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Jose Baez interviews clips – PBS “Frontline: The Real CSI”

Here are 5 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez, as he discusses the various aspects of Casey’s trial on a recent broadcast of PBS’s “Frontline: The Real CSI”.

It once again proves how shambolic, desperate & clueless the cesspool-style prosecution really was in their failed attempts to validate their fantasy forensics, and appease the unwashed knuckle-dragging masses.

Click here to watch the full 60 minute episode (opens in a new window). Casey’s trial & Jose Baez’ comments are featured in Chapter 4/6 at the 31:52 mark.

Go Jose! :mrgreen:

Video clip #1: “Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom”:


Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom

Video clip #2: “This Prosecution Was So Desperate”:


This Prosecution Was So Desperate

Video clip #3: “Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed”: 


Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed

Video clip #4: “It Was an Unprovable Case”:


It Was an Unprovable Case

Video clip #5: “How ABC Helped Cover Casey’s Defense Costs”:


How ABC Helped Cover Caseys Defense Costs

Still seeking enlightenment? Click the link below…


Casey Anthony: Debunking the Myths

Even with the now infamous fantasy forensics, junk science and associated BS thrown up in the air during the Trial by the cesspool prosecution — and Casey’s extremely evident Not-Guiltyness — some people still don’t get it. More to the point, they don’t want to get it either. They simply can’t handle the fact that their last 3+ years worth of combined media brainwashing, anger & vitriol was all in vain – but it was. You know what they say… you just can’t fix stupid.  Ain’t that the truth.

So if anyone still needs a quick refresher on the fallacies surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition, heart-shaped stickers… and my theory on the events of July 16th 2008 – here are the links to my 4-part “Exposing The Myths” series…

At the end of the day, and in light of the BS-fuelled media witch hunt that carried the trial along daily for over 3 years, there’s no getting around the fact that Jose Baez, Cheney Mason (and the rest of the team) did a truly outstanding job in defending Casey.

If  you’ve already read all 4 parts, feel free to leave your comments below.


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #4: Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony

After exposing the various myths surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition and the “31 Days of Partying” – here’s my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, together with the various roles different people played… and of course the chain of events (i.e. The cover up) that unfolded after that.

So what happened to Caylee? How did she lose her life? What happened immediately after that event? Why didn’t anyone call 911? How did Caylee’s body end up in the woods off Suburban Drive? Who put her body there? Why did it take so long to find the remains? What happened during the 31 days? What was Casey’s involvement? – and what role did George, Cindy & Lee play?

All of these questions (and more) I’ll attempt to answer in this post…

Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony

EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #3: The 31 Days of Partying

In my previous “Exposing the Myths” posts, I’ve comprehensively debunked both the chloroform and the duct tape myths still being bandied around by the misinformed & clueless masses. Click the links to read both posts if you haven’t already.

Now it’s time to take a look at the alleged “31 Days of Partying” by Casey Anthony.

The favorite myths surrounding this much discussed period go something like this:

“But Casey went out partying every night during the 31 days while her daughter was missing. We’ve SEEN all the photographs! She murdered her daughter THEN went out partying & celebrating like nothing ever happened. She must be guilty!”

More BS yet again. This is what the media portrayed and the prosecution also tried to have you believe throughout the trial.

It simply wasn’t true.


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #2: Duct Tape

Duct tape. This is another favorite “murder weapon” of the clueless masses, as they once again try and fool themselves into thinking Casey used duct tape to murder Caylee – along with the chloroform of course.

The myths go something like this:

“Caylee had duct tape wrapped around her skull… over her mouth… and over her nose when they found her. That explains everything. Casey used the duct tape to suffocate & murder her after she’d knocked her out with chloroform. There’s no other explanation!”

Now… unlike the chloroform, there’s no disputing the duct tape was real, and it actually existed – but it wasn’t “used” for the purpose most people think.

The prosecution – aided & abetted as usual by the media – tried to make you (and the jury) believe that chloroform was a very dear friend & ally of duct tape throughout the trial. In fact they fit together so well, the prosecution would have you believe they’d never been apart!


EXPOSING THE MYTHS, Part #1: Chloroform

If it’s not the duct tape or decomp that gets thrown up in the air by the clueless masses, then it’s the chloroform. The one word answer that instantly solves the entire case.

The myths banded about go something like this:

“Casey used chloroform to knock out Caylee prior to murdering her. She must have done cos’ she searched for chloroform 84 times on her PC. Chloroform was also found in her car and in the trunk of her car where Caylee was hidden. They also found a syringe and a Gatorade bottle filled with chloroform close to Caylee’s remains. They found chloroform on Caylee’s doll. It’s obvious what happened! Casey knocked Caylee out with chloroform then murdered her! There’s no other explanation!”

Now let’s take a step back and add some common sense to the equation here. Let’s look at the facts instead regarding the chloroform, computer searches and the reported chloroform evidence…