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Pipitone’s WKMG report w/Jose Baez (11/20)

If you were lucky enough to miss Tony Pipitone’s earth-shattering revelations last night on WKMG, you can watch them right here:

Casey - Pip story 1


Presumed Guilty – Audio Book out 11/21

Jose Baez just made the following announcement on his Facebook page:

“Everyone, I just found out that the Audio Book to Presumed Guilty will be released 11/21/12, on I’m not narrating it. The Narrator is Jim Frangione.”

Jose’s publicist has also confirmed the release.

This is great news for anyone that never quite got around to reading the book… and even better news for the Haters, seeing as 99% of them are illiterate. At least they’ll now be able to enlighten themselves from an audio perspective.

Here’s a re-run of Jose’s interview from CBS “Crimesider”, 7-6:

Jose CBS Crimesider 7-6-2012

Clarification, Karma, and the ongoing quest for justice

Following on from my last post, a few people emailed me to say it was a great idea to hate on Linda Paris. But that’s not what I did. I never said I hated her. I just called her out as a typical hate filled blogger with nothing better to do than hate on Caylee’s mom… and encourage as many people as possible to do the same.

I fail to see the logic in all of that. It can never achieve anything.

But it’s gotta be said – she does have one heck of hate filled & twisted blog – and she may say the same about mine. Whatever. It makes little difference. We are all doing what we’re supposed to be doing after all.

The thing is, the Paris blog is over-brimming with hate, hate filled comments, photo-shopped pics & death threats, whereas mine if filled with facts and strives for justice. As I’ve said 1,000 time before – We are not here to hate on anyone, nor have I ever claimed to hate anyone in any posts since day 1.

Hating sucks after all. In fact I’m not aware of anything that has ever been accomplished by hating. Have you? I doubt it.

Sure enough, I may hate the way some people go about things and some of the stuff they say, but I do not hate them. The only thing we can do with those people is feel sorry for them, and hope they manage to see the light and turn their lives around at some point. I don’t necessarily think they all hate Casey per se… nor do I believe “99% of the population” are Casey haters either.

There are a lot of them… sure there are… but nowhere near as many as the media would like to think there are. Those numbers are also dwindling fast, as more and more people decide to do their own research by reading Jose’s book (and visiting this site)… and they finally get to enlighten themselves on the inside story of what actually happened during the trial.

I also think that with the majority of the Haters are just so pissed off with their own lives that they have to take their frustrations out on something else (or someone else) – so they take the easy route and take it out on Casey.

Here’s an excerpt from “Casey Anthony – Beyond A Reasonable Doubt”, (C.V. Conner):

“Change is always possible. It takes courage, but hatred can always be rerouted to love. No thought or action is without consequences.  While it seems difficult to get beyond the media and public frenzy of hate towards Casey Anthony, we have the power to offer something transformative.

The world needs positive energy, compassion and love. Just as anger attracts more anger, the same is true with loving energy.  Love is stronger than hate. This is another incredible opportunity to rise above hatred and raise the energy level of humanity and do it one person at a time.”

That says it all.

As for the people out there that still think Casey “did it”, I still can’t see why or how they would still be clinging to that illusion, unless they totally missed the trial and just relied on the wayward opinions of the talking heads for the past 3+ years.

Chloroform? Duct tape? Heart-shaped stickers? Casey riding around with Cays decomping in the trunk? 31 nights of non-stop partying? WTF? If that had happened, it would have been a walk in the park for Lin Possible & The Laughing Guy to prove their case. But it wasn’t. Instead, all they had was a bunch of fantasy forensics, junk science, wayward suppositions…  and a bunch of experts with very dubious credentials… oh, and a can of hot air to boot. Yeah right.

To finish off this post, I have to highlight one Hater in particular. He’s been sending me very strange emails & threats for a long while now. I also noticed him trolling on Facebook a while back too with multiple accounts. As far as I can see, he initially got started on his quest courtesy of Linda Paris’ blog. This again is a typical example of like attracting like, and the universe giving you back the same as you put out there. It’s the same reason people who complain about being poor all the time are always broke – but I digresss,,,

So… this was one of his earlier posts to Linda:

“Who runs this K***4Caylee page ? Please email me at I would love to talk to you and thank you. Im still as livid as you are and would love to talk . Thanks, Mike.”

This is one of the emails he sent to me this past weekend, in all its glory :mrgreen: “Im coming to get you muther fucker   i know your name now too and where you live ! I know who you aare and i am gonna fuck you up muther fucker  you wait ! you piece of fuckin shit  Im comin for you muther fucker”

OMG! It really disgusts me to see so many typos, punctuation & grammatical errors in one email!

Anyways, it turns out I managed to get hold of all his details quite easily. Here they are:

Michael C Sobka (
43 years old
Fireman at Union Fire Dept (Public Safety)
24 Kerr Ave, Lavallette, NJ 08735-2137
(732) 830-8322 / (908) 687-****

And no… I’m not wasting valuable blog-space or giving him any free publicity by posting this. I’m just once again highlighting the stupidity of the Haters – or in this case, one in particular. Karma will catch up with him in the end, if it hasn’t already.


In the meantime, we plough on with our quest for justice – that being the ultimate conviction of George Anthony for the murder of Caylee Anthony on June 16th 2008. Do I hate George Anthony? No. I just see him as a slimy & perverted son of a bitch – and someone that was way too eager to throw his own daughter under the bus for a crime he committed himself. That’s all.

As always. feel free to post your thoughts, comments & general musings below.

Have an awesome day!

“Presumed Guilty” – Understanding Dr Weitz’s testimony

Having read Jose’s book for a 3rd time now, I keep on coming back to specific pages… namely where Jose discusses the testimony of Dr William Weitz — with his PhD in clinical psychology and 35 years experience to boot — and who Jose specifically drafted in to interview Casey regarding the sexual abuse and her overall  behaviour during the “31 days.”

These are some of the specific pages & paragraphs I’m referring to:

Page 246:

“And then she says it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her, and George took her from her,” Weitz said.

“Meaning George killed Caylee?” asked Ashton.

“It is the perception of Casey that her father had something to do with the death of her daughter,” said Weitz. “She believes that George either harmed and/or took the life of Caylee.”

Later Weitz said, “She believes George took Caylee of out the bed, had a sexual—some sort of sexual experience with her daughter, and in order to cover it up, killed her.”

All of a sudden I had a problem. As soon as Weitz said that, I knew I couldn’t put him on the stand. Weitz became far too defense oriented on how Caylee died, and it made me uncomfortable. I don’t like witnesses who try too hard, even if they are for the defense, because I don’t think they are credible. During Weitz’s testimony, I kept hearing things that I had never heard Casey say before. I just didn’t think the jury would fine him believable.

In his deposition, Weitz seemed hell-bent on pinning a murder on George. I never for a second believed George murdered Caylee. My belief was that Caylee accidentally drowned in the backyard pool. After Weitz’s deposition, Ashton and the media made a lot of comments about how Casey said that George killed Caylee, but that’s not what she said. I want to be clear about this: Weitz was trying to pin a murder on George, and I didn’t believe that to be the case.

Page 247:

There were times during our three years on this case when my associates and I talked about whether it might be possible that George killed Caylee to cover up sexual abuse, but eventually we backed away. If George had been messing with Caylee and maybe even sexually abusing her, we felt that might have been the reason George didn’t call 9-1-1 when he picked her up out of the pool. An autopsy clearly would have shown that she had been sexually active, an investigation would have ensued, and George would have gone down big time.


So George would have “gone down big time” for the murder of Caylee and the sexual abuse of his daughter & granddaughter? Hey… no shit!  Isn’t that what usually happens?

But what I can’t understand is what incentive would Dr Weitz of had to overstate his case, or make more of it than he needed to? This is not some rookie dude out to make a name for himself. He was simply referring back to his notes on what Casey had told him. That’s all he was there for. The testimony of Dr Danziger (after interviewing Casey and giving himself “sleepless nights”) was also very similar, so he got taken off the witness list too.

Is there another reason why Jose chose not to put Dr Weitz on the stand? Was it only because he thought the jury would not find him “believable” ? It never stopped the prosecution from wheeling out a crackpot that allegedly caught some BS in a can.

Ok. So how about the possibility that Casey somehow tried to manipulate the psychiatric evaluations and hoodwink Dr Weitz & Dr Danziger? Let’s see…

This is from Dr Keith Ablow’s blog – Jan 2012:

Danziger put it this way, “Her demeanor, the best way to say it, is she was calm, cooperative and pleasant as if we were discussing someone who had a parking ticket . . . . It was very puzzling. I’ve never seen anything to this degree…”

“This is someone who is sitting in jail,” Danziger said. “Her child is missing, presumed dead. She’s . . . being accused by the whole world in the disappearance of her child. You would expect that that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused, I mean , it doesn’t matter.”

Yet, in Casey Anthony’s case, she not only was able to remain calm and collected, she also showed no attempt to deceive Danziger on the sophisticated psychological tests he administered—the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).

She also did not qualify for any psychiatric diagnosis.

She did not qualify for antisocial (sociopathic) personality disorder.

She did not qualify for narcissistic personality disorder.

She did not qualify for borderline personality disorder.

She didn’t even come close.

“Certainly,” Danziger told prosecutor Jeff Ashton, “there was no exaggeration or malingering (faking) or amplification of symptoms.”

Jose’s book, Page 240:

When asked how frequent the incest was, Weitz said Casey had told him her father had raped her “a few times a week” over the course of four years, from the time she was eight until she turned twelve.  And when he stopped, Weitz said, Casey said her brother Lee, who was four years older than she was, began coming into her room at night while she lay in bed, and he would fondle her breasts. Weitz said Lee did this from the time she was twelve to when she turned fifteen.

Dr Keith Ablow’s blog – Jan 2012:

But there is much more to say. Because the material in Danziger and Weitz’s depositions rings so true for a victim of horrific sexual abuse that it is stunning. It gave me the shivers. I won’t state here whether George Anthony is a pedophile and child rapist, but I challenge any other mental health professional with any experience treating victims of trauma to review the depositions Danziger and Weitz rendered and come away asserting that Casey Anthony’s words ring untrue or seem fabricated.


When asked the most important questions (in his recent interviews), Jose’s usual stock response is to say: well, you know… there are some questions we’ll probably never know the answers to.

I don’t buy that for one minute.

The truth is out there… and once George Anthony is properly investigated, we’ll certainly have more answers than we have right now. I’m not talking about anything involving that useless law enforcement piece of filth known as Yuri Melich either. He already fucked everything up (with flying colors) the first time around by protecting his buddy George, so there’s little point inviting him back for an encore.

It’s like this:

Assuming nobody broke into the house, then murdered Caylee and disappeared into the night — we know there were only 2 people in the house when Caylee died. George & Casey.  We also know Caylee’s body didn’t magically transport itself to Suburban drive… so it must have been dumped in the woods to cover up something way more sinister. Sexual abuse.

Also take into account that lack of “abuse evidence” (whatever that is) does not negate the abuse itself – nor does it put the abuser in the clear. Far from it. This again is precisely why George needs investigating. He has most of the answers that are currently classed as “missing” in this still very unsolved case.

Is it really any big surprise that nobody’s heard a peep out of him for months now, since his $500k Dr Phil pay day? No it’s not. Child rapists, child murders & pedophiles (like George Anthony) do tend to keep a low profile, for obvious reasons. Self-preservation being one of them.

Sure, we can discuss Amazon book reviews til’ the cows come home — because it highlights the stupidity & gullibility of the ever-clueless knuckle-dragging retarded masses — but none of that helps Casey in the big scheme of things.

It’s time to get serious.


Book signings, boycotting & BS

Going on how the media played down (and hardly mentioned) Jose’s Coral Gables book signing gig this past Monday night, we can only assume that it went astoundingly well – much to the disgust of all the media that fell over themselves to announce it (and hoped otherwise).

OS: Readers have been asking how Jose Baez’s signing for his book, “Presumed Guilty,” went Monday in Coral Gables.

I asked store founder Michell Kaplan. “Went very well; no incidents, and he had a large and supportive crowd,” Kaplan said in an email. “He’s very articulate and makes a great case as to why it’s important that we have a judiciary where defendants have the right to representation. Also, spoke eloquently on how the media can often distort the truth.”

I’m not too sure what they were expecting to happen — maybe an impromptu shouting match and an accompanying WWF-style mass brawl or something similar — but it obviously never materialized. That just goes to show that even in FL, the Haters are somewhat adverse to showing their faces (and/or flying their flags) in public… choosing instead to troll the net, hide behind their keyboards and spew hate & filth riddled messages in all directions. That says a lot.

Go Casey!

So while the faux-“Warriors” & Haters start up yet another Boycott (whatever)” campaign… not forgetting their current (and previously failed) boycott attempts against Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Steak ‘n Shake, BenBella books, MSNBC, Jose’s Book and everything & everywhere else they can think of… I have a new idea for them… why don’t they just boycott the entire planet and subsequently sod off to somewhere else? How about mass-relocation to the newly discovered Planet Retard?  I hear the weather there is lousy, and all the girls look like Albanian wrestlers – but hey, they’d be in good company. You get what you  pay for after all.

A sparkling suggestion, or what? :mrgreen:

You gotta love the haters. No. You have.  Seriously.


Jose Baez book signing, Coral Gables, July 30th

This coming Monday, 7/30, Jose Baez will be holding a book signing event for his best-selling book, “Presumed Guilty – The Inside Story of Casey Anthony”.

Details as follows:

Location: Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables
Florida 33134 (click here for map)

Date: Monday July 30th, 2012

Time: 8pm



PS. In the meantime, a much shortened down version of my original book review finally got posted @ Amazon. To see the review in full, click here.

Jose Baez – on Hannity – 7/24

Even though this Hannity segment only makes very fleeting reference to Jose’s book, I thought I’d include it anyway even though it’s not Casey specific… plus as a lot of people emailed me saying they’d missed it.

It mainly covers the forthcoming trial & relative legalities surrounding the very tragic events in Colorado last week — featuring Jose Baez, Hannity, some bald guy and Jenny McCarthy. Enjoy!


Hannity – Part 1/2:

JB - Hannity 1

Hannity – Part 2/2:

JB - Hannity 2

Cheney Mason – WESH 2 interview

Here’s Cheney Mason’s interview from last with w/Jim Payne @ WESH 2.

In this interview, Cheney discusses Casey’s hobbies, fave movies, her probation release, after probation plans, law enforcement activities, Hater threats, unethical AG’s, the ongoing ignorance of the masses, the jury, the fact that he’s not yet read Jose’s book – and a bunch of other stuff to boot. Very insightful & very interesting.


Cheney Mason – Part 1/2:

Cheney Mason WESH Part-1

Cheney Mason – Part 2/2:


Cheney Mason WESH Part-2

Jose Baez – Fox News Latino + AP interview

Here are a few interviews & reports from last week… one featuring Jose Baez on Fox News Latino, an Associated Press interview snippet plus a Fox Report on GA and the ever-present incest & abuse allegations.

Jose is also re-scheduled to appear on “Hannity” (Fox) sometime this week. The MSNBC documentary is still proving elusive but will be uploaded shortly.


Jose Baez on Fox News Latino:

Fox News Latino

Jose Baez – Associated Press video:

AP news

Fox News report – George Anthony incest & abuse allegations:

fox news 7-23

My super cool Amazon book review + other stuff

I’ve now read Jose’s book twice, and found it to be both awesome and a great insight into the whole trial and the build up to it. The behind the scenes shenanigans of the prosecution and law enforcement were a joy to behold. It just goes to show they all perceived themselves to be above the law and were all prepared to break every rule & try every trick in the book to get a result. In addition to 4 typos, I also counted at least 7 references to The Laughing Guy being “an asshole”. Let me know if you counted more than 7.

Having said all that, the book is still awesome… but I do still have issues with Jose’s “drowning accident” theory. Fair enough, Jose couldn’t use or accuse George of Caylee’s murder as Casey’s defense, as it was of course up to the state to prove their case – which they failed to do with flying colors. I just don’t agree with it. I still believe George took Caylee’s life that morning either via suffocation while abusing her in the house, or by deliberately drowning her in the pool. The latter being the only was I can fit the pool into the equation.

This was no accident. Nobody dies in a swimming pool accident and finishes up being dumped in the woods, unless there’s something very sinister being covered up.

In the meantime, I also submitted a review of the”‘Presumed Guilty”  book to Amazon. I thought it only right to give it 5 stars… sing the praises of the book… and highlight the ongoing stupidity of The Haters. But when push came to shove, it transpired that whoever reviews the reviews at Amazon seems to be somewhat biased, as it never managed to get approved or published.

Just to test my theory, I also re-posted the review, this time only submitting the first paragraph. That too got rejected. Interesting.

I guess they took a look at the overall reviews and decided it’d be better to keep the majority (i.e. The Haters) happy, even though 99% of them never read the book for either mental or fiscal reasons. Good for them.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say Amazon sucks, because I have a house full of their stuff… plus they got the book delivered to me the day after it came out… and I still have $370 in vouchers to spend there, courtesy of my recently redeemed Wells Fargo Reward points – but whoever reviews the reviews definitely sucks :mrgreen:

In an attempt to share my review in full, I’ve included it below. Enjoy… and as usual, feel free to post your comments below.



It’s an Awesome Read! (for those that can):

Forget the bad reviews. This book is a truly awesome read. It’s also a gripping read for anyone seeking enlightenment regarding Casey and the trial. The underhandedness of the overzealous prosecution, coupled with the corrupt & incompetent shenanigans of law enforcement were shameful to say the least… but justice prevailed in the end.

This is testament to what happens when you go into a faux murder trial with little more than a can of air and a lot of BS.

And while LDB acted in a professional manner, The Laughing Guy proved to be as useful as a tit in a trance from day 1… from his “pig in a blanket” jibes & jokes, right up to the sentencing day which he didn’t even have the balls to show up for. No wonder Linda’s 2nd fiddle beverage fetcher decided to resign straight after the trial. It was the only good decision he made in 3+ years.

Just a shame that a book of this magnitude has been reviewed by so many retarded knuckle-draggers, but that’s only to be expected, and will only serve to increase sales of the book.

For The Haters out there – this is for you:

Your reviews indicate a relatively low level of intelligence – on par with the average HLN viewer. Go figure.

It’s also not necessarily your fault that you’re retarded and you subsequently refuse to acknowledge it. There are many people out there in the same boat, so fear not… you are not alone.

But remember this while resting on your pitchfork:

Jose Baez is a legend. Like it or not, you will bow down to his brilliance every day for the rest of your sad sorry-ass lives. You have no choice. He accomplished more in 3 years than all The Haters combined could ever achieve in 100 lifetimes.

Accept it.

Casey Anthony is innocent.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Yes… you can cling to the illusion of Casey’s guilt all you like – and spew your filth over anyone that disagrees with you. Go for it. Carry on doing that. Carry on drinking from your very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial all you like. “Warrior” or not, this is one battle you are never gonna win. Your self-inherited loser-DNA unfortunately cannot be reprogrammed.

Shame on you for refusing to see through the BS. The media lied to you for 3+ years, and you were stupid enough to believe them. You also fell for the prosecution’s lies, “fantasy forensics” & “junk science” relating to the chloroform & duct tape because you couldn’t handle the truth (and still can’t).

How do you feel now?

You are a disgrace to Caylee’s memory.

You are a disgrace to the Constitution.

You are a disgrace to America.