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Jose Baez – Good Morning America interview, 7-5

Here’s Jose Baez’ interview from “Good Morning America”, July 5th 2012:

GMA interview jose 7-5-2012

Watch for Jose on FOX tonight too… On The Record w/Greta Van Susteren @ 10pm PT / 1am ET, where (among other things) Jose confirms George Anthony’s disposal of Caylee’s body on June 16th 2008 and the phone call he made afterwards.

We’ll post more of Jose’s interviews tomorrow as we get them. If you know of any others, don’t forget to post or email me the link, ok?

Today – of all days – wouldn’t really be complete without a re-post and re-confirmation of OUR MISSION, so here it is…


We are the #1 Casey Anthony Support Site. Dedicated to the conviction of George Anthony for the Murder of Caylee Anthony.

Watch this movie. It’s a tribute to Casey’s strength, bravery, & emotion despite all of the opposition that stood against her, from the public, to media, to law enforcement, to her own family.

THIS is the reason we do what we do.

THIS is the reason we brush aside all the hate & venom we encounter during our mission.

THIS is the reason we stand shoulder to shoulder, united in our undying support for Casey Anthony.

THIS is the reason we’ve always supported Casey – before, during and after the Trial…

and THIS is the reason we always will.

WE LOVE YOU CASEY! CMA Forever in our hearts.

Remember – when it comes to supporting Casey, it’s the friends you’ve made that count – not the ones you lost… because they were never real friends to begin with.