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Tim Miller denied — ZG and M&M jump on the video bandwaggon

In today’s hearing — Tim Miller’s protective order request was turned down, and he’ll now face a deposition (of up to 7 hours) in relation to his recent frivolous civil suit regarding his ongoing & misdirected “damages” claim against Casey.

Not to be outdone, ZG’s attorneys (Morgan & Morgan) have now jumped on the video bandwaggon and are gearing up to request the additional video & audio recordings Casey mentioned in her personal video diary. WTF that has to do with them is beyond me – and I doubt they’ll get very far. They’re also requesting the unsealing of Casey’s initial ZG video deposition.  Their time would be far better spent concentrating on what they’re really good at – i.e. being lousy attorneys for losers.

Here’s the latest on the above developments & accompanying BS from

Miller denied ZG attorneys 1-9-2012


  1. Wow…are you freaking kidding me? They want her personal video diary turned over to them? Morgan must think very highly of himself. Don’t think Casey,s videos have anything to do with ZG. What a joke. He is a slime ball IMO.

  2. M&M must have lost its collective mind. I wish they could be deposed just to explain how they think any of this has anything to do with them. As for Miller’s case. I like the ruling. You bring the charge, you should have to answer the questions posed of you, as they relate to the charges. If only they had grounds to plea the Fifth. I’m sure they’d feel better about all this.

    • The lawyer with Morgan and Morgan is filing a motion with the court to try to get her order of protection voided based on the “fact” that they “think” Casey put up this video. They also are fighting to release the taped deposition they did with Gonzalez case claiming Casey revealed her wherabouts and appearance and therefore the judge should allow them to release that deposition video. Only thing wrong is that they have no proof Casey is the one who posted the video online. Not a shred of evidence to support that.
      They just ignore the fact that Casey originally claimed a “Zenaida Martinez-Gonzales” was the “nanny”, not “Zenaida Gonzalez” and she or her parents never identified this woman as the “nanny” Casey told about. The whole thing is ridiculous!

      • Hi Marion! Good points. The NBC News Copyright Claim on Casey’s video #1 (via YouTube) makes it all the more futile on M&M’s part. Good free publicity for them though, as always. SJ

  3. Has anyone thought about who the father of Caylee is – could it be Lee Anthony – look how the names have be joined CAseY…….LEE = CAYLEE

  4. bj miller says:

    wow…people need 2 accept the fact that Casey was found not guilty & move on. Whether you agree with the verdict or not it doesn’t matter. It is what it is, & now that she is out she deserves to live her life & be happy. All these people that are sueing Casey are just sore losers. Just cause you didn’t get what you wanted in criminal court shouldn’t mean you should be allowed to harrass her in civil court!!

  5. GasCanGeorge says:

    Tim Millers track record speaks for itself


  6. Marilyn C. says:

    It just doesn’t seem to matter about facts when it comes to all these IDIOTS against Casey. It is very well documented that Casey is NOT the person who ask for this IDIOT Miller who is from my home state (plus embarrasing the hell out of me) it was Cindy, plus it is documented that Miller was not allowed to talk to her. So HOW did she get RESPONSIBLE for his bills ??? EVERYTHING is DONATED to HIM!! If I’m not mistaken law enforcement from Florida got him there. We all know HE did NOT find her… even with proof that it was NOT under water like he tried to LIE & say. Don’t these IDIOTS realize that things like that would come out if they take these things to court? With all the hate,politics,etc…. I can’t wait until Casey can get out of Florida where there is not so much pressure for someone to get her. It’s all REVENGE because Casey & her Fabulous Team made the state of Florida look like FOOLS nationwide!! I would like to know HOW Casey owes so much money to the state,because as I watched it on TV & online (the trial) I saw media & mobs of people flocking to Florida, which means all these people had to be spending money in Florida, eating, staying at motels, shopping etc. I would think they owe Casey!!! Thats probly WHY they want to keep this going!! All they had was ASSton pushing his book & unretiring to run for office (whinning) but it only took Casey a little over 4 minutes to wipe him completely off of the news!! Now tell me she didn’t make a FOOL out of HIM again!!

  7. It’s amazing how the media can profit and the state all in general in that propaganda type agenda’s , they overcharged her from the start, The facts and law are what they are, It all seemed pretty black and white to me thought the defense did a fantastic job in representing her and hope she can regain some sense of freedom to have some what of a life in the future I hope the best for her, just wanted to say your comment was well put ! peaceout !everyone pray !

  8. i have followed this since the begininng, i never thought casey killed caylee, i always knew it was an accident, and when cindys comment about the ladder being down & the calls casey made june 16th i knew it was the pool. i find it disgusting that george has ALWAYS seemed shady since day one and everything he says is a lie. i wish casey would come out on youtube for FREE and tell the story, the truth. and she will after the appeal of the misdemeanors. the lawsuits with zenaida are bs, sorry but casey when shown her picture said it wasnt her, she kept giving different states for the “nanny” she had. the cops and media especailly nancy grace should be sued for defamation in my opinion. cindys 911 call comment about the “damn dead body smell” and it was a wrap for casey in the media and cops eyes. her lies were taken as she killed her herself instead of “hey maybe shes lying to cover for a crime she committed AND/OR with someone else” if they would have george my friend, would have been on trial too. I seen and heard many things he said throughout that whole thing that made me realize it was a drowning in the pool and george and casey covered it up. did it ever cross anyones mind that maybe the duct tape was placed on caylee’s face after she passed away because a kidnapper story would make more sense if the body was found, to show she was bound (do the research if you have too, people who are kidnapped are almost ALWAYS duct taped over the mouth to keep them quiet). george and cindy should be sued by equusearch as george knew from the start, i think cindy knew after they were already involved but not when she originally called but bottom line they BOTH also knew where little caylee was the whole was a payday for george witht the donations for a “missing’ child. hes stolen how much money from cindy and was also not working as a man should. online gamnbling was more important. yet the only mention is casey stealing money and lying about a job. come on guys Its disgusting that everyone on the states sides, lawyers, media, even casey own family are ALL making money, yet a few videos of casey online on her personal diary make everyone crazy. casey if u see this, it doesnt matter what it is, come out and tell your story. even if it means you loose your appeals for lying covictions, you know you have to face caylee being gone, and you know you have to take some responsibility which you have. 3 years in jail solitary being ripped to shreds by every move you make. you served your time in jail for the 4 misdemeanors for lying, your record is not as important as you and caylee’s life story. god bless, not all of us out her choose sides, there are some left who take all sides into consideration. I believe the verdict was justice but i also believe the 4 misdemeanors were also justice. i hope you make the right decision and you trust in your own heart….

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