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Team Casey request change of venue for ZG’s BS case

From WFTV:

“WFTV learned Monday that Casey Anthony is asking for a change of venue in her civil case.

Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Anthony for telling investigators a nanny by the same name kidnapped Anthony’s daughter Caylee in 2008.

Deputies later determined Caylee was dead and the nanny never existed.

In the court motion WFTV obtained Thursday night, Anthony’s attorneys claim she can’t get a fair trial in Orange County, and that Gonzalez’s legal team admitted that on television.”

Click here to read the Motion For Change Of Venue (7 page PDF – opens in a new window)




  1. I was wondering when she would request that. GOOD FOR HER.

  2. After reading the motion – wow – M&M really put foot in mouth this time!

    • Sometimes I think that case is nothing but a lark for Morgan. It’s nothing but a publicity stunt masquerading as a lawsuit.


    Will Casey really have to testify?

  4. Even if she takes the Fifth, Morgan will force her to take the stand. That’s the money shot that Morgan and the media want: Casey on the stand. Like I said, it’s a publicity stunt masquerading as a lawsuit.

    • By the time this gets to trial, the publicity stunt will have lasted almost 5 years!!! It is so stupid!!!

      Maybe one of you can answer me this: I didn’t think you had to show up at a civil trial like you do in a criminal one. If you don’t show up doesn’t the plaintiff just win a default judgement?

      • The plaintiff will win a default judgement. They can’t arrest her or send her to jail but she would lose the case.

        • I’m not sure, but I think she would have to instruct her lawyer to go before the judge and announce their intention to default. Then the case would end. If it actually goes to trial and she doesn’t show up when she has to she could be held in contempt.

          • Thanks guys! If I were on the jury I would award her 1 cent and send her packing back to her motel 6! 🙂

          • Harry, Jon

            Can you explain to me what a default judgement is? Do you mean that ZG could change the outcome on her own at this point?

      • If Casey doesn’t show up for the civil trial a default judgement will be made in ZG’s favor. Normally she wouldn’t have to show but since she was subpoenaed she will have to. I’m sure Casey’s Lawyers will advise her on what to say and not to say.

  5. Zenaida claims she was getting threats left & right and that her reputation has been damaged. What does a woman like Zenaida expect if she hangs out with these type of people? I don’t think I’ve heard other women named Zenaida Gonzalez get threats. Anyone?

    • Hi Suzy! — I know one thing and that is LE do NOT go running to the media and tell them everyone they question in an investigation, so how did anyone find out about this particular ZG? Because SHE is the one who went running to the media in the first place!! She has no proof of any threats either, unless they are saving that for trial which I highly doubt.

      Even when Melich was interviewing Casey at Universal he didn’t believe there was a nanny but they have to follow up on everything so it doesn’t come back at them later. Interviewing ZG was just so they could check something off the list — they never suspected her of anything. And I’m sure they questioned every ZG they could find in the area but you don’t hear about them because they didn’t go running to the media.

      It is all her doing IF she got any threats at all, so she should be suing herself!! LOL 🙂

      • Hi Karen 🙂

        I guess ZG is just another wannabe celebrity LOL.

        I’m watching this video on youtube called “John Morgan & Keith Mitnik on Casey Anthony Civil Trial” and they’re saying that they are going to use Jose Baez’s opening statement where he acknowledged (My client is a liar my client is a liar) and ZG trial is about a lie. They think that’s a strong case HA! All they really want to hear is Casey stand up and say “ZG this lady didn’t do it” I thought Casey did that already?

        • Ha! She did that clear back in 2008!! I agree with Harry N. — it is all for publicity. Yep, she lied and made up this nanny for whatever reason. She was front and center on Jose’s exhibit of Casey’s “imaginary” friends. Key word imaginary!!! You can’t sue someone for having an imaginary friend!! 🙂

          • Exactly Karen you can’t sue anyone for having an imaginary friend, but in their minds just because Casey cleared her up in what they say “private” Casey never cleared her up in public or during the jailhouse footage. Dumbasses…I know it’s wrong, but I just had to say that lol

    • Suzy,

      I think it’s reasonable to conclude that others have pointed the finger at the wrong person before. Greene cited several cases in the motion for summary judgement where people have tried to sue before and have lost because the defendants statements are privileged. Yet in this case, everything seems to be different for some reason.

  6. Drew Hensley says:

    Ok guys, time for handwriting analysis. Look at Casey’s signature on the document above. Her writing is beautiful. The sharpe points are said to indicate intelligence. This is a very literate, smart person. There is also a slight incline in her signature from left to right which may indicate that she feels she is on the rise. I remember this from high school Psychology.

  7. Drew Hensley says:

    I think tall letters indicate intelligence. Large letters – and there are quite a few in her signature – indicate friendliness and someone who likes group activities (like maybe line dancing or being at The Fusion). The large lower loops that you see in her signature indicate a high energy personality. But she also has tall upper loops that are thought to indicate that someone is all mouth and no action – but in her present situation this may well be how Casey feels, her sense of helplessness. This would be consistent with Casey’s right slant which is a sign that she feels dependent. Her steady hand and consistent slant indicate that she is actually under very little stress, probably because she is not working and has grown accustomed to some extent to her “confinement.” Just my opinion, but I’m going by what the experts say. I think it is intersting how much sense it makes based on what we know about Casey.

  8. Marking time says:

    Hey to all 🙂
    I am so proud of Casey ! Just had to share that 🙂 She passed the probation test with flying colors.
    But I am sad to report that just like some never stopped trying to get OJ some will never stop trying to get her in some way or another so I’d like to admonish her to always keep her eyes opened, her ears to the ground & be careful who she allows herself to trust.
    I would like to personally thank her attorneys who have stood by her from the very beginning for his unfailing loyalty, guidance, strength & encouragement toward her during this trying time.
    I would like to thank any persons who have showed their selves to be a friend toward her and allowed her to know they can be trusted during this trying time. She has gone through so much & has been traumatized many times over. It maybe that one day she will find herself in a situation where she is in a position to pay it forward to someone else who has been victimized, & then she can share what she has learned, wisdom, compassion & knowledge.
    But most of all I would like to say that she should know, that in spite of what man does here on earth, she should always remember & never forget that they are just flesh, therefore flawed & that Jesus loves her more than she could ever know & he is not like man.
    Always praying & watching with much love, I wish her well & peace.
    P.S. Let all things be done in moderation for if done in excess we find ourselves out of balance & possibly in a precarious position in life.

  9. Wondering says:

    Just wondering didn’t Casey say that the Zenaida who had Caylee had a middle name ?
    If this Zenaida does not have a middle name then that is something her attorneys can use to stand on.
    If this Zenaida doesn’t then all Casey has to keep saying over & over again is I said Zenaida (middlename) G. And then the attorneys can prove there are multiple persons by that name here in this country. In other words prove she’s not the one. I think she just found a way to try to make some $ anyway.
    And I think GZ attorneys want to try to get what happened to Caylee out of Casey, kind of like trying her all over again, because they think she really did harm her. But Casey needs to be strong & stand on the truth & facts as she knows them, she didn’t harm Caylee & she didn’t say this GZ.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      If you will scroll down you through the moderator’s older posts you will find a document by Casey’s lawyer that lays out the whole case against the law suit. Yes, Casey said Zanaida Fernandez-Gonzalez — not the same person.

  10. I am so scared for Casey. Her lawyers have to get this trial moved to another county or it will be like OJ all over again. Just about everybody hates her in orange county. The jury will be saying to themselves she got away with murder let’s stick it to her here in a civil court just like they did with OJ.

  11. Good move casey! I’m glad to see that you & your team made this move. I was worried that they would not be fair. You surely don’t need to br worried with lack of fairness. I read somewhere that ZG is suing Casey for 3 billion dollars! That is crazy! I’m still praying for you casey.

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