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The Laughing Guy meets Karma – Part 3

From, Feb 21st 2012:

“Just days after Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton defended his son in court on drunken driving charges, he’s also representing his daughter in a different trial.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business, ” said Rebecca Ashton.  “I’m not really interested in talking to you.”

Court records at the Seminole County Courthouse indicate the case started on Dec. 18, when Ashton’s daughter Rebecca was pulled over by Sanford police, issued three criminal traffic citations and ordered to appear at the courthouse. “It was a clerical error,” said  Rebecca Ashton.

According to those court records, she was driving without a license, driving without proof of insurance and failed to change her address within 10 days.”

Here’s the latest from WFTV:

TLG to defend daughter in traffic case 2-21

I think she was looking so hard for her driving license & insurance docs that she saw them – even though they weren’t there.

So what’s next for The Laughing Guy? Well… maybe in his next court appearance, he’ll have his ex-partner-in-crime Linda Drane Burdick defending him after he gets arrested for “disorderly conduct” in a public restroom with George Anthony.



  1. LMFAO!!!! Sheesh! Ever since July 5th, Laughing Guy’s life just has become a comedy of errors…. lol.

  2. I think the Ashton kidz need to ditch their crappy defense lawyer and hire a real lawyer like Jose Baez 🙂


    I cant believe he actually said “when someone wants to see something so badly, they see it there”…..yeah jeff, just like duct tape projected over a skull…….good to see that there actually may be a thing called Karma!

  4. What’s really bothering me it’s how Ashton can file (and received) a bankruptcy 15 yrs ago, while working as a full-time lawyer and having regularly his fatty pay check? That action speaks TON’s.

  5. Anthony says:

    The Jeff Ashton comedy of errors continues….LMFAO!!!

    “Jeff Ashton, the guy who unsuccessfully prosecuted Casey Anthony for murder and is now running for Orange-Osceola State Attorney, recently sent a mass email to solicit donations … and one of the recipients was Casey’s lead attorney, Jose Baez.

    The email, obtained by TMZ, cites Ashton’s 30 years of experience … but makes no mention of the Anthony trial.

    Despite getting beat by Baez in court, Ashton trashed him in the press after the verdict — calling him a liar, “smarmy” and a “consummate salesman.”

    Sources close to Baez tell TMZ he obviously will NOT be donating to Ashton’s campaign.

    He who laughs last …”

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