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Team Casey to appeal lying convictions today (1/8)

Attorneys for Casey Anthony will make oral arguments Tuesday in Daytona Beach in her appeal of four convictions of lying to law enforcement officers, court documents show.

The 1:30 p.m. hearing at the 5th District Court of Appeal will address Anthony’s concerns about having being convicted of lying to law enforcement officers. The convictions came from her telling investigators that her daughter was kidnapped when she knew 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was dead, Orange County sheriff’s investigators said.

Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her daughter, was acquitted by a jury July 5, 2011, of charges of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse.

Her attorneys will argue that Judge Belvin Perry made an error in not suppressing Casey Anthony’s statements to an investigator, which she made without her rights being read to her.

Casey Anthony’s lawyers, Cheney Mason and Lisabeth Fryer, will also argue that Casey Anthony’s consitutional double jeopardy rights were violated when she was convicted of four counts of lying to law enforcement officers, court documnets filed show.


Click here for live coverage & updates from News13.

More info as we have it.

Happy New Year!

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  1. No decision for now. It could take weeks or months but the decision will be made by a panel of judges. It could go either way but a decision will not be made soon.

    • Even if the decision went against her I believe she could appeal to the Florida supreme court if she wanted to. Morgan and Morgan will have a long wait to get her on the stand no matter what. We may not see that farce of a civil case go to trial until next year.

  2. Are there any updates in regard to that BS civil trial?

    Best wishes as always to Casey and her team :).

  3. Hi everyone:-)

    There wasnt a live feed, but a new channel was inside and posting snippets of what everyone was saying. It seemed to be like fryer was making a good arguement. But who knows how these three judges will rule. I guess this means Casey will have to talk at the civil trial though.

    • InSession decided only to broadcast two little clips of the proceeding and talk about it. As I am never discouraged, I found the video online. If anyone wants to watch, you can go to this link and click on the video button, it opened in QuickTime for me. Fryer did very well, I felt like the State’s Atty. Heidt played to emotion like the trial attys. did. Some of the hypotheticals the judges gave seemed a little irrelevant, but you never know what they are thinking. It lasts for about 30 mins. I think there is a lot of merit to the defense’s argument and I agree with Lisabeth Fryer we can’t give the police such a huge loophole with Miranda. The police overstepped their bounds a lot in this case probably because they thought they could get away with it and they needed more “evidence” because they didn’t have anything, that’s why they did the smear campaign. People are so falsely outraged about this case they have tunnel vision and can’t see what’s really going on. This appeal should be granted. Watch it it’s informative. The best part is no commentators!

      • Sorry about the double post, but I forgot to write this, if the convictions are overturned some people think there won’t be a civil case anymore, but I don’t think the fame mongers would give up that easy. However, an overturn would mean that the statements might not be admissible. If there is no need to appeal to a higher court by either the defense or State and there is no retrial (if granted), then yes because plaintiffs can call defendants to the stand. But I don’t see how they will be able to ask their dumb irrelevant questions, like what really happened and who is Caylee’s father. It isn’t appropriate or lawful. And we all know that’s what this is really about. I don’t see how it isn’t obvious to people when M&M don’t even hide it. They literally go on TV and say we are going to get the answers the public wants. This is just about further exploitation of someone because people are so egotistical they can’t admit they are wrong and so parasitic they can’t resist trying to humiliate someone to promote themselves. Do they really think that Casey Anthony’s attys will let them interrogate her irrelevantly?

  4. I just noticed Lifetime channel will air Prosecuting Casey Anthony on Saturday January 18th at 8pm. :-/

    • It might be good for a laugh, watching Ashton fail all over again through the guise of Rob Lowe. I don’t need to watch two hours of Casey-bashing though.

      • Hi Suzy! I am watching the Aphrodite Jones on the ID channel. Of course totally biased against Casey.

        Oh, and that movie is the 19th not the 18th, not that I am going to watch it.

        • I recorded the Aphrodite Jones’ episode, haven’t got around to watching it yet. I agree with Kira, all the bullying and bashing used to be deplorable, but now it is getting just too outrageously ridiculous. I don’t think I’ll watch it, but we’ll see. I read his book, how much different could it be? It isn’t adding to the actual intelligent conversation about the case, it’s just more entertainment for the media followers at the expense of another human being.
          Check out this great article about the Lifetime Drew Peterson movie and how ridiculously unintentionally funny it was –>
          Those based on true story lifetime movies are based very little on the truth. The only thing ever real about them is very superficial facts like names, places, and overall actions. For instance, I suspect, the only things that are real about the Peterson movie are: Drew Peterson is a jerk, he probably killed at least one wife if not two, the ridiculous bandana interview (and other interviews), and he was arrested. You can’t include the conviction because it wasn’t included in the movie.
          True to form they indicted someone for murder before the evidence was actually tested at trial (because you know everyone who gets arrested is guilty, right?). Everything else? “Creative license”. I predict it won’t be much different for Jeff Ashton’s movie.

        • Hi Karen and Youcouldbewrong,
          I love watching ID and BIO channels. They have the coolest shows, but lately I haven’t had time to catch up on anything…been so busy and with the JA case I’m so out of the loop lol

  5. Watched the Aphrodite Jones thing, it was loaded with inaccuracies and really bad acting. Here’s a taste. She literally said that everyone smelled decomposition, no they did not. She even had a dramatization of Casey Anthony and Cindy Anthony having a fight face-to-face during the 31 days, also never happened. The acting was atrocious, they had the lady pretending to be Casey Anthony saying things she never said and acting like a petulant 14 year old. It was purely a money episode, nothing substantially new, though I did catch that Stan Strickland basically said that he expected the defense to say it was a drowning. From what he said, to me it seemed like he didn’t really think it was a murder, he just thought Casey Anthony was a negligent mother. So, WTH was he doing giving her a $500,000 bail, making scathingly, inappropriate, prejudicial, and biased statements about her, meeting with a pro-prosecution blogger to chat about how he liked his blog, and retiring after the case so he could talk about it for profit? He doesn’t make sense to me.
    Anyway, check out my new post —, it really ticked someone off in the comments. LOL.

  6. I just watched the Aphrodite Jones on Casey last night and it sucked a$$ LOL! The girl that played Casey acted like a snobby teenager. My favorite part was when Jose Baez said something like “I got to know Casey you didn’t” with that confidence and that I’m gonna slap your face look!
    Youcouldbewrong…I had no idea you had a blog. I’ll check out your new post.

  7. I watched the Ashton movie and was surprised. I thought it was more balanced than I expected. They portrayed the media as the rating whores that they are who create their own narratives as FACT. I thought it stayed true to the prosecution’s case BUT also showed it’s inherent weaknesses which caused the state to lose….

    • Glad to hear that it was balanced and not a “Poor Jeff Ashton, he worked so hard and the jury was so stupid!” type of film.

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