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Casey foots the bill for even more OCSO incompetence

So after a few more shenanigans and an uncharacteristic flurry of activity from OCSO, Judge Perry has now decided to adjust Casey’s bill and take it up to $217k. That’s still way less then half the original amount the Sour Grapes State were shooting for, but in the big scheme of things the actual figure is irrelevant.

The fact is: If OCSO and Law Enforcement  had put the same amount of time & effort into properly investigating this case as they have getting their receipts in order (instead of that cretinous piece of filth Yuri Melich and his cohorts trying to frame Casey from day 1), then things would certainly have been different.

In other news, the latest issue of People magazine features Casey on the cover, together with a story about her life “in hiding”.  They also brought out a $3.99 Casey Anthony-themed book a couple of weeks back called “Outrage: The Casey Anthony Story”. That’s all well & good… but the only real outrage is that George Anthony is still walking around as free as a bird and cashing in left, right & center… even after his serial child abuse & aggravated manslaughter of Caylee Marie Anthony. So like I say, adding $119k to Casey’s bill really is a moot point.

Here’s a recent post from Jaylyn that sums it all up quite nicely:

“I have to say I have always thought that George Anthony has had something to do with what happened to Caylee, however I don’t actually think he murdered her. I believe that that Caylee did in fact drown in the pool, however George Anthony knew that he could never allow Caylee’s body to be autopsied because her little body would most definitely show the signs of his sexual abuse. He knew that his daughter would straight away point the finger at him because he had done the same to her. He knew very well that the best thing would be to make Caylee disappear. By the time her remains were found there was not enough left for them to find any signs of sexual abuse, therefore George could breath again and start to point the finger directly at his daughter.  Every time I have heard George Anthony deny the sexual abuse allegations I have never been able to believe him and I really do think that sexual abuse really lies at the center of the mystery, of what happened to Caylee Anthony.”


Dr Keith Ablow – “The Psychology of George and Cindy Anthony”

We are working on finding & uploading Part 3 of Dr Phil’s BS Trilogy, but it’s currently as rare as a George Anthony payslip. Nevertheless we should have it within the next 24-48 hours so we can add and complete the set.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting article by Dr Keith Ablow. I featured a few of his videos in my recent post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – and also added them all to a seperate page which you can see here.

Here’s the post:

Dr Keith Ablow: “The Psychology of George and Cindy Anthony”

In order to understand more about George and Cindy, should you watch the two-part interview you need to look at the two of them and question whether they actually feel normal human emotions, like genuine love and real empathy.

As I researched George and Cindy for my upcoming book called “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony”, several troubling facts emerged that make me wonder whether they created an emotional vacuum in their homes, which led their daughter to develop psychological problems of an extreme variety.

Here are just some of those facts:

• George and Cindy both insisted to family members that Casey was not pregnant when she was 31 weeks pregnant.

• George watched his granddaughter being born, while standing for a protracted time at the foot of Casey’s bed in the obstetrical suite, looking at her vagina.

• Cindy held the baby first, despite Casey’s objections.

• With their granddaughter missing for more than a month, George and Cindy negotiated the price for towing and storing Casey’s abandoned car, (which they worried smelled like a decomposing body) for one hour. George walked around the car and commented that he was glad it didn’t have scratches on it. Both George and Cindy returned to work shortly after locating the vehicle in which they feared their granddaughter could have met with harm.

• Cindy felt it important to inform law enforcement officials that on July 3, when she went searching for her missing granddaughter, she wasted $10 on parking at Universal Studios.

• George and Cindy trademarked the name Caylee Anthony during the search for her.

• George and Cindy knew for years that their daughter Casey had lied to them about having a job, but did nothing to get her psychological help.

• George and Cindy never went to the trouble to meet the supposed nanny (who did not exist) and who was supposedly caring for their granddaughter for years.

• George’s first wife alleges that George’s dream was to be a character at Disney World, like Mickey or Pluto. He is known to have thrown his own father through a plate glass window. He is alleged to have broken into a classmate’s home and stolen her panties.

I could go on and on. The point is that the people you will watch on Dr. Phil are not connected to the truth and respond to others in pathological ways. The loss of Caylee Anthony is very much related to their behavioral and psychological patterns.

They created their daughter.

Dr. Keith Ablow is the author of the upcoming book, “Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony.” He is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

Media Whores – still drinking from the chalice of denial…

It’s evident that “the media” can’t handle the thought of George Anthony molesting Casey or having anything to do with Caylee’s death. They’re definitely still drinking Jeff Ashton’s urine from their very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial.

The fact is, media whores like Dr Phil, Dancing-NG, Vinnie Politan, Jeanine Pirro, Mark NeJame & Alex Ferrer are still well & truly pissed at the verdict – and it shows, big time. Just like the haters (who share the same chalice), their last 3 years worth of anger and vitriol was all for nothing, and they have nobody to blame for that but themselves.

I just watched this morning’s TODAY interview #3 promo with Matt Lauer, and again it’s all geared up around Casey’s perceived guilt. Dr Phil (in the segment they showed from today’s show) then has the audacity to ask George & Cindy if they’d allow Casey to babysit their new granddaughter (Lee & Mallory’s kid if they have one). Cindy says yes, George (not surpsisingly) says the opposite.

I think the REAL question here is whether anyone would actually let George Anthony babysit their small children. Maybe they would if they wouldn’t mind them being abused at the same time. Anyways, like I’ve said before, and  in my earlier post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – the day cannot come soon enough when George Anthony gets his sorry ass hauled in for the murder of Caylee. It will happen one day. Someone out there knows way more than they should, and it’s only a matter of time before that someone spills and all hell breaks lose.

“You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.” Law Enforcement to George Anthony, (Date Unknown).


Dr Phil’s 3rd interview, “The Trial: The Truth”, coming up Monday 9/19

Dr Phil’s 3rd interview, “The Trial: The Truth” with George & Cindy Anthony is scheduled for this coming Monday 9/19. Check your local listing for details.

I’m not sure George Anthony knows the meaning of “the truth”, as all he’s done in the previous 2 interviews is try and distance himself further from it by coming up with a bunch of BS, like denying his relationship with Krystal Holloway (yeah, right) and blaming Casey for Caylee’s “overdose”.

The fact is, the toxicology reports done on the remains (bone & hair) all came back clean and didn’t find any trace of drugs – prescribed or otherwise. Try again George.  How long he can keep up this façade is anyone’s guess, but the clock is definitely ticking on his involvement and (by all accounts) his marriage.

Click here to watch Part 1 & 2 of the Dr Phil interview.


Dr Phil’s Interview with George & Cindy Anthony – Part #2

Part 2 of Dr Phil’s interview with lying bastard George Anthony (& Cindy Anthony) has now been uploaded.

Click here (or click the pic below) to watch the full videos from parts 1 & 2 of the interview.

Dr Phil’s Interview with George & Cindy Anthony – Part #1

As requested by many, I’ve now uploaded Part 1 of the Dr Phil interview George & Cindy Anthony from earlier this week. Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Click here (or click the pic below) to go to the special page and watch the full video.

Not exactly the epic “Blockbuster” interview it was hyped-up to be, but it’s nevertheless still interesting to hear all the lies again from these 2 Masters of Deception. Enjoy…

Dr Phil promo interviews on “Joy Behar” & “The View”, 9/12

Better late than never. Here are 2 interesting Dr Phil promo interviews from yesterday – on “The Joy Behar Show” and “The View”.

It’s the Joy Behar clip specifically that brought up a couple of interesting quotes from Dr Phil. Namely @ 0:50 where he states: “Casey admitted to burying the body in the woods” and @ 1:10 when he reveals Cindy stated Casey “has a brain tumor”. As Casey once famously said: “Are you f—ing kidding me?”

I’ll be glad when this 2-part comedy show is over…

“The Joy Behar Show”:


“The View”:

Phil THE VIEW 9-12

My 10 questions for George Anthony

When it comes to pinning his colors to the mast, and having seen the last 2 trailers for the show (and his media interviews yesterday) – it’s quite obvious that Dr Phil is very much on George & Cindy’s side of the fence.

Irrespective of the $250k he’s put into the Anthony’s back pocket to clinch the deal, there’s no getting around the fact that impartiality has certainly taken a back seat on this one. Then again, that stance has been rife throughout the media over the past 3 years anyway, so it’s no big surprise in that sense that Phil is following suit. He has “his people” to please, just the same as Geraldo.

Nevertheless, in light of my 8,500 word post this past weekend – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” – and Dr Phil’s imminent “Blockbuster” 2-part special just a few hours away… it got me thinking of a few questions I’d like to put to George, given the chance.

So here they are. The Top 10 questions George Anthony never thought he’d be asked, because he doesn’t really have an answer to any of them:

Q1: You testified against your own daughter in her murder trial. You’ve abused her for years. You abused your own granddaughter too. You not only threw Casey under the bus… but you reversed the bus and drove over her again just to make sure. What kind of a father does that make you?

Q2: Should anyone really be surprised at the way you (and Cindy) reacted to Casey’s Not Guilty verdict?

Q3: Do you ever get tired of playing the phony role of “Grieving Grandfather”? — or is it just the thought of continually profiting from Caylee’s death that keeps you going?

Q4: Why is it that you appear to have no friends whatsoever, (apart from hookers, loan sharks & Yuri Melich)?

Q5: What was the REAL reason you were forced to “retire” from Law Enforcement in Ohio?

Then after these gentle “warm up” questions, I get down to the real stuff:

Q6: You were sexually abusing Caylee on the morning of June 16th 2008. You got carried away and Caylee suffocated… so calling 911 was obviously NOT an option for you, as that would have clearly highlighted the abuse. We get that bit. But… do you ever reflect back on that morning and wish you had called 911 after Caylee suffocated — even though that would have meant your molestation would have been discovered – but Caylee would have lived? You lying, devious, selfish perverted bastard.

Q7: You put Caylee’s body in a trash bag, sealed it with duct tape and dumped her in the woods… then you tried to frame Casey for it to cover yourself (and Cindy). How do you think people will react when the truth comes out and they finally learn about what you really did? Do you envisage that to be a pleasant experience?

Q8: As inconvenient as it may sound right now — Do you ever plan to confess to what you actually did to Caylee on June 16th – and afterwards?

Q9: Do you ever plan to finally CLEAR YOUR OWN DAUGHTERS NAME so she can at least TRY to get her life back together? – or do you just not give a shit anymore?

Q10: At some point in the future, your “friends” at Law Enforcement are gonna come knocking on your door – and they’re gonna haul your ass in and belatedly charge you with the Aggravated Manslaughter of Caylee. When they do, should we expect you to try another phony suicide attempt, complete with text messages, phone calls & a BS letter? I really hope not, because that would be too easy a way out. I – and a lot of other people – would rather see you rot and spend the rest of your days in jail.


Well, that just about covers all my questions for George Anthony. I kinda doubt they’re even close to any of Dr Phil’s questions — but it’d still be interesting to see how he’d try and answer them – that’s assuming he got past question #1. If you want to add your own questions to the list, be by guest…


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #4: Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony

After exposing the various myths surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition and the “31 Days of Partying” – here’s my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, together with the various roles different people played… and of course the chain of events (i.e. The cover up) that unfolded after that.

So what happened to Caylee? How did she lose her life? What happened immediately after that event? Why didn’t anyone call 911? How did Caylee’s body end up in the woods off Suburban Drive? Who put her body there? Why did it take so long to find the remains? What happened during the 31 days? What was Casey’s involvement? – and what role did George, Cindy & Lee play?

All of these questions (and more) I’ll attempt to answer in this post…

Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony