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UPDATE: Texas EquuSearch – closed door hearing

From: CF 13 News โ€“ 1-17-2012 :::

“Casey Anthony will have to answer two questions for Texas EquuSearch. Just two.

Judge Lisa Munyon ruled Tuesday that Anthony was still entitled to invoke the Fifth Amendment on many of the questions Texas EquuSearch wants to ask her as part of their lawsuit. The group is suing Anthony. They contend she wasted their money and resources because they say she knew all along her daughter was dead.

The judge did rule, however, that Anthony could be compelled to answer two “admissions”:

  • Admit that you did not observe or hear George Anthony call 911 at any time to report that he or you had discovered that Caylee Marie Anthony had drowned in the swimming poll at your parents’ house on or about June 16, 2008.
  • Admit that you were aware in September 2008 and October 2008 that EquuSearch was conducting searches for your daughter, Caylee.

She has 10 days to provide answers to these admissions.

Anthony was found guilty last July of four counts of lying to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office regarding her daughter’s death. Since she is appealing that conviction, her attorneys have long insisted that she cannot answer any questions until her appeals have been exhausted.”

More news as soon as we have it.

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  1. Thanks for the link. ๐Ÿ™‚ How many other missing/questionable disappearances has TM been on? What are the stats for missing person to have been involved in foul play? Seriously! Why THIS one case is litigation necessary? The answer is as obvious as all the other coffin flies who have attached themselves to this case for e-fame or pocket money.

    • Hi Prinnie. The thing is – why (in the first place) would TM be asking someone that’s broke to cover his costs, when he knows only too well the people that called him out “to help” are raking money in from all angles. Strange but true – like many other aspects of this ongoing circus. TM’s reputation precedes him… as does M&M’s and ZG’s. Great blog by the way! Thanks for posting. SJ

  2. SJ you are going to have to respond to current theories about your identity in the light of new revelations about where Casey might be. Personally I think it should be illegal to photo and distribute pictures of where a protected person is residing. But American media is irresponsible, immoral and out of control.

    • Hi EAH. I am not aware of any current theories regarding my identity. If you are aware of any, just let me know. I agree with you on the media stuff too… having said that, when was the media anything other that irresponsible, immoral and out of control? That’s how they make their money. 99% of people don’t want good news – they want gossip & BS. Thanks for posting! SJ

  3. Looking at the Orlando Sentinel today, I can’t help but notice they have as much coverage for Casey’s whereabouts as they do the President coming to give his speech at Disney. What is it that the media doesn’t get? This woman was found NOT-GUILTY. Let her move on. If she gives an interview, feel free to report it. Until then, just leave her alone.

  4. Marilyn C. says:

    Hi SJ…I have gone so many days not even knowing WHAT to say anymore concerning Dear Casey. I can’t really figure out exactly what people want FROM her, want her to DO, WHERE to go, etc. She is being HUNTED like an animal. How can something like this be happening? Don’t we have STALKING LAWS? I often wondered this when all the media trucks were parked outside the Anthony home & followed every move Casey made while she was out. Now it seems the MEDIA has found her living around a CHURCH & there is a big uproar. I think they are pissed because she is NOT living in a trailer parked behind a STRIP CLUB, so they could say “I told you so”!!! Nobody wants her in Florida, but when Casey mentioned she might be getting off probation EARLY… she was getting SPECIAL TREATMENT & they all had a fit. They want her to PAY all these so called IDIOTS, but at the same time BLOCK her from making any money! The more I read online, the more I fear for Casey. I wish someone who knew about the laws in Florida could tell me WHAT could be done to PROTECT this Girl.Again… THANK YOU for everything that YOU do for us who are concerned & care about her!!

    • Hi Marilyn. I’m with you. Relevant news regarding Casey has been close to non-existent, aside from the media driven flurry following Casey’s recent video diary stuff. 3+ years of hate, anger & vitriol for the torch-bearing knuckle-dragging masses, ALL for nothing… and they’re still at it. So what do we have now? Media trucks camped outside churches. I think it all passed the point of being senseless a very long time ago. Thanks for posting! SJ / FAA

    • I don’t know how probation works in FL, however, Probation in some other states, she would be eligible for an early termination at half time based on performance. As for her getting special treatment, she is only being protected (not giving public record information, address, etc.) because of all of the threats. When she terminates from Probation should be based, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, on her record of compliance only, not the media circus surrounding her case.

    • Marilyn:

      ITA with you re: not knowing what to say anymore. My heart goes out to Casey. I read Dr. Ablow’s opinion of her psychiatric reports and I am left without words…I read them two days ago and even though I felt (all along) she was sexually abused for years – it hit me so hard when I saw it in print I kind of went numb! Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the words to describe my feelings.

      I pray for Casey – that she has the counseling she needs & desires, and has the ability to heal.

      As for the ‘haters’ – I wonder if when they spew the hatred & their vile comments towards one another and anyone/everyone who disagrees with them, do they think this is ‘respecting Caylee’? Do they think this is ‘pleasing’ to her? What purpose is it serving? JMHO.


  5. SJ Any truth to reports that she is staying at a church in Palm City? I’m glad they are helping her. I think people should leave her alone and let her live her life. She was found Not Guilty yet she has to hide. It’s not right people harassing her and her being sued. I read that she got a one million dollar interview. She deserves it. I hope she can get something out of this nightmare.

    • Hi Jon! I have no idea on the specifics, but it sounds very doubtful seeing as the media have already turned every church in Palm City upside down on their wild goose chase. It’s beyond ridiculous really. Thanks for posting. SJ

  6. Update

    Casey Anthony answers Texas EquuSearch’s questions

    ORLANDO, Fla. –
    Casey Anthony has submitted her responses on Friday to the two questions regarding her daughter, Caylee, in the EquuSearch case required by court order.

    According to court documents, Anthony admitted that she did not observe or hear her father, George Anthony, call 911 to report that he or she had discovered that her daughter had drowned in the swimming pool at her parents’ house June 16, 2008.
    But Anthony denied that she was aware EquuSearch was conducting searches for Caylee in September and October 2008.

    • I agree that there are two sides to every story. We have the right to express our thoughts and the free will to believe which story is correct but It is difficult since there were so many lies. I hope that the truth is told so we can put an end to all this spectulation

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