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George Anthony – alive, and kissing The Laughing Guy’s ass

Here’s GA’s mini-interview from last night after his ass kissing session, following The Laughing Guy’s apparent victory in the Orange-Osceola County state attorney pissing match:


GA 8-15-2012 TLG

It sickens me somewhat to see that pedophile, child rapist & child murderer trolling the streets, and (to top it all off) congratulating the corrupt POS that tried to pin a death sentence on his daughter for a murder he committed himself.

What do we make of it all?

Do they put something in the water in Florida?

Post your thoughts below, and don’t hold back.

Jose Baez – MSNBC interview, 7-14

Here’s Jose’s interview from MSNBC this past weekend. I’ll upload last night’s MSNBC documentary later today.

Note the interesting text shown during the interview… BOOK: DAD KILLED CHILD TO HIDE INCEST.

Jose MSNBC 7-14-2012

Caylee’s Breakfast Video & Memorial Video

I had a bunch of people email over the past few days asking me to upload the “Caylee Breakfast” & “Caylee Memorial” videos – so here they both are.

The Caylee Breakfast Video:

Caylee Breakfast Video

This is definitely very creepy for many reasons. I have no doubt that George was filming. Whether Caylee is saying “jo” or “jo jo” at the 2:27 point is still debatable, but it certainly sounds very close to that. It’s just very odd that anyone would film Caylee (or any other child) eating breakfast for over 3 minutes without saying a word to them, and also manage to get the camera between her legs (@1:25). Like I say – all very creepy and all VERY “George Anthony”.

Caylee’s Memorial Service Video:

Caylee Memorial Service Part 9

I just uploaded the segment where George goes into his speech about the smell of Caylee’s hair and her “sweet sweat” (1:12)… and several other very odd things. He makes a bad actor look like an Oscar nominee with this performance. Sure enough, it was a memorial service, and no doubt very painful for all concerned – which is even more reason why his odd comments stand out.

Post your comments below and let’s me know your thoughts, ok?


Jose Baez – CBS “Crimesider” interview, 7-6

Here’s Jose Baez’ CBS “Crimesider”  interview w/Julia Dahl.

In “Casey Anthony Trial: The inside Story”, Jose talks about bombshell evidence relating to George Anthony, the suicide computer searches, the jury, defense strategy, the verdict, the media circus and “The Casey Anthony Reality Show”:

Jose CBS Crimesider 7-6-2012

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Parts 1, 2 & 3), 7-5

Jose Baez – “On The Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (Part 1), 7-5

Here’s Part 1 of Jose’s interview from “On The Record“ w/Greta Van Susteren from last night. Part 2 is on tonight.

In this interview, Jose confirms George Anthony’s disposal of Caylee’s body on June 16th 2008 – and details of the phone call he made afterwards.

Greta Jose OTR Part 1.flv

Click here to watch Part 2 of this interview

“Presumed Guilty” – already kicking up a storm…

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. No, not the arrest of George Anthony, but the release of Jose’s book  – Presumed Guilty – Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”  If you’ve not yet bought the book, or you’ve not been in person to a B&N store to buy it, now would be a great time!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the book posted yesterday by Marilyn C.:

Jose Baez writes:

“They prosecuted this case by discussing everything but a murder. And this was the end result. If you are outraged by our approach, you really aren’t looking at it from a legal perspective. As I said, whether or not Casey was abused is irrelevant to the question of how Caylee died, but so is her behavior during the thirty days. The prosecution made a big deal of her clubbing and partying. What does that tell you about whether there’s been a murder? These are all irrelevant facts, but what made them relevant was the prosecution’s approach, not ours. If you can understand that, you can understand it all.”

Jose makes a good point. The prosecution were off at a tangent for most of the trial, concentrating on everything that happened (and/or didn’t happen) after Caylee’s murder. The trial wasn’t about what happened afterwards if I recall. It never was.

The fact is, there were only 3 people in the house on the morning of June 16th 2008. Casey, Caylee and George.

If we take Casey out of the equation — then we rule out the “accident” — and we also deduce that Caylee didn’t decide to commit suicide that morning — then all that points directly at George murdering Caylee. It’s not rocket science to come to that conclusion.

Why rule out an accident? I believe Jose knew it wasn’t an accident from the start… however he led with that in his opening statements for reasons that we’re still not fully aware of.  After all, the whole objective of the trial is for the prosecution to prove their case (beyond all reasonable doubt) and convince the jury. That never happened, not did it ever look likely to happen.

You cannot convict on assumptions, junk science and fantasy forensics. You convict on facts and evidence. The prosecution had neither. They basically had a mad scientist, some Casey party pics and a Blockbuster surveillance video.

So yes, even though Jose led with the accident theory, I just do not believe it. Do you?

I mean… since when does an accident occur, specifically a drowning accident… and the victim finishes up dumped in the woods in trash bags? If anyone can recall any such event, let me know.

The only time that happens is [1] when it’s not an accident and it’s a murder, and [2] when the murderer has evidence they need to get rid of. In this case, unfortunately that “evidence” was Caylee. The evidence being her sexual abuse by George Anthony, which of course would have been discovered had 911 been called.

Having said that, it certainly does not detract from Jose’s overall brilliance during the trial, and the ultimate acquittal of Casey thanks to the overall efforts of Team Casey. That can never be disputed.

Remember… we’re dealing with the amoral George Anthony here. This is the same guy that sexually abused Casey since she was 8 years old… and the same guy that used to get his kicks from having his hands down his granddaughters pants at every opportunity.

However, we can bitch about George til’ the cows come home… but in order for the record to be put straight, and in order to clear Casey’s name, the authorities need to reopen this case and question George, specifically about what Casey recalled and remembered he did that morning, during her deposition.

If you’re a first-time visitor here and all of this is news to you, just click here (or click the link below) to read my post from last September: “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony.” —  then go read Jose’s book too.

Don’t forget to post your “Presumed Guilty” reviews here in the site, and to post positive reviews on Amazon and B&N too.

Have an awesome day!

Keep the faith,

On this Day in 2008: The Immaculate Deception begins


Today is exactly 4 years to the day that George Anthony murdered Caylee Anthony. Here’s an excerpt from my September 2011 post – “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony”

June 16th 2008:

On the morning of June 16th 2008, between (6am-8am), George is in bed, and Caylee (having just woken and found her mom still sleeping and Cindy already left for work) she goes on her usual early morning walkabout – this time finishing up into bed with George. Nothing out of the ordinary with that in itself – but we’re dealing with George Anthony here.

I’m not going into specifics now, but within a few minutes of Caylee climbing into his bed, he starts abusing her like he’s done many times before (and just like he’s done with Casey since she was 8 years old). Only onthis occasion, for reasons only he knows, he gets a little too excited and forceful.

Caylee is screaming out by this time, so in an effort to keep her quiet (and not wake Casey up) he pushes her face into the pillow and carries on oblivious.

After “doing his thing” with Caylee for a while longer, he suddenly notices Caylee has stopped breathing. She’s suffocated.


Now – had Caylee really drowned in the pool and had George NOT been abusing her that same morning, I firmly believe a 911 call would have been made… and there’s a possibility Caylee may have survived, and this whole unfortunate incident would have been finished with way back in June 2008.

But you see… THAT couldn’t happen.

George, not being able to keep his damn hands to himself with either Casey OR Caylee well & truly took that option out of the equation.

Bear with me here.

So, right after Caylee suffocated (in my theory of events)… right at that precise moment in time… George had 2 clear options open to him, but very little time to decide.

His 2 options were as follows:

Option #1: George CALLS 911 to try and SAVE his granddaughter, while at the same time knowing only too well that his molestation will be discovered, and he’ll therefore be duly ostracized by the local community, finish up in prison, and get to spend the rest of his days on the sex offenders register – BUT Caylee lives.


Option #2: George DOES NOT call 911 – he decides that Option #1 isn’t so appealing after all – so instead he decides to SAVE HIS OWN SORRY ASS by carrying Caylee outside and slipping her into the pool, therefore making it LOOK like an accident OR an event caused by someone else’s negligence. In this option, unfortunately, Caylee dies.

I believe George went for Option #2.

Remember: This is only my own personal theory of events. I was obviously not there at the time… but nevertheless I believe Caylee tragically died while being molested by George Anthony. (Note: as Caylee’s death occurred during the commission of a felony (i.e. while GA was sexually abusing her), that’s classed as Murder (rather than aggravated manslaughter), regardless of the perpetrator’s intent).

The “Discovery” of Caylee’s Body:

Straight after George has put Caylee in the pool, he heads straight back to bed like nothing happened.

At some point within the next couple of hours, Casey wakes up – but there’s no sign of Caylee.

She goes into George’s bedroom, wakes him up and asks him “Where’s Caylee?”

“How should I know? I thought she was with YOU!” he yells back at her. Even at this early stage he’s already distanced himself from having anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s death.

At this point they both decide to start frantically searching the house and garden, front and back and everywhere in-between. Shortly after that, George finds Caylee in the pool.

He shouts Casey.

She comes rushing out of the house and into the back garden. There she sees George… stood there… holding a lifeless Caylee in his arms.

Just like a good actor, George has proved he can turn the waterworks on whenever he needs to (just like during the trial) – and he does that now.

Casey goes hysterical as you’d expect.

“Oh my God! Call 911!” she yells (or words to that effect).

But George is having none of it.

He fights back his crocodile tears and tells Casey: “NO! NO! It’s too late for that. It’s too late! She’s drowned! She’s gone!”

What he really means is: “No, I can’t… because if they come they’ll find out I’ve been abusing her!” –– but he obviously doesn’t say that.

This is where George Anthony is in his element.

At the very moment Casey needs SUPPORT from her father, he takes the opposite route – the selfish uncaring old bastard that he is.

“Look what you’ve done!” he yells at Casey. “Look what you’ve done! This is ALL YOUR FAULT for NOT BEING THERE for Caylee… for not watching her! YOU CAUSED THIS! YOU LET THIS HAPPEN! Oh my God, you have no fucking idea! Your mother will NEVER FORGIVE YOU for doing this, and you’re gonna GO TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR CHILD NEGLECT!”

And with that, George Anthony’s big cover up (the “Immaculate Deception”) begins….

CLICK HERE to read “Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony”

R.I.P. Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008) – Gone but never forgotten…

Feel free to leave your comments below,

George Anthony – The Ultimate Double-Crosser

George Anthony… philanderer, pedophile, child rapist, child murderer… and favorite “grieving grandfather” of the clueless knuckle-dragging masses. Ok. Maybe philanderer is a bit harsh. Maybe not.

Either way, there isn’t a day goes by without someone asking me whether George Anthony will ever be investigated and ultimately brought to justice for the murder of Caylee.

 It’s a good question. After all, why would anyone want the case to remain forever unsolved? If you’ve been working on a mammoth 25,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you’re down to the last piece, why walk away and leave it? It’s unfinished business redefined and it makes no sense. And if you can’t find the missing piece, you don’t grab a piece from another jigsaw then try and force it to fit just to finish it off.

But as to when GA will be investigated and brought to justice, I have absolutely no idea. Sure enough, he may well be sat there feeling pleased with himself right now… what with his new cars & bulging bank balance to boot… but it won’t last forever.

What I do know is that the wheels are definitely turning in the background when it comes to blowing the lid on GA and his antics.

Right now though, and as previously stated & posted in this site, Casey can’t press any charges against him as she’s prohibited from doing so due to the on-going case (and the respective appeals process). Once the appeals are finished, Casey will then have the option to press charges if she wishes. Pertinent information in respect of the case against GA will be submitted to Casey at that point so she can then decide what to do with it.

Apparently – although not surprising – GA’s desktop PC records contain enough incriminating info & evidence to sink a ship, and hopefully GA will be aboard the ship once it starts sinking.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled some extra content for this post regarding GA.

Here’s an excerpt from Pat McKenna interview (ABC News, August 18th 2011). Pat was the lead investigator (defense side) in the OJ Simpson trial – and he got a phone call from Casey’s defense team on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, December 11th 2008. These are his comments after leaving Hopespring Drive:

“I walked out of that house and thought to myself, ‘I don’t think this kid committed first degree murder. There is something really disturbing about this family. I was shocked by their lack of emotion. There was no sense of loss or despondency. Their granddaughter’s remains had just been found and they’re sitting around booking television interviews and talking about how much money their foundation is making.”

He went on to say:

George was bizarre. He would go around and around for hours and he wouldn’t answer a question directly. And he is a former detective, so he knows the drill. There was something off with this guy. After I read the discovery and George’s interviews, I thought, “This guy is way too eager to throw his daughter under the bus.”  “It was an accident that spun out of control and George disposed of the body, but I can’t say exactly how. If Casey wanted to be free, she would have dropped Caylee in the pool, called 911 and been a grieving mother.”

Click here to read the Pat’s full interview.


Here’s an excerpt from Pat’s interview with JVM (CNN) from July 11th 2011):

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You said that you saw or heard something about George being confronted prior to the trial and his reaction. Tell me that. Tell me.

MCKENNA: Yes, I had heard that he was confronted with specific [abuse] information, quite specific information and that he did not shout out or deny it or anything. He looked out the window for, I heard, 23 seconds. Looked back and didn`t say anything. To me, that`s significant.

George is an interesting character. This isn’t over for George, I don’t think. He’s been a master double-crosser throughout the case.

He double-crossed his daughter. He double-crossed his wife, he double-crossed his mistress. He`s double-crossed law enforcement. He double-crossed the court. He`s a former officer of the court and he committed perjury in court. He tried to double-cross the jury and I think they saw through it. I don’t think this is over for George.

Click here to read the full CNN transcript.


Finally, here’s GA making it up as he goes along during his 4th trial testimony from June 28th 2011. Notice how he unconvincingly denies his well-documented romantic relationship with his mistress, and stalls for time before answering most of the questions, especially his 10 second pause at the 8:30 mark. While stalling, he’s not thinking about the real answer per se, but more making sure he gives himself enough time to remember the same answer he gave the last time he was asked the same question.

George Anthony (4th T.), June 28th 2011


George Anthony — The guy with no friends apart from hookers, loan sharks, Dr Phil and Yuri Melich.

In a few months time when the infamous “bus” comes around the corner, this time Casey’s gonna be driving it. It’s definitely coming. Watch this space.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

Texas Equusearch return to court

In the never ending merry-go-round of lawsuit stupidity, this time it’s the return of Texas Equusearch as they continue in their attempts to recoup $100k from Casey. Good luck with that.

I’m still not sure why they’re not chasing the serial child abuser (and his enabler) for a share of the $500k they received from their Dr Phil BS interview a few months back. After all, they called Texas Equusearch out in the first place, even though they both knew damn well exactly where Caylee was. Let me know your thoughts.

The hearing is scheduled for 1-30 pm today at OC court house with Judge Lisa Munyon.


Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk

Last Sunday – December 11th – was the 3rd anniversary of the discovery of Caylee’s remains… or rather the 3rd anniversary of the exact day Roy Kronk finally decided to quit playing hide & seek with Caylee’s remains… and joyfully announced that he’d “Won the Lottery” just in time for Christmas A sad day indeed for many reasons.

Kronk reminds me, in many ways, of George Anthony (the person responsible for the murder of Caylee). They share many similarities… such as being bypassed by Law Enforcement and never being properly investigated – and of course their mutual addiction & fascination in getting off  on duct tape & little girls.

With that in mind, here’s a recap of the info I wrote about Roy Kronk’s 4 months worth of shennigans from my September post -“Immaculate Deception: The Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony“.  As always, I look forward to your comments.



Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk:

This is the dim meter reader guy that spotted Caylee’s skull back on August 11th 2008, while randomly urinating in the bushes. It’s the same guy that came back to the exact same spot numerous times after that (even when he wasn’t working) to urinate and see the skull again.

On one occasion he also mentioned his findings to a few workmates, who subsequently showed more interest in a nearby dead snake.

Here where I think Roy Kronk fits into all this:

The first 3 times Roy reported what he’d seen (August 11th, 12th & 13th 2008) I believe were genuine calls – even though the 911 operators could not have sounded any less interested.

It was probably after the 3rd call that Roy became aware of the $255,000 Caylee Reward money that was on offer. I mean – can you imagine the morally bankrupt Roy Kronk sat there at home – broke & disillusioned – while at the same time visualizing $255,000 in his bank account? I certainly can. And all he had to do to manifest that was FIND the remains. The remains that he’d already found!

This is why Roy decided he’d keep his discovery to himself for a while. Maybe he thought if he was reported as “the guy that found Caylee’s remains”, he could become a prime suspect in the case. This also explains his reluctance to call Crimeline.

Furthermore, it would explain why Roy Kronk kept a very low profile throughout September, October and November. Only to resurface again after he found the remains in December.

It was when nobody followed up on Roy’s 3 initial calls that he concocted his plan. He physically MOVED the remains to a “safe place” AT LEAST TWICE, so he could go back there at some convenient later date.

Think about it for a second. Anyone driving past that exact spot on Suburban Drive and seeing a meter reader guy in the woods (with a trash bag) wouldn’t have thought anything of it. The area was one huge dump-it site. I think this is how Roy Kronk managed to move the remains while he hatched his big reward plan.

By the time early November came around, Roy was starting to get a bit twitchy – but he’d kept quiet for too long and had to spill the good news to someone. He bestowed that honor on his son, Brandon Sparks (who also happened to be the only one of his children that would talk to him):

Here’s what happened:

November 2008: Roy Kronk calls Brandon Sparks and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous!” (This is 1 month before Caylee’s remains were discovered).

Then on December 11th 2008: After “the big discovery”, Roy asks Law Enforcement: “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?”… “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?” and “Roy’s gotta eat too!” Same day, he tells his Boss (at the scene): “Alex, I just won the lottery!”

Those comments speak volumes about Roy Kronk’s actions (and inactions) during the previous 4 months leading up to December 11th 2008.

Not forgetting the time Roy met up with Sgt. Richard Cain who couldn’t see anything, slipped, cursed Roy out, and promptly left. He was later fired. Tim Miller, LE & 32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers also allegedly searched this same area in early September 2008 and found nothing. Deputy Jason Forgey (and his cadaver dog) did the same at different times too. Zilch.

By all accounts, the reason nobody could find Caylee’s body (in the same spot it was “found” by Roy Kronk on December 11th 2008) was probably down to the strange but true fact that it simply was not there when they searched.

Here’s a segment from FOX News featuring Judge Napolitano. This aired on the day “the remains” were found, but they had not yet been identified as Caylee’s – hence the continual “bag of bones” references. Here, Judge Napolitano covers the highly probable movement of the remains prior to their ultimate discovery:

judge napolitano - search for caylee Dec-11-08

I also believe George indirectly arranged his own search for Caylee’s remains, by giving James Hoover & Dominic Casey a false tip. George was getting worried due to the fact that so many people had searched that area and found nothing. That was NOT part of his plan.

This explains James & Dominic’s well documented & video-taped 2 day search on Suburban Drive on November 15th and 16th 2008 — following up on George’s false tip/lead, which led them straight to the exact spot where the remains should have been found – but weren’t.

On the 2ND day of the search, James Hoover actually parked his car on Suburban Drive just a few car lengths past the end of the red privacy fence, right opposite the exact spot where ONE MONTH LATER Roy Kronk would find Caylee’s remains, 15-20 feet into the woods.

Are you starting to see how all of this is now beginning to fall into place? I hope so.

In finishing off this Kronk-related section, let’s also take these facts into account:

  • After his “discovery”, the OCSO asked Roy to “keep quiet” and hired him a lawyer.
  • Roy Kronk (unlike his Son, Brandon) refused to allow a search of his phone records.
  • Roy Kronk’s PC was never confiscated or examined.
  • Roy Kronk was never investigated.

Should we not find those 4 facts strange? Can you even start to imagine what OCSO would have found if they’d searched his phone records, examined his PC and investigated him further? You can bet your bottom dollar that a search of his PC alone would have made any other Google search findings pale into insignificance.

Could that have been the very reason they DIDN’T fully investigate him? Maybe they agreed that “deal” with him, in return for him not spilling the beans on their inaction in relation to his 3 previous calls in August 2008? Maybe we’ll never know, but it’s possible.

If you want to see both Roy Kronk testimonies (opens in a new window), here are the links: Roy Kronk Testimony #1Roy Kronk Testimony #2

Here’s Part 1 of Brandon Sparks’ trial testimony from June 29th 2011:

Brandon Sparks, June 29th 2011, part 1

To see his testimony in full, click here.

Sadly for Roy, all his months of plotting & scheming were to no avail. He even blew any chance of getting the usual $5k reward due to him calling his Supervisor instead of directly calling the Crimeline – although he did make up for it by the payments he received from all his TV show appearances after the event, by talking about dead snakes and skulls.

I’m not saying Roy Kronk was involved in the death of Caylee Anthony for one moment (I covered that event earlier), but I DO believe he played a pivotal role in the events & shenanigans that unfolded afterwards.


Click here to read the full post.