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The ZG Civil Suit Circus continues. Trial set for April

In the latest edition of “Sheaffer Says”, WFTV wanchor Greg Warmoth and equally clueless “legal analyst” Bill Sheaffer take a look at Casey’s forthcoming ZG civil trial, set to start in April.

A hearing to discuss the trial logistics has already been set for Feb. 14th.

Here’s the video:

Sheaffer Says Casey ZG preview 2-1-2012


  1. I thought in a civil case the defendant has the option of a bench trial? If so, why would they opt for a jury trial?

    • Hi Karen. I thought the same. It looks like they’re planning another “media event”, together with the accompanying circus & ad revenues that’ll no doubt come along with it. Having said all that, there will only be one winner, and it ain’t gonna be ZG. Thanks for posting! SJ

      • Considering how her cases have turned when in the hands of authorities, I would understand a decision to let a jury handle it.

  2. I am sure Casey’s attorney’s have a rhyme and a reason for their decision! We’ll just have to trust their judgement!

  3. Charles Greene is smart just like Jose Baez and he is tough as nails. I trust him completely.

  4. casey anthony will win this civil trial

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