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Jose Baez – “Geraldo at Large” interview, 7-15

Here’s Jose’s interview on “Geraldo at Large” this past weekend – also featuring Dr Werner Spitz and his comments on Caylee’s initial botched autopsy.

Jose Geraldo Spitz 7-15-2012

The MSNBC Documentary (from Sunday) is currently proving as elusive as a George Anthony payslip, but it will be uploaded real soon. The Elves are working on it…


EXCLUSIVE: Jose Baez speaks out on Casey’s video (w/Geraldo)

Here’s Jose Baez on Geraldo last night speaking about Casey’s leaked Video Diary:

FULL INTERVIEW - JB on Geraldo 1-9-2012

More news/video to follow shortly on this story – plus further updates as the BS circus comes to town again, starting with the Texas Equusearch hearing this afternoon.

Jose Baez highlights The Laughing Guy’s lies & BS on Geraldo (11/20)

Here’s Geraldo’s interview from last night – with Jose Baez highlighting further lies & BS from The Laughing Guy’s recent fiction book.

Geraldo Jose Baez 11-21

EXCLUSIVE: Geraldo’s Report on the Anthonys’ interview + Casey’s reaction

Here’s the report (posted within the last 30 minutes) on Geraldo Rivera’s Facebook page:

*A Geraldo Exclusive*

Sources close to the family take Geraldo behind the scenes of the taping of the Dr. Phil show & share with him, information that some believe could have altered the outcome of the trial. Watch the promo. Read the report. You be the judge.

***This is Geraldo’s exclusive report on the Anthonys’ interview & Casey’s reaction to her parents’ sit-down with Dr. Phil***:

“Casey Anthony’s never before revealed medical condition may have contributed to Caylee’s death…”

So says this promo for the Dr. Phil Show on the upcoming exclusive appearance on the program with the late toddler’s grandparents George and Cindy Anthony. A reliable source tells Fox News that Casey Anthony (the accused but acquitted) suffered ‘Gran Mal Seizures.’

During her taped appearance, Cindy apparently tells Dr. Phil that former fiancé Jesse Grund in his 1st police interview in 2008 told Detective Melich that he, Jesse called 911 after Casey suffered such a seizure in 2005.  According to the previously reliable source, Casey later suffered at least two additional seizures; one while home on bond in 2008, and another while incarcerated between 2008-2011.

According to the source, on the Dr. Phil show Cindy points to the seizures as evidence Casey had “a mental health condition” that may have incapacitated Casey while her child Caylee was allegedly drowning “in the swimming pool incident,” and further suggests that the seizures may be symptomatic of a condition that at times makes it difficult “to sort fact from fiction,” or as the source says, “maybe it is why she can’t tell the truth.”

For her part, Casey is said by the source to be “deeply upset that her parents continue to seek the spotlight,” and that, “Casey just wants her mom to be her mom.” – Geraldo

Make of that what you will – but I think it’s sad that George & Cindy, EVEN NOW, are still not holding up their hands to what happened — SJ

Casey Anthony Back in Florida – Geraldo / Jose Baez Interview (8/21)

Casey Anthony is back in Florida, according to Jose Baez.

Jose also went on to confirm that most of Casey’s so called “friends” turned out to be types of people who chose to capitalize off the situation, far more than they were concerned about Casey or Caylee… and further confirmed that Casey has had “limited contact” with her parents.

Here’s the “Geraldo At Large” interview from last night. It’s obvious from this that Geraldo can never quite decide which side of the fence he’s on:

Casey Anthony Back in Florida - Geraldo Jose Baez

Geraldo Rivera’s analysis on the Casey Anthony verdict, 8/15

Here’s a personal video Geraldo Rivera uploaded to his Facebook page earlier today – and his respective thoughts & analysis on the Not Guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial:

Geraldo Rivera analysis on the Casey Anthony verdict

Major Forensics Failure in Casey Anthony Trial

Geraldo and his resident FOX expert team further debunk the junk science & fantasy forensics deployed by the prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial:

Major Forensics Failure in Casey Anthony Trial

Jose Baez speaks with Geraldo Rivera, 7/19 (video)

Jose Baez speaks with Geraldo Rivera regarding Casey Anthony, her whereabouts, and a bunch of other questions he knew he wouldn’t get answers to. FOX interview 7/19:

Jose Baez speaks with Geraldo Rivera 7-19