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“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” – the Lifetime movie reviewed!

No wonder all the knuckle-draggers are up in arms. They got bitch-slapped yet again!

Review from

If at all possible — and it’s probably not — the best way to approach this film is with a blank slate. Strip away any memory you have of those months.

The net benefit of this little act of mental gymnastics is that you may walk away with the impression that Anthony was innocent after all.

It’s a fascinating impression, and in that sense, so is the film. It is told from Ashton and Burdick’s point of view, not Baez’s, who — far from being the slick Willy the media (and Ashton) made him out to be — is seen here as shrewd, reasonable and quite possibly even right.

Lowe’s portrayal is not far removed from Chris Traeger of “Parks and Recreation”: An earnest, self-righteous choir boy who is so enamored of the evidence he has collected that he tends to dismiss the obvious fact that some of it is probably circumstantial.

He harrumphs when Baez reminds him of this, or (worse) smirks. Even Burdick grows weary of his antics, scolding him as a mother would her precocious and ill-mannered child. He is so blinkered that he never sees the verdict coming, nor quite grasps so-called Juror No. 3’s blunt rationale for acquittal: That he may have been wrong.

BOTTOM LINE A surprisingly revisionist take on one of the most controversial trials of the decade — from someone (Ashton) you’d least expect revisionism from. Nancy Grace, meanwhile, will hate “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”


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“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” – Lifetime Movie Preview

I’m still a bit peeved that Dick van Dyke and Jenny McCarthy never got chosen to play The Laughing Guy & Lin Possible – or that Belvin Perry didn’t get replaced by Amos & Andy.

Here’s the trailer…

Casey Anthony - Lifetime Movie Preview

I particularly like the bit where it says:

“Our case is rock solid…
Forensics say she’s guilty…
Common sense says she’s guilty…
And the Jury is gonna say she’s guilty.”

Yeah… right. Are we talking about the same trial here, or what?

Their case was piss poor at best… and the forensics were a veritable fantasy of BS & junk science. The only time common sense came into the equation was when the Jury recorded their Not Guilty verdict.

Later folks,

George Anthony – alive, and kissing The Laughing Guy’s ass

Here’s GA’s mini-interview from last night after his ass kissing session, following The Laughing Guy’s apparent victory in the Orange-Osceola County state attorney pissing match:


GA 8-15-2012 TLG

It sickens me somewhat to see that pedophile, child rapist & child murderer trolling the streets, and (to top it all off) congratulating the corrupt POS that tried to pin a death sentence on his daughter for a murder he committed himself.

What do we make of it all?

Do they put something in the water in Florida?

Post your thoughts below, and don’t hold back.

Jose Baez interviews clips – PBS “Frontline: The Real CSI”

Here are 5 short video clips featuring Defense Attorney God Jose Baez, as he discusses the various aspects of Casey’s trial on a recent broadcast of PBS’s “Frontline: The Real CSI”.

It once again proves how shambolic, desperate & clueless the cesspool-style prosecution really was in their failed attempts to validate their fantasy forensics, and appease the unwashed knuckle-dragging masses.

Click here to watch the full 60 minute episode (opens in a new window). Casey’s trial & Jose Baez’ comments are featured in Chapter 4/6 at the 31:52 mark.

Go Jose! :mrgreen:

Video clip #1: “Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom”:


Nowhere Near Ready for a Courtroom

Video clip #2: “This Prosecution Was So Desperate”:


This Prosecution Was So Desperate

Video clip #3: “Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed”: 


Digital Forensics Can Be Flawed

Video clip #4: “It Was an Unprovable Case”:


It Was an Unprovable Case

Video clip #5: “How ABC Helped Cover Casey’s Defense Costs”:


How ABC Helped Cover Caseys Defense Costs

Still seeking enlightenment? Click the link below…


The Laughing Guy meets Karma – Part 3

From, Feb 21st 2012:

“Just days after Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton defended his son in court on drunken driving charges, he’s also representing his daughter in a different trial.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business, ” said Rebecca Ashton.  “I’m not really interested in talking to you.”

Court records at the Seminole County Courthouse indicate the case started on Dec. 18, when Ashton’s daughter Rebecca was pulled over by Sanford police, issued three criminal traffic citations and ordered to appear at the courthouse. “It was a clerical error,” said  Rebecca Ashton.

According to those court records, she was driving without a license, driving without proof of insurance and failed to change her address within 10 days.”

Here’s the latest from WFTV:

TLG to defend daughter in traffic case 2-21

I think she was looking so hard for her driving license & insurance docs that she saw them – even though they weren’t there.

So what’s next for The Laughing Guy? Well… maybe in his next court appearance, he’ll have his ex-partner-in-crime Linda Drane Burdick defending him after he gets arrested for “disorderly conduct” in a public restroom with George Anthony.


The Laughing Guy meets Karma – Part 2

As expected yesterday, Alexander Ashton was found guilty of DUI. Judge Herr revoked his license for six months and gave him a year of probation. He will also have to pay court costs and take court-ordered classes.

“Sometimes when you’re looking so hard for something, you’ll see it when it’s not there.” The Laughing Guy said during one of his many trademark animated outbursts.

His interview after the trial was equally priceless. Personally, I don’t think “badly” of him for defending his son… but wheeling out endless fantasy forensics, junk science, lies & BS during Casey’s trial makes him an arrogant, deceptive & incompetent son of a bitch.

Here’s the video & interview from

Jury Finds TLG\'s Son Guilty In DUI Case

The Laughing Guy meets Karma

This is not really Casey-related news per se, but I thought I’d post about it anyway.

So… while trying to be crowned State Attorney, The Laughing Guy is also gearing up to represent his son in a DUI case.

Click here to see the WFTV News video

Click here for raw video of the arrest

Here are the facts as reported:

  • Alexander Ashton blew a .174 & .177 on a breathalyzer test — twice the legal limit,
  • He was going 68 mph in a 45-mph zone,
  • When first pulled over, the Seminole County deputy said he could smell alcohol on his breath. The video shows him stumbling and unable to walk a straight line…

The Laughing Guy’s response to all of that?

“We believe he is not guilty and we will argue it’s not guilty to the jury and ultimately the jury will decide or not.”

Yeah, right. This clown could easily have killed a bunch of people while speeding & being twice over the limit – but hey – let’s not worry about the minor details!

Alexander is out on a $500 bond. He’s charged with a second-degree misdemeanor charge and faces up to two months in jail and a fine. The trial is set for Thursday.

It’s amusing to me that The Laughing Guy managed to get the breathalyzer results thrown out because the device was considered “unreliable” — but he had no problem at all wheeling out the infamously flawed “can of air” as evidence in Casey’s trial.

Jeez… couple that with the news (just out) that The Laughing Guy filed for personal bankruptcy fifteen years ago… and it just goes to show that Karma can be a real bitch sometimes :mrgreen:


***>>> FEB 16TH UPDATE: Alexander Ashton found guilty of DUI. Judge Herr revoked his license for six months and gave him a year of probation. He will also have to pay court costs and take court-ordered classes.

Imperfect Memory: Team Casey file motion against The Laughing Guy

Here’s the latest from CF NEWS 13:

Casey Anthony’s criminal defense team is going after Jeff Ashton.

In newly filed papers, the defense wants Ashton to explain why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for releasing information in sealed court files.

*** Click here to read the 3 page motion (opens PDF in new window) ***

Judge Belvin Perry sealed the depositions of two mental health evaluations for Casey Anthony. The defense says Ashton revealed details of the evaluations and depositions in his book, “An Imperfect Justice.”

From the motion for rule to show cause, the defense writes:

“Mr. Ashton has published a book which further reveals the contents of the sealed depositions… Whether this violation was purposeful or simply a result of “Imperfect Memory,” an objection violation of this Court’s Order has occurred.”

The motion says Ashton also told George Anthony about the sealed material at one point, and the court reserved ruling then on whether Ashton should have been held in contempt.

In the motion, Anthony’s defense says Ashton violated the court’s order “strictly for profit.” The motion also says the “continued dissemination of Mr. Ashton’s book is an ongoing violation of the Court’s order.”


Following on from all that, here’s Geraldo’s interview from November 20th – with Jose Baez highlighting further lies & BS from The Laughing Guy’s recently released fiction book. The discussion regarding the sealed documents & psych reports starts @ 3:20…

Geraldo Jose Baez 11-21

Legal experts quick to comment on The Laughing Guy’s fiction book release

In the wake of The Laughing Guy’s fiction book release yesterday, many legal experts have been quick to offer sharp criticism of its hate & sour grapes-riddled contents.

Here’s the latest from

Legal experts share thought on Laffy book

Jose Baez also issued the following statement regarding the book:

“Having read several of the comments Mr. Ashton makes in his new book, I am both surprised and somewhat disappointed he has chosen to attack me on a personal level. Without going into specific detail, I will say only that many of his accusations are absolutely false. I take my responsibilities to the court very seriously and I have been careful to always conduct myself in a professional manner. This was an extraordinarily complicated case and so much of what happened behind the scenes has not yet been made public. When I decide to tell my story, you can be certain I will not be personally attacking Mr. Ashton.”