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The Laughing Guy meets Karma

This is not really Casey-related news per se, but I thought I’d post about it anyway.

So… while trying to be crowned State Attorney, The Laughing Guy is also gearing up to represent his son in a DUI case.

Click here to see the WFTV News video

Click here for raw video of the arrest

Here are the facts as reported:

  • Alexander Ashton blew a .174 & .177 on a breathalyzer test — twice the legal limit,
  • He was going 68 mph in a 45-mph zone,
  • When first pulled over, the Seminole County deputy said he could smell alcohol on his breath. The video shows him stumbling and unable to walk a straight line…

The Laughing Guy’s response to all of that?

“We believe he is not guilty and we will argue it’s not guilty to the jury and ultimately the jury will decide or not.”

Yeah, right. This clown could easily have killed a bunch of people while speeding & being twice over the limit – but hey – let’s not worry about the minor details!

Alexander is out on a $500 bond. He’s charged with a second-degree misdemeanor charge and faces up to two months in jail and a fine. The trial is set for Thursday.

It’s amusing to me that The Laughing Guy managed to get the breathalyzer results thrown out because the device was considered “unreliable” — but he had no problem at all wheeling out the infamously flawed “can of air” as evidence in Casey’s trial.

Jeez… couple that with the news (just out) that The Laughing Guy filed for personal bankruptcy fifteen years ago… and it just goes to show that Karma can be a real bitch sometimes :mrgreen:


***>>> FEB 16TH UPDATE: Alexander Ashton found guilty of DUI. Judge Herr revoked his license for six months and gave him a year of probation. He will also have to pay court costs and take court-ordered classes.


  1. Marilyn C. says:

    SJ….THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for posting this!! I have had to sit on my hands since I read this yesterday!! I could write a book on my feelings on THIS little SUBJECT!! If I let myself write how I feel about all of ASStons crap,I would probly get banned from here! So I will just agree with YOU & say Yep KARMA is a BITCH & it couldn’t happen to a better ASS !! NOW have fun in court ASSton!!

    • Hi Marilyn! I normally only post Casey related stuff, but this story was just too hard to resist, lol. It’ll make a change for The Laughing Guy to be invonved in a trial where the evidence is REAL for once. Thanks for posting! SJ

  2. I almost choked on my coffee reading that! He is so controlling and arrogant! he could have easily found reputable counsel for his son! The irony is rich with this stunt.

  3. I think the Laughing Guy needs a reality show… so we all can laugh our asses off!

    • Hi Anthony! What with his massive fail in Casey’s trial… the dismal failure of his “book”… his personal bankruptcy story coming out during his State Attorney campaign… and now his son with the DUI charge… dammit… he’s definitely a high achiever :mrgreen: A reality show would be a great idea! SJ

      • Yeah! And perhaps Nancy Grace needs a reality show too to document her paranoia! I know this is not Casey related but now she is suggesting that Whitney Houston was murdered…

        “”I’d like to know who was around her, who, if anyone gave her drugs, following alcohol and drugs, and who let her slip, or pushed her, underneath that water?” Grace responded. “Apparently no signs of force or trauma to the body. Who let Whitney Houston go under her water?”

        • I almost believe that Grace is taking the position that since she’s dead anyway, let’s hope it’s murder so I can get some mileage out of it. I can’t say I was surprised but I was appalled that without even a infinitesimal inclination of foul play, that Grace would start rounding up her suspects. Of course, Grace is not willing to let the police do their work and build the story off their findings. Because in her world, if it looks like a duck and acts like a duck . . . , and if it doesn’t, dress it up like a duck, teach it to quack, and call it a duck anyway.

        • Nancy Grace is DISGUSTING. I wish media outlets would stop giving her the opportunity to run her big mouth.

          As for Asston, yes, karma is a bitch! I hope Casey got a smile out of this story :).

  4. SJ, This post was such a treat I had to Tweet it twice! LOL Also after reading your repost of Prinnie’s “Justice Redefined” I’m thinking that this current post and the Prinnie re-post should be tweeted simultainiously!! What IRONY I tell you!


    Too bad Casey didn’t have Judge Eaton, she would not have been put through this travesty of justice!!
    Wishing Casey the best of everything.

  6. albatross234 says:

    Well, Mercy-Me Miss Agness!!! What a wonderful site you have here, All this time and I didn’t know about it.

    Casey, what can I say?? You’re a lovely young lady, and so nice you have a puppy……I have 3 doglets–Blondie, Peanut, and Taco Bell—two toy poodles, 13yo, 1 yo, and a 6 mos old Chihuahua., and they are all driving me nuts—with these big TV screens they bark at any animals they see on the screen, and the toy poodle puppy, Peanut, runs behind the tv screen trying to catch zebras when they come into the livingroom. I tried watching the Westminister Dog Show, and my dogs drowned me out with their barking…..


    • 1. I’ve hate chihuahuas.
      2. I’ve seen some of your videos. Sometimes (most of the time) I can’t figure out where you’re coming from, but I’m still entertained (in a good way).
      3. I assumed supporters knew of this site. I’d have pointed you toward it had I known you didn’t.
      4. If you’re on Facebook, make sure to check out Support Casey Anthony. There are trolls, but excepting long absences by the moderator (which are not common), it’s a good community.

      • albatross234 says:

        I avoid FB, the other social networks.

        I’m so impressed by what you have done here–having all these files only a click away is a lot of work.
        Before I forget, do you have Zenaida Gonzalez middle name? The media has apparently put a lid on it, though I did see it months ago,(forgot it) but didn’t know the USG needed a distraction from their chicanery, and chose CMA as their sacrificial lamb. Anyway, as you know it is NOT Fernandez.
        Maybe she gave her middle name during her depo?

        Surfed around a little bit, an am disgusted by a small, but mentally dangerous ciique that is operating. Never seen anything quite like it. NG is without conscience, nor is HLN. They terrorize, yet complain about cost of protection that they themselves have caused.

        Do you know what was the first red flag for me was? I became suspicious of KC’s supposed guilt when I caught a couple of media lies/omissions!

        Again, thank you for all you do, and all the best to to Casey….


        • HollysGmom says:

          Albie, I’m searching for it. I know we had it writen down over at the Mission. ZFG (as she is known now) had her name legally changed AFTER Casey’s claims that a ZFG had kidnapped Caylee. Prior to that she was C. Zeniada Gonzales – I’ll find what the C stood for & bring it over but the F-Fernandez was ADDED AFTER the 911 calls & sensation.

          PS, I give you all the credit for helping me see that it was OK to doubt the media & hype about this case. You were the first person to say many of the things I had been thinking but kept quiet about. Thank you for your videos & imput! Your channel has met many people along this journey and you may never fully realize what an impact it has had and on how many.

  7. They Just found his son guity.

  8. “Sometimes when you’re looking so hard for something, you’ll see it when it’s not there,” Ashton said in his son’s defense :

    But this is exactly how he handled the case against Casey.

    “The jury in the Alexander Ashton DUI case returned a guilty verdict on Thursday afternoon”, as per news article.

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