:

“Casey, in my opinion, is innocent. The American court system doesn’t just let people get away with murder. There are professionals who work these cases who are a lot more competent than the average person watching at home on TV. People think she’s guilty because they take information they hear from the media at face value, make an over-simplified conclusion, then get on their high horse and start focusing hate at someone they don’t know at all. It’s a shame.”

Well said.

Moving on from all that, and taking into account some of the deleted negative comments posted on our YouTube channel, I came to the following conclusion (yet again):

The vast majority of people simply do not have the mental capability to properly analyze the facts & information regarding Casey’s trial. Instead they’re way too quick to jump to conclusions and follow “the herd” with whatever “the herd” has decided. That’s why, I deduce, there are still so many hateful & negative comments circulating regarding Casey. Even after 3+ years… most people still can’t handle the truth, nor do they even want to.

This lack of mental capability has no boundaries either… you, old, black, white, male, female – and every other permutation you can think of. Nobody is spared from the rod of ongoing stupidity & douchebaggery.

I’m not sure whether their parents are solely to blame… or whether they just lack basic education, communication and/or social skills. Maybe they live such sad lives that they have to try and take out their personal frustrations on someone else. Maybe it’s a mixture of all the above? But they’re certainly a bunch of sad lifeless individuals.

Instead of acting like faux “Caylee Warriors” (i.e. loving Caylee while hating on her Mom), it’s a shame their combined efforts can’t be channeled more constructively into something way more important & positive – like unearthing the real truth about 9-11 for example (?)

Bottom Line: Anyone that still clings onto the ill-conceived notion that Casey is guilty has some real serious issues to deal with. They should at least consider seeking some form of help for their own sake, and for the sale of their children & families.

In the meantime — and amidst everything else that’s going off — the latest rumor circulating is that of Casey’s proposed “dumping” of Jose Baez. The story seems to have started on the MyFoxOrlando website. Probably total BS, but no doubt we’ll find out soon enough.

Anyways… there’s no getting around the fact that Casey is (and always will be) BIG NEWS… and if she ever does strike a first TV interview deal, you can bet your bottom dollar that’s gonna finish up drawing more viewers than the SuperBowl. You’d better believe it.


EXCLUSIVE: Jose Baez speaks out on Casey’s video (w/Geraldo)

Here’s Jose Baez on Geraldo last night speaking about Casey’s leaked Video Diary:

FULL INTERVIEW - JB on Geraldo 1-9-2012

More news/video to follow shortly on this story – plus further updates as the BS circus comes to town again, starting with the Texas Equusearch hearing this afternoon.

Casey’s video: More Jealousy Fuel for the masses!

After a relatively quiet start to 2012, the floodgates definitely opened yesterday with the release of Casey’s first Video Diary update!

 I believe we were one of the very first sites to post the full video… quickly resulting in many other sites & major news networks linking to the post & video (including CNN & Fox). That was awesome in itself, but a couple of hours later (and with 200,000+ YouTube views thrown in for good measure), all that resulted in the perfect storm and an impromptu server meltdown :mrgreen:

So if you checked the site a few times yesterday and got a blank screen and/or a strange error message, that was the reason. It happens that way sometimes. No worries. Thankfully we were only down for a few hours, but we’re already gearing up to move to new servers to save any future repetition.

To say yesterday’s video caused a Media frenzy would certainly be a gross understatement. Whether the video should have been released in the first place is still up for debate, but if it was an insider leak (and it looks like it was) then no doubt heads will roll.

In the video, Casey looked healthy & well (and just as awesome as ever) as she talked about her new PC, phone, camera… her new dog… and her future plans for after probation.

Make no mistake – Casey Anthony IS Titanium!

Here’s Mini Update #2 (all 9 seconds worth) – just in:

Casey 9sec Video-2

Quick Update: The original video we uploaded has now had over 333,000 views in the first 36 hours:

WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!! :mrgreen:

PS. Here’s a link to one of my earlier posts — “Casey Anthony’s Awesomeness – “Jealousy Fuel” for the masses!” It kinda explains how Casey never fails to bring out the best (and worst) in some people with effortless ease – and the reasons why…

Casey’s First Video Diary Update

I received the following video yesterday, featuring Casey Anthony’s first ever Video Diary update… and maybe the first of many.

Check out the full video and post your comments below.

Here’s Mini Update #2 (all 9 seconds worth) – just in:

Casey 9sec Video-2

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Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony