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Texas Equusearch return to court

In the never ending merry-go-round of lawsuit stupidity, this time it’s the return of Texas Equusearch as they continue in their attempts to recoup $100k from Casey. Good luck with that.

I’m still not sure why they’re not chasing the serial child abuser (and his enabler) for a share of the $500k they received from their Dr Phil BS interview a few months back. After all, they called Texas Equusearch out in the first place, even though they both knew damn well exactly where Caylee was. Let me know your thoughts.

The hearing is scheduled for 1-30 pm today at OC court house with Judge Lisa Munyon.



  1. HI SJ:

    This is ridiculous! Do you know if it’s going to be televised or if a video clip will be released?

    I’m going to locate Tim Miller’s email address and tell him what I think he’s doing wrong here….lol! I feel as you do, WHY isn’t he going after Cindy and George? Cindy’s the one who called Tim and asked him (how many times) to search for a ‘live’ Caylee! If I’m not mistaken, Casey never asked him for anything, and as I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t think Casey knew where Caylee was.

    If you listen to her LE interview, the one thing she spoke the truth about was “I don’t KNOW where she’s at – if I did, none of this would be happening”. I believed her then and I still do!

    • Hi MiMi! Looks like today’s hearing was a big non-event, with Lisa Munyon witholding a ruling and not setting a date for the next installment as yet. will be covering it later today so we’ll add their video shortly. I think Tim Miller got carried away with himself and is on some kind of ego trip with M&M pulling the strings and flying the flag “for the people”. All BS as usual… just like the ZG case. One fiasco after another. The only person with any credibilty here is Casey. Thanks for posting! SJ

    • Mimi I so agree with you! When Casey said she didn’t know where Caylee was, she meant it!!!

  2. I agree that the details of equisearches lawywer should be posted here so we can ask why they are not going after the ones responsible for engaging their services while Casey was in prison. If the money is the real motive behind their case then surely it does not matter from whom the source is.

  3. Hi SJ, in all fairness, I can understand the frustration felt by equuasearch for time wasted on the search for caylee. However, I feel like the parents should be the ones being sued. After all, they called Tim miller to come out and help with search, not Casey.

  4. Texas Equusearch has claimed to have spent 40 percent of their annual budget on finding Caylee Anthony. Is it just me or does that seem very irresponsible on their part? 40 percent of their yearly budget looking for one child? There were already hundreds people already searching for Caylee, who was already dead, and coming up with nothing. Why the hell would they agree to help, did they think that their people would show up and all of a sudden and see something that hundreds of police and volunteers missed?

    Plus after they spent all this money Tim Miller didn’t like the family so he walked away. That’s a really great mission statement, “We’ll help search for your kid, but only if we like you!” While they were searching and not finding Caylee, they could’ve helped at least 15 other families that contacted him to help find their children alive and well. Instead, he turned them all down because he was ‘devoting all his time and energy to Caylee.’ I don’t feel bad for Texas Equusearch, no one made them join the search, no one made them stupidly spend that much money, and Casey never even asked for their help, it was Cindy.

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