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Team Casey claim victory in EquuSearch civil suit


Team Casey claim victory in civil suit

“Casey Anthony’s civil lawyers said they were victorious on Friday in their fight against Texas EquuSearch, which is suing Casey for more than $100,000.

The search group said that’s how much they spent on searches after Casey claimed her daughter Caylee was alive and missing.

Casey’s civil lawyers convinced Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon to allow them to question EquuSearch founder Tim Miller under oath about the conversation he said he had with Casey.

Casey later claimed during her murder trial that Caylee had been dead all along, after drowning accidentally in the family swimming pool.

Casey’s lawyers want to grill Miller about his claim in his lawsuit that Casey told him Caylee was alive and asked him to find her.

But Casey’s lawyers claim Miller made several public statements to the contrary.

Volunteers came from all over the country to help EquuSearch look for Caylee, who won the hearts of people everywhere.

Casey claimed a nanny took off with Caylee, and even though Casey’s story was full of contradictions and changes, EquuSearch came to Central Florida twice to lead massive searches that cost more than $100,000.

Casey was acquitted.

“Every person who was present during this meeting when this conversation allegedly took place denies that it ever occurred and this involves others than just members of the Anthony family,” said Casey’s lawyer, Charles Greene.

The judge still hasn’t ruled on EquuSearch’s request to have a special master, or a lawyer who would serve as a referee for the deposition, since there is no judge present. “


  1. Go Team Casey! It’s about time things go her way!

  2. Well SJ I know this is off topic, but I’m concerned about Casey’s health. I hope she isn’t eating herself to death.

  3. Casey is fine. She’s just as thin as ever. That’s just made up BS to keep Casey in the news and to give the haters something to squawk about. No truth to it at all.

    • ok don’t know how you know, but i like what you said

      • Hi EAH.
        Jon is right, There’s no truth at all in the rumors – as usual.
        Casey is doing awesomely well, and she’ll be doing even better 78 days from now…
        Thanks for posting!

        • Harry N says:

          SJ, I hope you’re right about that, because it makes me sick to think the media and the Internet lynch mob it generated could be making her physically ill. I believe she has good people around her helping her, but as a human being it has to be painful to be the recipient of so much irrational hate, on top of all that she has already gone through. Being able to get out of Florida should help, and hopefully Jose’s book will change some minds out there that have been poisoned by the likes of Nancy Grace and that fool Ashton. And I hope it isn’t true that she wants to leave the country, because no American should be driven out by a hateful mob.

          • Casey is so strong. Look at she has been through. She didn’t break she should have but she didn’t. I just have so much faith in her. She is a fighter.

          • No doubt she is. If I send a letter to Cheney’s office, a personal letter to Casey, will she get it? I want her to know that she is not alone, that she has allies and friends she has never met. I have been fighting for her on Facebook nonstop since last summer. I am concerned that she may believe something that was posted about me that was erroneous, and totally absurd. I tried to talk to team players about it but was blown off … why idk.

          • Harry N says:

            What an utterly bogus story, particullarly the part about her being ordered by the court to disclose her finances and facing perjury charges. No doubt wishful thinking on the part of the idiot who wrote the story. What is true is that Morgan and Morgan, if they get her on the
            stand in January, will grill her about her finances. This will happen long after her probation is over, and I seriously doubt she’s got some hidden stash of wealth that would get her in
            trouble. Another idiotic hit piece from an Internet “reporter”, based on unconfrimed, dubious
            tabloid rumors about Costa Rica. No doubt the psycho “Warriors” will eat it up. I’m sure Casey and her very capable team of lawyers will get a chuckle out of it.

          • yeah i thought it was pretty absurd

  4. Wow they just need to leave her alone

  5. Has anyone come accross this article? How can they take someone’s privacy away? What gives the right?

    • I have learned not to believe anything coming from Radar Online. d

      • I read it was Greene who filed a motion for CZ Gonzale to disclose how she is getting by since claiming she cant work because she was “defamed”. Where do these stories come from?

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