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Jose Baez – MSNBC interview, 7-9 + Documentary info

Here’s a very brief MSNBC interview with Jose Baez from earlier today – including a clip from a Behind the Scenes Documentary on the Trial titled “Defending Casey Anthony” due to be aired on MSNBC July 15th.

Jose MSNBC 7-9-2012

Jose’s Piers Morgan (CNN) interview tonight was cancelled (for unknown reasons), but his appearance on “The View” is still scheduled for Wednesday.

I also found out today that George & Cindy’s pending trademark applications (through Mark Lippman) have both been abandoned due to a “Failure To Respond” on 4/6/2012.

The “JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE” and “CAYLEE ANTHONY” trademarks they applied for (back on 5/20/2011) were to enable them to put their Caylee logos on stickers, t-shirts and underwear. Today is 1 month away from (what would have been) Caylee’s 7th Birthday.

Click the link below to read my post from last August titled – The Battle for Caylee Anthony.

I also added a new NOTABLE POSTS section (to the right sidebar menu) including links to several “old” posts including: Casey’s psychological evaluations unsealed by JP — Media Whores – still drinking from the chalice of denial — Why Hating the Haters is such a bad idea — and — My 10 questions for George Anthony — plus a few others.