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Team Casey submit $200 counter-offer in Trial Cost fiasco

On Monday afternoon, Lisabeth Fryer (representing Team Casey) filed a brief including a $200 counter-offer with regards to the current trial cost fiasco.

The Sour Grapes State Attorney’s office thinks Casey should be liable for $517,000 in respect of their incompetence – while the statutory limit is $50 per conviction.

So… $50 x 4 dubious misdemeanors (currently under appeal) = $200.

Bottom line: Judge Perry would essentially be ignoring the law if he ordered Casey to pay more than $50 per count.

A decision is expected at any time, although Judge Perry has until September 22nd to decide.

If you missed the initial riveting trial cost hearing from September 2nd, Part 11 of 13 is below. It covers a portion of Cheney Mason’s closing arguments, and his specific highlighting of the State’s very long list of inaccuracies & lies in relation to their overly exaggerated BS costs claim.

To see all the videos from the hearing, click here.

Casey Anthony – Costs Hearing, September 2nd 2011 – Part 11

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