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The Battle for Caylee Anthony

If there’s one thing that stands out through this whole debacle, it’s George & Cindy’s total disregard for their own daughter, Casey. They carry on oblivious as if she no longer exists. They only really acknowledge the existence of Caylee from a purely profit motivated standpoint. This is a shining example of total & shameful disrespect for Casey AND the memory of Caylee Anthony.

Now fair enough, Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire car was legally theirs, so they were in their rights to crush it (even though they’d reportedly been offered $250k+ for it) – but as I pointed out a few weeks ago, George & Cindy are also now fighting to get back all the evidence presented during Casey’s trial.

This includes (but is not limited to) Caylee’s bedspread, doll, toys, blankets and many other items. From a purely legal perspective, those specific items belong to Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony. They do NOT belong to the grandparents. Their attempts to claim these items is a definite NO-NO.

Furthermore, after Caylee died, Casey gave her parents power of attorney – and specifically stated she wanted her daughter to be buried so she could visit her grave one day. Despite Casey’s wishes, Cindy had Caylee’s remains cremated. Again, total disregard for Casey’s wishes.

Cindy also had her lawyer, Mark Lippman, trademark the “Caylee Anthony” name. This is not something that either one of them had any legal right to do under Florida Probate law.

Here’s a quote from “LA Late News”:

“But does Lippman have the right to file an intent to use Caylee Anthony? The right to use Caylee’s name for commercial publication for Florida law is codified in 540.08. The statute holds that no person shall use the name or likeness of a deceased person unless they get written authorization from the duly authorized person or “from among a class composed of her or his surviving spouse and surviving children.” By virtue of probate, it would appear that the next of kin, Casey Anthony, the child’s parent, would be the recipient of that right upon her death, not the child’s grandparents.”

(Click here to read the full article)

So in the cold light of day, neither George, Cindy or Mark Lippman had ANY BUSINESS trade marking Caylee Anthony’s name. They also have NO LEGAL RIGHTS to do so under Florida Probate law. Why? Because Caylee’s name legally belongs to her mother. Would you not think a lawyer would know that? (unless he too has a “vested financial interest” in the trademark, as is more than likely).

Here are both Anthony/Lippman trademark applications from May 2011: [TM-App #1] — [TM-App #2]

Note the specifics of the trade mark. They also want to use Caylee’s name (and “Justice for Caylee”) on T-shirts and underwear!

But how does Casey feel about the grandparents & Lippman applying to trademark Caylee’s name, and blatantly riding roughshod over Casey and Caylee at the same time? Once Casey found out about it, here’s exactly what she thought about it as detailed in one of her jailhouse letters:

B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L!!! I’m so sick to my stomach even thinking about this. I’ve done everything possible to hold my family together and I continue to get stomped on, thrown under the bus, and it doesn’t surprise me any more when it happens…”

Then to top it all off, after going against Casey’s specific wishes and having Caylee’s remains cremated, they’re now trying to claim ALL Caylee Anthony’s earthly belongings.

They took Caylee’s body… they took her name… and now they’re trying to take everything Caylee ever owned.

So do I believe George & Cindy are the typical “grieving grandparents” here? No. I see them as a pair or unscrupulous money grabbing lying bastards. I make no apologies for using the word “unscrupulous” either.

It’ll be interesting to see how far Dr Phil goes with his interview on 9/12 for sure. Although I think we all know the questions he won’t be asking… one of them being how nice it must be for the happy couple to have turned Caylee into a profit machine for themselves. Not to mention that up to 80% of the funds from Dr Phil’s show will probably end up in their NEW CAYLEE FUND own pockets.

At some future point, there’s gonna be a bus driven by Casey Anthony, it’s gonna be a BIG bus too… and someone’s gonna return the favor by throwing George under it.

Can you guess who that’s gonna be?

Answers on a postcard please…


  1. I wonder if Cindy knew about the George’s abuse of her Daughter? It wouldn’t suprise me. No wonder Casey is so afraid to tell the truth. Casey probably told Cindy and Cindy didn’t believe her. It disgusts me when people say Casey is a liar about the abuse. If Casey says it happened then it happened. Was George abusing Caylee too? Child Molesters can’t be cured. It’s a sickness.

  2. You know, I do not agree with you that KC is innocent and thats ok…I think having a difference of opinion is awesome. But I have to say that the way G&C have been behaving and continue to behave is despicable. Thank you for sharing this info on them – really disturbing especially about the underwear. If you want more insight into Ms. Anthony go here where its just plain awful:

    Anyway have a good day.

  3. Where are the jailhouse letters? Do you have a link to them? I’d be very curious to read them. It seems that is the only place where you can hear even a sliver of anything from Casey’s own perspective.

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