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The ongoing ZG Fiasco – M&M Speak Out!


Here the latest ZG BS & video from WESH2 News:

“The woman who has accused Casey Anthony of defamation was arrested over the weekend. She was accused of selling alcohol to a minor.

On Monday, Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney, Matt Morgan, told WESH 2 that she was working as a clerk at a Semoran Boulevard convenience store and failed to check the person’s ID closely enough.

Morgan called the incident “an honest mistake.” :mrgreen:

Morgan said the mistake won’t affect the case against Anthony “in any way shape or form.”

Gonzalez says Anthony ruined her “good name” when she claimed a nanny by the same name kidnapped her daughter, Caylee.

The lawsuit is due to go to trial early 2013.”

ZG arrested WESH 8-18-2012

Do we still think M&M and gonna try and ride their three-trick pony over the finish line, or what?

Your thoughts…


  1. Is he saying ZFG can’t read? She shouldn’t be working at that job, if she cannot read ID’s. M&M is/are stupid. What a stupid excuse. 2012 -21 = ? That”s all she needs to look at give or take the month plus the day.

  2. I think Zeinada is taking money on the side for contributing to minors. I know that’s pure speculation but I remember paying someone to buy me and my friends beer before a party. We would stalk 7-11 asking people to do that for us. ( That was long ago – I know I was asking for trouble:)

    Anyhow, she’s had too much trouble with this. Can she be this stupid?

  3. Casey Anthony to be a free woman as her probation ends

    Good Luck Casey! In whatever you choose to do. We are always behind you!

    • I predict that by the time the civil case goes to trial in January people’s perceptions of Casey will be very different because of things that will happen over the next few months. Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part but I really don’ think so.

  4. Zenaida is an asshole. So are M & M. The green Casey candy is so cute though!

    Happy freedom, Casey!! Go somewhere beautiful and relaxing :).

  5. The green Casey m & m is so cute!

    Baez had the perfect ending in his book. I wish Casey would leave the country and rent a moped just like in The book.

    Good Luck Casey! We all Love you Always!

  6. Marilyn C. says:

    Hi SJ…..Oh you crack me up with the M&Ms plus the Motel 6!! I LOVE it!! My opinion is this STUPID lawsuit will fade away for various reasons.I know mentally Casey will be happy that the state of Florida can no longer have a hold on her & I couldn’t be happier for her.She can go wherever she wants!! There are alot of welcome mats out in Texas for her! I just want her to be happy & healthy.
    I am so glad that Casey has stuck to her words she spoke on a jailhouse visit about the damn MEDIA.I remember her telling Cindy “If they come attacking me,I’m not giving them shit:!! She has done that!! I promise you if she wanted to give an interview….they ALL would trip over themselves to get to her!! I feel so much is still going to come out to really FREE her.Keep up the GREAT work on the banners!! Thank You!!

    • Marilyn C.

      Have you heard of the Darlie Routier case? I’ve been looking for a Texan to gain there insight about this case. If you have heard of her, do you think she was railroaded and is innocent? Or what? Sorry to go off topic but I have this need to know thing going on:)

      • *their insight. YIKES! Grammar sucks in the morning pre-caffeine.

      • Marilyn C. says:

        Yes CJ….I followed that case for YEARS!! Yes I think she was RAILROADED & NOT GUILTY!! Her case is what really got me hooked in watching trials & cases.

        • I just found out about her while researching for another article. It sounded to me like she was railroaded but I wanted to verify it with someone who saw it from the beginning. I hope those DNA tests come back soon!

  7. Marilyn C. says:

    Suzy….her case was a whole lot like Casey’s case. The MEDIA didn’t think she acted right first of all because she gave them a birthday party at their grave site for starters. The prosecution gave false evidence, with held MAJOR evidence, like her horrible defense wounds, ignoring a kidnapping in her neighborhood right before this happened, she was a pretty girl & all they could concentrate on was her boob job & her rich life style. Ever since her trial, lawyers, DA’s, judges, court clerks, etc in Collin county have been charged with all kinds of crimes as in with holding evidence,falsifying evidence, etc. Thats what I mean by railroading. I tried to put this in a small nutshell. I hope this helps. By the way Darlie is STILL on Death Row! Jurors came forward saying IF they had of seen the evidence….they would NOT have convicted her.
    Sorry SJ this was OT….but I wanted to answer Suzy’s question…Thanks

    • I don’t think it’s off topic at all. Her case is very much like Casey’s case. I bet Baez would of got her a Not Guilty verdict. It looks like they didn’t have enough to convict her.

      • And the defense didn’t have the resources or the $ to try the case like BAEZ. I’ve been reading about it on that website that supports her. They media and company did do the whole she must be guilty because she “doesn’t act like a “good mommy”. For example, It seemed to be a big deal that she listened to the song Gansta’s Paradise with her children because of the biblical reference in the beginning.

    • Its’ okay. SJ won’t get mad but I did get your comment and wrote back to you at the other site.

      I wanted to talk about the prosecutor as well. I read some disturbing info about him. Info that made think he was Ashton’s brother from another mother. Sorry I couldn’t resist that comment!

      • Marilyn C. says:

        I know you won’t believe this…but WORSE than ASSton!! I do know how people feel who lived in Florida when Casey’s case was going on,Darlie’s case was all over the TV.But right from the start something just didn’t seem right.Darlie had crap for defense attorneys,plus no $$ to fight all that was being thrown at her.The Drs,nurses,etc was so tainted it was pathetic because of that stupid “SILLY STRING” bit that was played on our TVs over & over again.They failed to show the MOURNING part!! It was & still is one of the most crooked trials I had ever seen,then along came Casey’s.After Darlie’s I swore I would not follow another one because it was so mentally draining…I even wrote Darlie for a few years.So many times it would look like she was going to get another trial,then to only be let down once again.

        • At least Casey’s case had a happy ending. Casey was found Not Guilty and she is Free. I do feel bad for Darlie though. Darlie didn’t get any justice.

        • Marilyn,

          I understand what you are saying about her case being emotionally draining. I don’t think I ever fully understood the media’s impact on a person’s thinking until the Casey Anthony case and moreover, reading about this one.

          I think our society has a strong bias toward women and their behavior. For example, Darlie liked to shop, she’s pretty, she had cosmetic surgery and she was vilified for it just like Casey was for her behavior. It wasn’t just the lying that bothered people about Casey, it was that Casey had a lot of boyfriends, she was pretty so people perceived her as a bad mother. I wonder when women will learn that judging other women for things like that is not fruitful to being a woman in general. It’s as if a woman has to adhere to a set of social standards or she is deemed guilty or a bad mother. When I read about Darlie, it sounded as if women who knew her personally, before the murders occurred, had judged her as a mother mother for what stated above.
          I did some more reading about Darlie it does sound like her case was/is so uncannily similar to Casey’s. I even read a comment on Topix where someone said the man who attacked Darlie was the DA’s son??? Did you ever hear that?

          Darlie talked freely to the cops without asking for lawyer because she was innocent. She had no idea she was being investigated! It sounded like entrapment don’t you think?

          What I get tired of seeing, is how people judge one another over their reactions when grieving.

          This comment was left on the Darlie Router website pertaining to grieving when losing a child. I think the comment also speaks to Casey’s reaction. It said:

          “As a mother who’s lost a child, I see no problem with the much-
          discussed “silly string incident”. If you haven’t done so, please
          contact Compassionate Friends. They’ll verify that parents are often
          in a state of shock for weeks, perhaps month after such a death. They
          can’t become “grieving parents”, appropriately sobbing, etc. right
          away. My first comment after returning home from my son’s Memorial
          Service was to ask the house-sitter “So-what did I miss on General
          Hospital today?” The reality doesn’t sink in for sometimes months. So
          for people to say that Darlie wasn’t acting appropriately at the
          gravesite is so wrong. She was acting totally appropriately as a
          parent whose children died.”

          I thought that comment was so insightful. How I wish people would stop judging grief…

    • Hi Marilyn!

      Thank you so much for responding and clarifying on the definition of railroading. I had no idea. You know I sort of remember seeing this case on tv, but it was so long time ago. The date is creepy too 6/6/96…hmm? Anyways I was 18 then. How unfortunate when innocent people are paying for crimes they didn’t commit. I’ll look more into that case, but from what I’m seeing is she’s on death row by lethal injeciton. Wow that’s deep. So you wrote letters to her? What did she say?

  8. if this site is as it claims ‘dedicated to the conviction of George Anthony’ why is everyone so hateful about the civil case, ZFG, Ashton, etc.? I am confused that posts are written about the disgusting physical threats made against Casey yet the first thing I read when I pull up this site is ‘bitch slapping the Casey haters’….just sayin’. That doesnt seem to make you any better than them. It seems that this team is all worked up fearing that ZFG will prevail in the civil suit yet the other side fears Casey will prevail…. whatever happens, it will not change the FACT that Casey was found not guilty.

    If the purpose is to expose GA then shouldnt everyone be proactive in getting this investigation started? If Baez knows something, shouldnt he be the one launching the investigation? What can their neighborhood do to launch an investigation—I cant imagine anyone accepting an alleged pedophile living closeby? What can the public do to launch an investigation? If Lee knows something cant he start an investigation? Why is everyone be holding back and withholding information?

    I know that I will get backlash for challenging Baez…I know how much everyone here lives him….but Im not sold on him. I still dont see the humor in his joking with Casey about the fake nanny (as told in his book) when she was released from jail—-these were serious lies told by Casey and I dont find lying humorous at all! and though she has come clean about it, it is still nothing to laugh about!

    The point of this rant is that perhaps you would be better served to put blinders on to everything/everyone else and get back to the purpose.

    • Maime,

      Bitch slapping the haters is a figure of speech as no hateful comments are allowed in here. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m not afraid she will lose the Zanny suit. I think she may, if it goes to a jury trial because the jury may fear the backlash the criminal jury faced. Doesn’t mean I don’t think M&M capitalized and used Zanny and that lawsuit is frivolous.

      Also, Casey can’t very well arrest her own father. Baez is no prosecutor and he can’t demand for GA’s arrest because that’s the world in which we live. Ashton is AG of Florida now.

      There is a lot of humor in this site, just as Baez used humor that day when they were escaping. Asston also got on the phone and laughed when the shrinks first spoke of the sex abuse with LDB. Laughed during the depo and then bragged about it in his book. I find that highly inappropriate but I suspect humor got everyone through this case. Haven’t you ever made an off-color joke? I know I have.

      Do you really think Ashton’s going to allow GA to be investigated right now? What do you suggest SJ do to help this happen?

      It will happen in time and as long as SJ writes and people comment, this cause will not be forgotten.
      Take care and have a nice day.

      • Baez really fought for and supported Casey. She can never repay him for all he has done for her. Read his book Presumed Guilty and you will see why he is our Hero.

        • Jon

          I did read the book…and still dont find the comment funny.

          Obviously Im the only one who felt I was being mocked for believing the original kidnapping story.

          ….to each his own.

          I would like to have helped but whats the point if there is nothing to be done? Does one have to be a Baez worshipper to be on this site? If so, Im outta here!!!!

          • Maime,

            I respect Jose for having the courage of his convictions. He is a hero in my eyes. If you feel differently, no problem. However:

            I don’t appreciate your threat about being “out of here,” if we “worship” Jose.

            (BTW, you call it “worship;” I call it respect,”)

            Maybe it’s best you’re “out of here” if what we feel about Jose influences whether you stay or leave, because I will let my feelings of respect for Jose be known. I won’t allow you to manipulate what I say about Jose with threats to leave the board.

            Who said one needs to “worship Jose to be on this site? Where did you get that idea? Because we feel differently about Jose than you do?

          • Um, bye then.

      • Maime,

        I do not fear ZG winning the civll suit. Zaneida Gonzalez doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in a furnace of prevailing the civil suit.

        Casey did not make up the name to cover the death of Caylee. It will be a proven fact if Richard Grund takes the stand and testifies:

        According to RG in a LE interview Casey mentions ZFG is a babysitter for Caylee, in April 2006.

        Excerpt from RG’s LE Interview (September 5, 2008)::

        According to RG Casey said: “Oh, yeah, I found this lady Zaneida Gonzalez and she, she watches Caylee. My friend Jeffery Hopkins’ son Zackary and Caylee play together and they love to be together, so this will work out great.”

        Somewhere in the police interview, RG also said that Casey had told police (in 2008)word for word what she had told him about ZFG (in April 2006)

        Richard Grund’s statement removes all doubt that Casey made up the ZFG nanny to place the blame for Caylee’s death.

        Casey also tells the psychiatrist about ZFG, and who, according to Casey, could have been in the country illegally.

        I will be shocked it this Civil Suit isn’t dismissed.

        Richard Grund police interview links:

        Part 1 of 5:

        Part 2 of 5:

        Part 3 of 5:

        Part 4 of 5:

        Part 5 of 5:

      • And don’t forget Linda Drane Burdick buying a shirt and white sunglasses and dressing up as Casey on the way to jury selection! Some people just want to focus on what they see as innapropriate from Baez and forget the prosecution had their fair share of joking around.

    • Maime,

      I find notthing offensive in Jose’s humor. Everyone in this world loses a loved one, and, as someone said: ” we laugh, we joke, and then we remember.”

  9. CJ

    Thank you for you kind and honest reply.

    I happen to agree with you about AsHton (not much into name calling) laughing before, during or even after the trial. I wouldnt think anyone likes to be lied to/dupped and then found ljoking about it…personally it makes me feel foolish for believing a nanny really kidnapped Caylee in the first place. To me Baez was mocking those of us who took it seriously.

    Have I told an off-color joke…ashamedly yes, but honestly not since I was 20 something and old enough to know better. I work in the social work field and learned early in my career how offensive/dangerous off-color jokes and comments can be socially, professionally and academically (sp).

    I have heard the term ‘bitch slapping’ before but only in the terms of serious threats made from an abusive spouse for which said spouse was cited for threatening bodily harm.

    My post was not intended to anger anyone but to question how to get from point A to Z, z being the said purpose of this site…the conviction of GA.

    • Maime – When I read the zanny joke I took it like this: Baez had been to hell and back trying the case. Casey lied to him too – remember. So when she said, “guess who lives blah, blah, blah” and he says, ” Zanny” to which Casey responds ” don’t make me punch you” – I took it as Baez teasing Casey and Casey alone because he knew her well enough to do so.

      I guess I can see how you would take it as if he was making fun of those who thought Zanny existed.
      ( She did exist, but not in that context.) Jose had to deal with that story too – so I guess I thought he had a right to laugh at or with Casey about it – but that doesn’t mean they were laughing at us at all.

      I can’t stand ashton. He thinks sex abuse is sometimes not violent, he laughs – and in doing so, he laughs in the face of every sex abuse victim. I find that colder than anything Baez has ever done.

      Take care

      • Totally agree, CJ. “Asston” is fairly tame considering what I (and I’m sure most of us) think of that man. He tried to have Casey KILLED. He LAUGHED throughout a trial that centered on the death of a 2 year old. He’s a despicable person.

  10. Stevan Davis says:

    What is this Marie C. Anthony bologna??? A lot of people believe Casey has a FB page by this name and they have convinced a fair number of people that this is really Casey. I don’t believe it. Does anyone know?

    • Have you looked up the page Stevan and is it there? Think I will take a gander:)

      • Stevan Davis says:

        Yes it is there on Facebook under the name stated above.

      • I’m friends with Marie C. Anthony and I believe it’s her. Her posts seem genuine. She will post something then everyone comments on it, she does not interact in the thread converstations at all…yet. Maybe after today she can feel free to interact more. She has photos on there that have never been made public too. You can’t see much of what is on the page unless you are friends. Send a friend request!

        • Stevan Davis says:

          I contacted Cheney’s office and the guy who answered the phone said he didn’t know anything about it. So I don’t trust it.

          • I hope it’s not really Casey. I don’t like her having a facebook. It’s too dangerous. Someone could pretend to be her friend and do something.

          • Stevan Davis says:

            I provided the link below. I agree – this is either a scam or Casey is putting herself in harm’s way. She always loved social networks, so, unfortunately, this COULD be her!

    • Do you have the link?

      • Stevan Davis says:
        • Maybe it’s legit… I don’t want her to have any trouble though.

          • I was talking to Karen about that facebook account because one of the things Casey said about Caylee was “Forever and Always” and we see that in diaries and jailhouse letters. Well on one of the cover photos of that facebook page there is a photo of Caylee that says “you will always and forever be in my heart” (the other way around). According to Karen there are albums with tons of photos and some that have never been published. I told her I must be over analyzing this, but what do you guys think?

          • Stevan Davis says:

            Suzy – not sure I understand your point?

          • Hi Stevan Davis,
            What I was trying to say is that Casey has always used “Forever and Always” and not “Always and Forever”.

  11. I remember the darlie routier case i dont think the state of texas will ever put her to death because she is a woman, Texas has not carried out a death sentence of a woman in 138 years .

    • OMG Texas loves to put ppl to death including women I thought?

      • Marilyn C. says:

        CJ…YES Texas is TOUGH.And YES they execute women too,not as often though.The last woman to be executed by lethal injection was Karla Faye Tucker Feb.3 1998 at the age of 38.

    • I know her appeal is going to the Supreme Court – do you think the case has a chance of being overturned?

      As a mother, I could not imagine enduring an attack, watching my children being murdered and then getting a death sentence all the while I’m innocent.

      What is your opinion about the case? DId you know about it as it happened?

  12. Stevan Davis says:


    No we are not comparable to the nonsupporters. They have been contacting supporters’ employers, hacking their computers and Facebook accounts, making false criminal accusations, cutting and pasting photographs together to make it look like guys are doing inappropriate things with children, harassing them with phone calls at all hours of the night, etc etc. Some supporters have actually had to relocate their place of residence and change their numbers to get away from it. Many are afraid that these deranged idiots will find out what zip code they are in. SJ himself has been threatened. Many have been threatened. You obviously have a very superficial understanding of the situtation.

    • There is nothing similar about us and them. We don’t curse each other, put each other down, attack one another’s intellect OH GAWD don’t get me started on them.

      Suffice it to say, I would not hang out here if behavior like that occurred.

    • Stevan,

      You’ve got to be kidding me!

      “pasting photographs together to make it look like guys are doing inappropriate things with children” I wouldn’t relocate. I’d armor up and stand my ground.

      • I’m sorry Steven that I sounded so unclear.

        If someone did that to me, (accused me of child molest AND fabricating a life, called my bosses, filed fake reports, or did that to someone I loved, over an OPINION I had, I would try not to uproot my own life as best I could. I wouldn’t want to give them that power. I would call the police, buy a gun, I would defend myself, I’d hire an attorney, I’d do everything I could to keep my power and not live in fear.

        I’ve been stalked relentlessly by one person. I’ve been through the whole gamut of emotions one could go through and when I chose to not live in fear, take precautions, I felt better. When I was planning to move, because of someone else, my life sucked.

        I was just talking trying to feel empowered versus victimized.

        • Sorry – I was just talking about…

          • Stevan Davis says:

            No I agree, CJ, no offense taken – but in some of these cases there are family members involved who do not deserve to be harassed just bc one member of the family is interested in the Casey case. Everything I have said is true. I have talked to these supporters by email and phone. I got their stories first hand. We are dealing with sick puppies!

    • And where I live, ppl filing false police reports is kind of a big deal. What you wrote about what the haters do, makes me feel enraged. Something needs to be done about them.

      • Stevan Davis says:

        Here is a recent example of their hatred for Casey. Found this on Facebook too. Casey does NOT need to be on Facebook!

        • Hi Stevan,
          You’re right. I deleted the link. The idea was “ok”, but I’m not giving any free publicity to their BS antics. We are on a mission here. No retreat, no surrender and no backing down to the low levels of these sick hater bastards. If you stand up for what you believe in, then sometimes you’ve also gotta stand up & be counted.

          • Stevan Davis says:

            Oh I see, so obviously you believe Marie C. Anthony is Casey. And I suspect you think Casey is looking at this web site too. If this is what she wants to do, fine, but a web site would be a better venue.

          • Stevan,
            Not at all. My post had nothing to do with Marie C. Anthony, Facebook or me believing anything else. I was simply making a point.

        • Stevan,

          I think you forgot to put the link in to the example? I would like to see it.

          I’m happy your brought all this up because it is believed that most of Casey’s haters are middle aged women who are of little harm to us in real time. I agree with you – nobody should have to endure this kind of hatred. Nobody. As supporters, many of us post using fake names, because we know that we will be sleuthed and slandered for showing our support. I believe you but I didn’t know the supporters were actually being stalked in real time.

          What do you think they can do about it? I know there is a website out there, where you can actually post a picture and personal information about the stalkers. The objective is that if a stalker is exposed they will stop, out of fear of being prosecuted or fear of everyone knowing who they are and what they are up too. Do you think that is a good idea? Are these heartless a$$holes, actually signing their real name to police reports? Do they hide so that the supporter doesn’t have a clue as to who they are?

          The fear, when being stalked, is not knowing what will happen next or what the stalker is actually capable of. Do these haters work in groups or do they do this stuff alone? I mean, I know on the web, the bully in groups, but when they find out where a supporter lives, is one person stalking another? OR is it more than one?

          I hate thinking nothing can be done about this stuff. Do you think there is a way to help people so this type of lawlessness ceases?

          What about contacting the media with the slander and how it’s happening to people in their personal lives? Do you think they would find that newsworthy? If so, the stalkers may cease or maybe they would like the attention and make it worse. Like you said, these people are mentally ill.

          • CJ, I’ve jokingly referred to Casey-haters as “trailer-park housewives” because in my opinion that represents the demographic that watches Nancy Grace and her low-rent network. Most of them are lower-middle class white women who fancy themselves “sleuthers” and have too much time on their hands. Think of that idiot from Michigan who filed a bogus document with the Orlando court falsely accusing Casey of violating her probation. A nuisance, but representing no actual threat. But there are some truly unhinged people out there so we should all worry for Casey’s safety.

          • Stevan Davis says:

            Yes they work in groups organized on FB. I don’t know what could be done. I would think the media knows about it, and just doesn’t care to defend Casey in any way. I doubt actual police reports have been filled out bc the allegations have no factual basis. I think it is all intimidation. I don’t doubt however that some of these people are sociopaths capable of hurting Casey or one of us. How do you know about the demographics? One author who was once part of a Casey hater group has claimed that many of these women are professionals with advanced degrees. I understand one of the FB-Casey haters is a magazine editor! So much for turning to the media for help lol.

          • Hi Stevan,
            I’ve said this before, but I believe it’s like this — all the hate, death threats and BS sent online is “ok” and tolerated providing it’s NOT directed at anyone that’s black. Only then does it become an issue and “big news”. Just observing.

          • As for the demographics of the HLN audience, all you have to do is look at the ads that run on the Nancy Grace show as compared to the ads on CNN. Now it may well be that some of the Casey-haters are well-educated professionals, but I would guess very few. Most of the media at this point has moved on from Casey and doesn’t care one way or the other. If something significant happens they’ll cover it, but otherwise they don’t care. I do worry for Casey because there are some fringe “warriors” out there who would harm her if they could. I’m actually more worried for the safety of George Zimmerman, because the lynch mob riled against him by the media is way scarier and dangerous.

          • Harry…please don’t put down “trailer park” people. Lots of good, honest, hard working people (many single moms who choose to own their own place instead of rent from slum lords) that live in trailer parks. I understand what you are saying about the TYPE of people who watch Nancy DisGrace, but saying they are from a trailer park is not fair to trailer park people…if you know what I mean. These people are just batshit crazy…that’s all. 🙂

          • BTW…Harry, I saw you said you jokingly used that term…so, I’m just giving you a hard time! That is just a pet peeve of mine and a stereotype that drives me crazy. But it’s all good!

  13. TZ,

    Now I am confused, after reading PG I was under the impression that there was no nanny. If Im reading your post correctly your saying there is a ZG/ZFG? and that JG can prove it?

    Im sorry you took ‘outta here’ as a threat….its much like I took ‘bitch slappin’ as a physical threat…but was quickly corrected and choose to agree to disagree.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • It’s a well-documented fact that the Zanny the Nanny story pre-dated the death of Caylee by years. Jose gives a credible explanation for why Casey constructed this imaginary life for herself for two years after Caylee was born. It all has to do with what she went through in that hellish place she called “home” and with the monster she had for a father.

    • Hello Maime,

      Jose doesn’t believe Casey’s story about ZFG she told police in 2008, and apparently nor the one she told RG in April of 2006. Richard Grund does not believe Casey’s story about ZFG, either. But It doesn’t matter what he or Jose believes. The Civil Case has to do with defamation and slander, and the identity of the nanny Casey told police about.

      Casey was so traumitized by Caylee’s death, she may have really believed a ZFG kidnapped Caylee. Whatever the case, she was definitely not talking about M & M’s ZG. Or. despite what Jose and RG believe, there really might be a real ZFG. She might have been in the country illegally.
      Can it be proven Casey told RG about a ZFG in April 2006? It boils down to RG’s credibility. What motive would he have to lie? None that I can see. He felt Casey and the Anthony’s were trying to frame his son for the disappearance of Caylee so there’d be no love lost between the Anthony family and him, and I seriously doubt he’d make up a story to help Casey.

      If RG is telling the truth and Casey told him this in April 2006, M & M’s ZG is not the ZG Casey told police about, not if she mentions ZG in April 2006, two years before Caylee’s disappearance and death. Also, M & M’s ZG does not fit the physical description nor does she have the family history that Casey gave police:

      The ZFG Casey talks about has a mom by the name of Gloria: M & M’s ZG does not have a mother by the name of Gloria, doesn’t have a sister by the name of Samatha, has a tattoo, Casey ZFG does not, Casey’s ZFG has straight teeth, M & M’s ZG does not.

      The purpose of M & M’s ZG lawsuit against Casey is that Casey slandered ZG, but the story of ZFG goes back to 2006 so that alone proves Casey did not slander M & M’s ZG.

      Casey’s story about ZFG’s doesn’t need to be believed: All they need to show is Casey was not talking about M & M’s ZFG, as she had told the same story in 2006, and M & M’s ZG does not fit the physical description nor does she have the same family history.

      • And she doesn’t have the name. Even though for a time after the suit was filed she allowed her attorneys and the media to identify her as Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales, that is not and has never been her name. No Fernandez. That whole suit is a cynical ploy by a sleazy firm of ambulance-chasing trial lawyers to cash in on the notoriety of Casey Anthony. It’s a disgrace that the judge has allowed it to progress as far as it has.

      • Maime,

        Ooops, forgot to add: M & M’s Zaneida Gonzalez does not have the name Fernandez, and never has.

      • TZ,

        That’s a very informative post! Thank you:)

    • Maime,

      Here is my take on the two years before Caylee disappeared and died, and Casey’s lies about having a job, about the “fake” babysitters,” and her “imaginary” friends.

      Casey lied about having a job and a babysitter to protect Caylee 24/7. George was home all day and didn’t go to work until a second shift, and she was afraid of leaving Caylee with George.

      I don’t recall where I read it–or in what interview–but Caylee had complained to Casey that she was “sore” and “hurt,”meaning her privates. I will search to find where I read or heard that, and post a link if I locate it.

      She was afraid George would get to the babysitters and they would give Caylee to George because he is Caylee’s grandfather, so she made up names of babysitters and kept Caylee with her 24/7 (doesn’t sound like a Mom who didn’t want to care for her child, does it? )

      She lied about having a job to keep Caylee safe with her, where George couldn’t get to Caylee. If Casey wasn’t afraid of George babysitting Caylee or hadn’t wanted to be with Caylee, she would have gotten a job and left Caylee with George…or a babysitter.

      Household weapons and self defense searches were made on her computer. I think she was looking up household weapons and self defense to protect herself from George…and I wouldn’t doubt even from Cindy. Cindy had tried to strangle Casey, and George had held her head.

      (Why did the prosecution feel there was something sinister in the self defense and household weapns websites? So she could learn self defense in case Caylee fought back? (rolled eyes icon) )

      George was following Casey He was desperate to find her babysitter and to get his foul, smelly hands on Caylee. I can just see him sweating and grunting like a dog in heat looking for Caylee.

      Casey is a victim of sexual abuse. There are red flags: George being in the delivery room looking at her crotch at the foot of the table, going with Casey to two pelvic examinations, George breaking into a house and stealing a woman’s underwear, talking about missing the “sweet smell” of Caylee’s “sweat” and sniffing the air remembering the smell of her sweat and hair. Look at the gentleman behind him when George talks about the sweet smell of the little girls sweat, his eyes pop.

      He told police that he was thrilled when he saw Caylee’s “hamburger” on the utra sound. As most of us know the vagina is called the hamburger on an ultra sound.

      Why “imaginary friends?” Casey talked about being sexually abused to friends, around 2006, and Cindy and George tried to discredit Casey so Casey made up friends to prevent Cindy from calling them or causing trouble.:

      Cindy had called Casey’s friends and told them that Casey was a liar, a thief, a sociopath, because she wanted to destroy Casey’s credibility in case she told them about being sexually abused by Lee (and by George).

      Casey couldn’t be controlled by them, so they set out to destroy Casey’s credibility.:

      Cindy told Anthony Lazzaro, when she first met him that Casey was a thief. She told Jesse Grund that Casey was a loser, couldn’t support Caylee financially, and didn’t graduate high school, and asked him why he would go with a loser. Casey was there the whole time, and had to listen to a bitch from hell vomiting all over her. George had told Jesse Grund that Casey had “issues.”

      What “issues?” Casey was an a/b student, won awards, was known to be compassionate, and cared about other people. Never had problems with poor behavior at school. She does not have a history of violence.

      She didn’t steal money from Cindy. She lied to get Casey arrested, because she felt Casey was keeping Caylee from her and wanted LE to force Casey to tell where Caylee was.

      Casey did not steal Cindy’s car. It was Casey’s car. Casey had bought the car from Lee.

      (Casey did steal from Amy as we all know, and is the reason for her probation, and, allegedly, stole from her grandmother.. But that is for another time. I don’t want to bog this down with too many details)

      What Cindy calls Casey’s “half truths,” according to Cindy in the State Deposition, is that Casey had said she was going to visit Amy, and never mentioned that Amy lived with Ricardo Moralas! That is not a half truth. She was visiting Amy, not RM.

      Cindy DID NOT watch Caylee most of the time. Do the math. Cindy left for work around 7:30 am, and didn’t get home until five or or six in the evening. According to Cindy in one of the interviews, she said weekends were for her and George, so how much could Cindy have watched Caylee? Also, Cindy complained that Casey didn’t bring Caylee around often enough.

  14. Stevan Davis says:

    oooh SJ that wasn’t PC lol. I did provide a link to the “caricature” (for lack of a better term) of Casey. SJ deleted it.

    • No, it was just a factual observation based on what’s happened to date – or what’s NOT happened more to the point.

  15. The demographics have been written about too, and that this case is followed primarily by women. Although, I do notice that there are men haters too. I think in all these bad apples there are a few rotten to the core and that’s where the real danger comes in. You know, that one person, referred to in a former post, could possibly be a dangerous in real time.

    I suspect that all of them, whether they have advanced degrees or stay home, are united in their hate and are “friends” because of it.

    We are united by the exact opposite.

  16. Well the countdown is on! Only a few hours until Casey is officially finished her probation! I doubt she will be back in trouble as people that are going to be back in trouble usually can’t get through a year of probation without being in trouble in any way shape or form but Casey has done so! May I say Ms Anthony I wish you all the best in your endeavours and I hope you find a way to keep in touch with this site and let us know how you are doing 🙂

    • People forget that Probation is put in place to help a person, not a punishment. Casey completed her sentence, showed she is able to live in society without any problems. Its time for the Nancy Disgrace group to move on and let her live her life without the harassment. Enough of it already! Good Luck Casey Anthony. I have faith that you will do well in the years to come!

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