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Team Casey file Emergency Motion (8/17) to stop Casey Anthony’s probation

As expected, Team Casey filed an Emergency Motion, Wednesday (8/17), in an attempt to stop Casey Anthony’s probation. The document was filed with the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach.

Click the link below to see the actual 18-page Emergency Motion – (PDF doc opens in a new window).

Casey Anthony Emergency Motion  081711

In the document, Casey’s Defense attorneys Lisabeth Fryer and Cheney Mason call the probation an “illegal sentence” – citing bias from the original judge in the case, and mentioning interviews Judge Stan Strickland had previously given to WESH 2 News (where he criticized the jury’s acquittal of Casey Anthony)…  the Nancy Grace show (where he stated he was ““shocked at the result of the trial”) – and News Channel 13 where similar comments were relayed.

You can watch one of the cited Strickland interviews below from WESH 2 News (July 11th) – “Former Casey Judge Talks Verdict, Jury”:

Former Casey Anthony Judge Verdict Throws Me For A Loop

The Emergency Motion also alleges double jeopardy and states Casey has already served her punishment for the check fraud case, and challenges Judge Belvin Perry’s jurisdiction in the case. The earliest the court will look at the filing is today, Thursday 8/18.

Unlike the jurors, Perry & Strickland’s agenda is not to weigh evidence and come to a judicially fair conclusion. Far from it. These elected officials have popular opinion to attend to – and that popular opinion is still screaming for revenge… and they plan to give it to them regardless of what the Constitution dictates. Unlike the jurors who have no political agenda to tend, Perry & Strickland are apparently free to impose whatever suits their fancy – and in this case it’s a bitter ongoing vendetta from Sour Grapes Central.


  1. Go Casey! Let’s pray this judge makes the right decision and dismisses it. Perry and Strickland should be disbarred.

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Hold on, in the video, the juror said he was “sickened” to sign the not guilty verdict because he thought she MIGHT HAVE had something to do with her daughter’s death? She “MIGHT HAVE?” Seriously? First of all, Casey would never hurt Caylee. Secondly, just because someone “might have had something to do with” something is DEFINITELY nothing you can convict anyone on.

    Another thing, Judge Dumber said “circumstancial evidence is evidence.” Whether or not that is so, you cannot convict on it and I think it’s been made pretty clear that the ‘bella vita’ was a tribute to Caylee in her memorial, the diary was written in 2003 and I’m not sure how many times either myself or someone else has talked about how her “partying” was a form of denial that many parents go through when their child dies. Personally, from what I collect and from the lawyers I’ve talked to, the prosecution had no evidence from which to bring charges against Casey.

    Finally, in regards to the probation. Whether or not Judges Dumb and Dumber meant to send out the order that her probation would be served in jail, they still sent out the order. Not only that, the laughing guy said that he wanted her to have to serve her probation in jail, and now he wants her to have to serve it AGAIN! This is a violation of the United States Constitution (Amendment 5 clearly states that no person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy.) And as an elected prosecutor, he takes an oath to UPHOLD the Unites States Constitution, which, obviously, he is not doing.

  3. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    I’m sorry for being unclear at the beginning of my post, what I meant was that Casey had nothing to do with Caylee’s death, but just the suspicion she “might have” is no reason to think they’re guilty of murder. I also apologize for having to apologize for so many unclearities.

  4. So, is it then the understanding that baby Caylee wrapped herself in her favorite blanket, killed herself, and tossed herself in the woods? As with OJSimpson, is Casey going to pursue finding the ‘killer’ of her child for as long as it takes her? Cindy and George certainly did not kill or cover up the death of Caylee, neither Lee, so the fingers all point to Casey. Because Casey has no conscience, no genuine heartfelt love or care for anyone else, including the loss of her own child, she is considered
    another OJSimpson who gloats and delights in the fact ‘she got away with murder.” No one has been punished for the death of this child, and that fact is what continues to anger the public and likely will for an eternity. Casey is now forever branded and placed in the category of “Deadly Women”. It is not so much dissatisfaction with the verdict as it is the fact that ‘no one has been held accountable for the death or for the obvious disposal of Caylee’s dead body. Get your facts straight.

  5. Ruthie. You are very cynical in your comments. You say “Cindy and George certainly did not kill or cover up the death of Caylee, neither Lee, so the fingers all point to Casey.” You seem (for some reason) to already be convinced that Casey murdered Caylee – even though there is nothing to support your claim aside assumption, emotion and a dislike of the verdict. You are also certain that Cindy, George or Lee were not involved in any capacity. Like a lot of people, you WANT Casey to be guilty so you can draw a line under it and walk away. Any other option is closed to your mind. There is “no getting away with murder”. There was no murder… and you tell me to get MY facts straight? I think you need to take a step back here, get off your self-righteous all-knowing high horse and start examining the facts for once. So, what facts do you have to back up your claims?

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