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Happy Holidays!

Barring any ground breaking news, or any more spontaneous acts of lawsuit-related stupidity from people that really should know better (naming no names) – this could be the last post of the year. Doubtful, but you just never know.

Rest assured we’ll continue to fly the flag for Casey throughout 2013 and beyond, and we’ll be covering all the relative news & associated ridiculous ongoing BS. We’ll also continue to support Casey until George Anthony is ultimately brought to justice for Caylee’s murder.

After chatting with a few relevant people, I also decided to start up a new & totally separate website for Jodi Arias. You can visit it anytime by clicking here, clicking the logo below – or by going to

I hope many of you will join me in fighting Jodi’s corner.

Finally, I’d like to wish Casey and all our regular visitors, supporters, contributors, knuckle-dragging retarded haters & all my insider peeps – Happy HolidaysMerry Christmas and a peaceful & prosperous 2013 :mrgreen:

SJ & Co.

Jodi Arias – The HLN Radical Clerics & knuckle-draggers have spoken…

Ok then folks.

Here’s the question.

Do we go with the HLN BS and the (once again) clueless masses here in assuming Jodi Arias is “obviously guilty”? — or do we go through the facts ourselves and make our own decision?

We’ve been here before, right?

I vote for the latter.

Besides a camera and a few friends that were way too eager to start pointing the finger, there’s evidently a lot more to this case than meets the eye.

Having reviewed the case so far – and with the emphasis (once again) being on the prosecution to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt – I think they will fail admirably… Laughing Guy style.

I’m also quite sure that the vast majority of people jumping on the “guilty bandwagon” are doing so to make up for their ongoing disappointment at Casey’s NOT GUILTY verdict. Well, it didn’t happen last time, and it ain’t gonna happen this time either. Get used to it folks.

Click here to visit the special support website I recently launched.

It starts right here and now…

Happy Holidays! :mrgreen:
SJ & Co.

Dr Drew’s Clueless Whores Seek Enlightenment – Can You Help?


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Ok… so being female, pretty and playing with your hair proves that you’re guilty now, does it?

You’d think so, watching the latest BS from Dr Drew…

Dr Drew is old enough (literally) to know better, although I’m not totally surprised. He is, after all, one of the radical clerics at the HLN mosque.

Anyways, in addition to his ridiculous ratings-driven stupidity, viewers were also treated to the stupidity of Shanna Hogan… an alleged journalist and true crime author.

When talking about Jodi Arias and Casey (around the 5.25 mark), she starts off by saying they were both women “who committed the most unthinkable acts imaginable”.

She supposedly covered the case extensively. Really? Which case?
After getting her started, Drew then interrupts her so he can describe the peculiar feeling he gets when watching a seemingly innocuous video of  Jodi & Casey playing with their hair. I think he needs to get out more.
To top it all off, Pat Brown makes an asshole of herself  too, mainly by making light of being abused and stating it shouldn’t be used as “an excuse” for anything.
So… if you want to enlighten either of these 2 evidently clueless whores… namely Shanna Hogan and Pat Brown, feel free to click on the links below and make their day:

Pat Brown – contact form

Sounds like they already have super-cute Jodi convicted. Had she been black, they’d never have even mentioned the case. Sound familiar? You bet.

You know me. I’m just calling it as it is.

Later folks,

*** Click here to visit our Jodi Arias Is Innocent website ***