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Texas Eqqusearch – update

Follow on from yesterday’s Texas Eqqusearch hearing, here’s the latest from


TexasEqq hearing 12-19

More news from CF NEWS 13:

Lawyers for Casey Anthony are expecting to question Tim Miller, the head of Texas EquuSearch, in relation to the group’s lawsuit against Anthony – but, Miller’s lawyer says he won’t be here, despite a threat of contempt charges.

Miller’s lawyer said both sides had agreed to put off the deposition. He has filed an order of protection to delay Miller’s deposition, but the judge hasn’t ruled on it yet.

Miller was subpoenaed after arriving in Orlando to help with the search for missing mother Michelle Parker.

“Mr Miller is under subpoena,” said Charles Greene, attorney for Casey Anthony. “If he doesn’t show up in the morning we will seek an order holding him in contempt.”

The lawyer for EquuSearch says it would be unfair if his client is forced to give his deposition first.

Tim Miller’s lawyer was in court Monday, asking a judge to compel Casey Anthony to answer questions without invoking her Fifth Amendment rights. EquuSearch is suing Anthony to get back money spent searching for her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Miller says Anthony knew where the child was the entire time.

The judge in case is withholding her ruling.

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