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The Laughing Guy meets Karma – Part 2

As expected yesterday, Alexander Ashton was found guilty of DUI. Judge Herr revoked his license for six months and gave him a year of probation. He will also have to pay court costs and take court-ordered classes.

“Sometimes when you’re looking so hard for something, you’ll see it when it’s not there.” The Laughing Guy said during one of his many trademark animated outbursts.

His interview after the trial was equally priceless. Personally, I don’t think “badly” of him for defending his son… but wheeling out endless fantasy forensics, junk science, lies & BS during Casey’s trial makes him an arrogant, deceptive & incompetent son of a bitch.

Here’s the video & interview from

Jury Finds TLG\'s Son Guilty In DUI Case


  1. “Sometimes when you’re looking so hard for something, you’ll see it when it’s not there.”

    This is how he should have started his worthless book . . . . . . . The Imperfect justice was how they tried to convince the public that there were 84 searches for chloroform when there was only one and on and on with all the ridiculous facts that turned out to be fiction based!

  2. HollysGmom says:

    I suggested to the Missionites that we should twitter all day to @ElectJeffAshton the quotes he used in those two recent videos but only apply them to Casey & her case and tweet them back at him. LOL! We could make the really IGNORANT one ( “Sometimes…” ) trend all day. The one he needs to add to his campaign billboards & posters is “I love my son, I don’t care about you people”
    Pack it in bud, you’re DONE!

    I don’t blame him for defending his son. I don’t have a problem with him because he has to represent BOTH his SON & HIS DAUGHTER in court for driving offenses. I have a problem with him because he HONESTLY BELIEVES that he & his offspring deserve more/better then Casey did/does. He was willing to literally KILL HER to make himself millions & a high profile career!

    Mama Karma’s coming home to roost Jeffie. WTH are you going to do?

    • @HollysGmom – Has Jeff Ashton’s daughter been in court for driving offenses? I can’t find anything about that. If you have a source could you share it please?

      • Joe, Here is the link.

        ” I was appalled by their lack of concern for the integrity of the process. In the interest of avoiding the events of earlier this week, I also represent my daughter in a traffic case involving the suspension of her driver license due to a clerical error.”

        We are not sure exactly what the clerical error is at this time but I suspect that she: Faked the year of birth for drinking purposes, gave false info per height/weight/eye color (like who cares), or provided a false address etc. Time will tell!

        • In the above linked article Jeffie went on to say some pretty IGNORANT things. Here is some of the stuff I had wanted to tweet back at him.

          “”Having spent 30 years as a prosecutor, I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, prosecutors and the rule of law. The rights of a person charged with a crime to be presumed innocent, to have the counsel of his/her choice and a day in court have always been just as important to me. My son and I will have no further comment on this matter in order to prevent any further potential effect on the jury.”

          HOW DARE HE? He never afforded Casey that option so in turn his OWN SON & DAUGHTER don’t DESERVE it either.

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