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Team Casey file motion to throw out BS-riddled ZG civil case

Late Monday, Team Casey filed a lengthy motion for summary judgement, which lays out their arguments as to why this BS-riddled “civil case” should not go to trial and be immediately dismissed.

ZG admitting (under oath) she has never been known as “Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez” is just one of countless discrepancies highlighted in the documents below, together with her backfiring self-inflicted publicity stunts and the DCF investigations into sex with an underage boy. The documents certainly make interesting reading.

Here’s the latest report from

Casey Wants ZG Civil Case Dropped 2-29


  1. Good Luck Casey & Team with your motion!!! Hope it all turns out for the better!

    • I hope the judge dismisses this ridiculous lawsuit against Casey. It is disgusting that it hasn’t been dismissed before now.

  2. Marilyn C. says:

    I hope people will take the time once again to read this motion for the TRUTH.This case has NEVER had any merits.When this all came about, this woman was living at Motel 6 with all her kids & at the same time going on TV saying she got kicked out of her apartment.All you had to do was follow the TRUTH instead of the BS( as SJ says) that Morgan was spewing all over the place.It was so obvious to me how he was trying to interject himself in this case from day ONE!! I hear he is suppose to be some big DOG in Florida,but since I’m from Texas..I wouldn’t know! I would hate to live there & see his mug all over the place! If a judge puts this before a jury…I will completely loose all faith in the law in Florida.I mostly already have for everything else that has gone on,plus HOW this got this far! I can see that Charles Greene is smart & working hard for Casey like Mr Baez did.The IDIOTS of course have put Mr Greene down like they did Mr Baez…but look WHAT he did for Casey!! They are STILL scratching their heads trying to figure out HOW he did it!! Thank You Mr Greene for looking out for Casey…we are behind you!!

    • I’m from Texas too!!! You know it’s sad…. after the July verdict came out, all sorts of people here were saying that they should have tried Casey in Texas 🙁

  3. Anthony says:

    Is there any timeline available for when the Judge may issue a ruling on this manner?

  4. jerryg1018 says:

    M&M is just in it for the publicity they think they can get if the can get Casey on the witness stand and force her to reveal what happened to Caylee. Won’t happen because that question would be irrevelalent to Zenida’s lawsuit.

  5. Zenaida went on the Dr. Phil show and said all she wants from Casey is an Apology. So, Casey and her Lawyer Apologized if Zenaida would drop the suit. Zenaida’s Lawyers refused her apology and said it wasn’t good enough. This proves Zenaida does not stand by what she says.

    • Zenaida is just a money-hungry opportunist. The person whom Casey described as “Zanny the Nanny” looked nothing like this woman and had the middle name Fernandez. This case is a joke – yeah, ZG is under so much emotional stress now that she’s getting Dr. Phil appearances *rolls eyes*.

      Stay strong, Casey.

  6. As soon as Casey testified that this woman did NOT fit the description the case should have ended.

  7. This is the best news I’ve heard. The civil case is as good as dismissed. What reputation did Casey ruin. Ms Gonzalez did that all on her own. Now, maybe George will mess up and hang himself.

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