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Caylee Memorial Site scam – HOA request investigation

George & Cindy continuing to blatantly profit from Caylee’s death is bad enough… but it’s even worse when known scammers jump on the bandwagggon. This time it’s “Bring Kids Home” and devious fraudster Eddie Delvalle back again. They’re now charging $500 a brick to help build a “Caylee memorial” site off Suburban Drive – and on residential-zoned land they don’t even own.

As you can imagine, Chickasaw Oaks Homeowner’s Association are none too happy, and have asked the state AG’s office and Sheriff’s office to investigate the project and its organizers.

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Complaints Over Caylee Memorial 11-8

George & Cindy Anthony appear at Caylee’s 6th birthday Memorial, 8/9

This whole Memorial fiasco stinks. Engraved bricks, walkways, a scam organization called “Bring Kids Home” and a devious fraudster called Eddie Delvalle – all conspiring to get rich quick from building a “Hate Site” for Casey.

Good publicity for George & Cindy and their upcoming foundation though.

This is basically a very poor attempt to cement all the lies surrounding Caylee, and to close the door on anyone looking any further – while Lippman, George & Cindy go about their business by trying to register the “Justice For Caylee” and “Caylee Anthony” trademarks – here and here.

I don’t know why, but I kinda get the feeling George & Cindy won’t be turning up unexpectedly at the same spot on August 9th 2012… a spot where, in all probability, Roy Kronk ultimately placed (i.e. dumped) Caylee’s remains.

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Here’s the video coverage of last nights Suburban Drive “event”.

George Cindy Anthony Appear at Caylee Memorial - p1

George Cindy Anthony Appear at Caylee Memorial - p2

Where is Casey Anthony? 7/18 Update (video)

The latest news following Casey Anthony’s release yesterday. This video speculates on Casey’s whereabouts, and includes a phone interview with Jose Baez on the reported $1m “first interview” with Casey, plus news of the proposed Caylee Anthony memorial on Suburban Drive. While we don’t know Casey’s exact whereabouts, all we do know is that Casey is safe and in good hands.

Where Is Casey Anthony