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Texas EquuSearch join motion in ZG case

From CF13 NEWS:

“A judge could rule as early as Thursday on a now joint motion from both of Casey’s civil lawsuits.

Monday morning, Judge Lisa Munyon allowed Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller to join the motion from Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawyers to decide if Casey should be forced to answer questions without invoking her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Those questions will come from lawyers involved in EquuSearch’s and Gonzalez’s separate lawsuits against Casey.

Gonzalez is suing for defamation, saying Casey Anthony ruined her life when she claimed a nanny with the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

EquuSearch wants Casey to repay them for the group’s search for Caylee, pointing to claims from Casey’s defense team during her murder trial that she knew her daughter was dead.

Casey is also appealing her four convictions of lying to law enforcement, and that could have a big impact on the judge’s decision Thursday, because anything she does say in a civil deposition can be used against her in the criminal appeal.

Casey Anthony responds

Casey Anthony’s lawyers filed a motion Monday afternoon arguing that she should stay silent.

They said any answers could jeopardize her criminal appeal on charges of lying to law enforcement. A judge could decide Thursday whether Anthony will have to answer questions in Gonzalez’s lawsuit.”


Click here to read the response to the motion, filed yesterday by Charles Greene (38 page PDF).



  1. And, ummmm, WHAT grounds does Tim Miller of TES base his civil suit against Casey? Cindy & George are the ones, along with Mark NeJame, that called him! (Oh, I regress, George & Cindy have ‘their money’ tied into the Fraudation of ‘Caylee’s Fund’ ~ they can’t be sued for anything!)

    I recall Tim Miller making the statement that he never even spoke with Casey.

    I know people are saying, “well, she knew Caylee was deceased and didn’t say anything”! I happen to currently think Casey didn’t even know about her death until 11DEC08. I agree with SJ’s theory except for the part of Casey being present when Caylee supposedly drowned. JMHO

    • Hi MiMi! Good post. Cindy called TES out initially. By the look of it, this is just another ego-driven free publicity pissing match inspired by ZG’s antics, and with M&M pulling the strings in the background. SJ

  2. I keep thinking their are ppl in the back ground that are pushing things bad for Casey. Worried when the truth gets out. Doing everything to get ppl not to believe Casey when she tells her story. Also Worried about her court on the lies she was charged with. Lots of liers in the air and it’s not Casey!!

    • Well said, Kelly. That’s how I see it too. It seems like they are taking an offensive strategy because they know they will be in the hot seat soon.

  3. Yo Tim Miller,
    You are not suing the right Person. Sue Cindy and George Anthony. Cindy is the onew that called you and talked to you. Casey was in jail when this happend. She didn’t lie to you because she never talked to you. Cindy did. Oh heres another thing, Cindy and George were very rude to you. They already knew Caylee was Dead.

    The reason why I said that is because of what Cindy said to Dominic Casey (Yeah Guys Cindy was on the phone with Private Investigator it wasnt a Physic at all.) How would he know to cut Black Plastic Bags?. Casey was in Jail when this accured. So If you ask me Cindy and George did this. Sorry that is how I feel….

    • Brandy:

      You’ve got that right!

      BTW: Lee testified at trial that Cindy DID tell Dominic Casey to search on Suburban Drive.

      Cindy testified under oath that she did NOT! One of these fools IS lying! Guess which one I believe? 🙂 Why no PERJURY charges on that one?

      TIM MILLER – Get a CLUE!!

  4. I so can’t wait when Casey comes back and pushes Cindy & George in front of a running train. They both are the background bandit’s that need to be exposed. Casey can’t wait till they become the world’s most sick and evil not human at all pieces of sh** … thanks. Love u Casey!!

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