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The debate rolls on – 2 more reports from WKMG

Here are the latest WKMG reports from last night (11/21), featuring more BS from Pipitone and his not so ground breaking revelations regarding the timeline & “foolproof suffocation” searches:

6pm Report:

11pm Report:



  1. Drew Hensley says:

    I’m going to have a whole lot to say about this tomorrow. Today I want to be able to digest my food. This new theory would have Casey researching, gathering materials, and killing her child late in the day. The problems the non-supporters claim for the early morning theory apply more so (I think) to this theory. It is upsetting however because it means our Casey could have been so upset over the drowning that she was thinking about killing herself. This hardly supports Ashton’s sociopath theory.

    • Lori Fried says:

      Casey’s civil rights are our civil rights. The same people who sought to convict her based upon emotion, newspaper reports and tv shows would be shouting injustice from the rooftops if they were ever accused of a crime. Either our liberties apply to everyone or they will apply to no one. I, for one, am happy that our constitution affords us protections against criminal conviction based on speculation and rumors. This case was a victory in an age of trial by media. The message is: if you want to send someone to jail for the rest of their lives or strap them down and poison them with lethal injection, you need cold, hard unflinching facts. Decency, conscience and our individual human rights demand no less!

  2. That is upsetting our Casey thinking about taking her own life.

    • I don’t believe it was her for one second. She is the strongest person ever! Who had suicidal tendencies in that family? Not Casey!

      • Casey is only human and the loss of her baby girl she so dearly loved could have made her been too much for her to bear. It doesn’t mean she isn’t strong.

      • No way was Casey searching for a way to kill herself. All roads lead to Suicide George once again. It seems to be his favorite way out of major problems – even though he’s not yet managed to do it. Just like his previously botched suicide attempt after the RTA death which kind of brought his LE career in Ohio to an abrupt end. Why else would he have gone from LE to selling used cars? Come to think of it, he couldn’t sell used cars either. What a loser.

        PS. Pipitone is just an asshole journalist without a life and without a clue.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          GM SJ, 🙂
          What was the RTA death reference?

          • Hi JA!
            I don’t have a specific reference point for it in that sense. As far as I know though, George was involved in an RTA death while in Ohio LE. That (coupled with his knee injuries) were the main reasons he went from LE to selling used cars, prior to the plate glass window incident.

            PS. With further regards to George, and since there is no statute of limitations for capital sexual battery or murder, justice will ultimately prevail, at which point he will be held accountable for the murder of Caylee on June 16th 2008.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            If there WAS a murder, SJ.
            The whole family would ‘do anything’ for Caylee…and anything for FAMILY!

            I believe Caylee disappeared b/c she was located in the trunk ‘dead and decomposing on Father’s Day….but, there was no water in her lungs; she hadn’t drowned, but her death WAS accidental. When ‘tough love’ Geo ‘took then hid’ the Pontiac, thinking Casey would not get to go to Fusion that night…it was important to her, he didn’t think or didn’t know Caylee was in the car. But had he reported it at the time he found her, HE would have been held accountable for her death…which WOULD’ve never been explained as accidental.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …sorry that didn’t read right….
            *it was important to her. George didn’t think or didn’t know Caylee was in the car, or that she might have been in the trunk; but she ended up dead!

            IMO Had he reported it at the time he found her, HE would have been held accountable for her death…which WOULD’ve never been explained as accidental.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Well, I guess it doesn’t take much scrutiny to find evidence that Geo is of ‘questionable character”…Casey’s reputation, on the other-hand, only took a ‘hard-left’ after her 21st birthday. (the Wed. after StPat’s weekend)

            I think Cindy and Geo were doing everything they could to petition for custody of Caylee. That during the first week of Cindy’s vacation, they had taken Caylee ‘on vacation’ without Casey’s permission…but once out of Orlando, what could Casey do but wait for them to return: June 9th; hence the huge fight and Casey took Caylee, with as much of their ‘belongings’ as they could carry in the car, (even with no place to go) moved-out.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …and since her purse and phone were taken away in the car, and Geo avoided Casey until after work on June 14th, Casey couldn’t tell him Caylee was “at Nan’s place” [cryptic within their family] he didn’t know the little girl was in the trunk until after work (or after visiting his girlfriend, whatever) on Flag Day or maybe even Father’s Day…his whereabouts is always pretty vague.

            IMO Caylee had to have died on June 14th to begin to decompose before ‘mid June’ and her ‘condition’ required the tape and bags b/c she was already oozing. Nan’s trunk IS the nanny’s place where Caylee went out of Casey’s sight. And on Dec 11, Casey got the last pieces to the puzzle and the purpose of the heinous images she and her family had to project of themselves.

          • Hi JA,
            I appreciate your theories & contributions, so don’t take this the wrong way — but Cays decomping in the trunk is a definite non-starter for me, as is the accidental death theory. When the truth eventually comes out, whenever that may be, my Immaculate Deception post will be proven to be 99% accurate.
            Thanks for posting!

  3. Poor Casey. Even if she was the one who made the suicide searches, does it occur to these idiots that she was beside herself with grief because Caylee had died in the pool?

    • They like to think Casey has no feelings but she does feel like everyone else.

      • The media and those people who blindly follow all the opinions of the “journalists” use an age-old strategy. It’s called dehumanization. It’s used by prosecutors as well. They throw around terms like sociopath and psychopath like candy. These are serious psychological terms. At the rate the media and government “diagnose” these people, none of us have any feelings!
        If they make the person not a human being to you anymore, they become a monster, something to fear and it makes your hatred of them stronger. The problem is they use it on everyone not just those who you should be afraid of and not just those who have truly been diagnosed.
        Perfect Example: On the miniseries On Death Row, the prosecutor for Susan Wright’s re-sentencing (you might have caught this on InSession), Connie Spence, is interviewed. She says to Werner Herzog (the director) that he’s trying to humanize those on death row. He says they are humans, in response she says nothing. This is the problem. All you have to do these days to discredit someone is to take away their humanity with new definition of words like sociopath. In my opinion, it’s beyond immoral and cruel.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          Like “tot mom.”

          • Precisely. Giving denigrating nicknames is another perfect example. When you look at forums or just comments on news sites, you will see people calling her “garbage” and “the thing”. It’s a sad reflection on the media’s effect on our society. Nancy Grace said in an interview recently that she did this even as a prosecutor as a way to better remember her cases (because nothing says easy to remember like a nickname only a bully could love). She did this also to dehumanize. Her job is (I say that in the present tense because she still actively does this on her show) to prosecute the defendant, regardless of their innocence, as harsh as she can. Even though popular depiction is that a prosecutor’s job is to seek justice and truth, in fact it is not. It is to prosecute. They try to convince a jury that every single defendant is guilty, but we know that this isn’t true. Their job is to look for everyone’s guilt. We need to understand that our Constitution provides us with protections from government. One of the most important being presumption of innocence. Prosecutors, police, and judges can all be wrong. It’s just horribly sad and dangerous for us that the media has adopted this viewpoint and is trying to convince us that dehumanizing defendants and automatically proclaiming their guilt is something that we should be okay with. The problem is we aren’t stupid. How is that lawful? How is that humane? How is that American? Defendants are people, they had lives and dreams before all of this. They have names and families. They should not be dehumanized into some kind of commodity for the news industry.

          • Nancy Grace caused two mothers to commit suicide Melinda Duckett and some woman she called Vodka Mom. This woman set herself on fire with lighter fluid. What a horrible way to Die!
            Nancy needs to be stopped taken off the air. I’m glad Casey was in jail before the trial. At least she was safe. The fights in front of her house. People shouting horrible stuff at her family about her. There was just no end to it. Nothing’s changed and it’s been more than a year since she was acquitted. It seems like the hate is even stronger. Now with this Tony Pipitone news the air is full of hate again. Sometimes, I think it will never end.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Jon says…Sometimes, I think it will never end.

            JAK: You ARE right in that! This WON’T end, not until the truth is exposed…only then, will the ‘steadfast defenders of the defenseless’ put this case aside…when Caylee gets the justice

        • This dehumanization process doesn’t just occur to defendants in criminal cases. Just look at the example of Lindsey Stone, a young woman who posted a stupid joke picture of herself on Facebook, and as a result lost her job, has had to go into hiding, and been subjected to a media-driven Internet hate campaign. Then there’s George Zinmerman, whome we all know about. The Internet and modern media are perfect vehicles for lynch mobs. Some day it will result in violence against the hate target of the moment. I actually think much of the Casey-hatred has subsided, except maybe in Florida and among the diehard “warriors”, but she’s still in danger. But she isn’t the only one.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            “This woman set herself on fire with lighter fluid. What a horrible way to Die!”

            And then ask why someone might look up “foolproof suffocation” instead of how to commit suicide. Ppl often have very specific and horrible ideas about how they should kill themselves.

          • JA Kalskett says:


            I think that is why Casey had to be in the hands of LE by July 15th…to protect her as the ‘h-m story’ was unfolding.

        • youcouldbewrong: “They try to convince a jury that every single defendant is guilty, but we know that this isn’t true. Their job is to look for everyone’s guilt. We need to understand that our Constitution provides us with protections from government. One of the most important being presumption of innocence. Prosecutors, police, and judges can all be wrong.”

          I think you’ve captured exactly what seems to be wrong with the justice system at this time. Everyone knows that a person is supposed to be presumed innocent but is that reality? It appears even when they are proven innocent, it isn’t respected. All that needs to happen is some is accused. Then people seem to feel entitled to say whatever they want about a person – as if they are property.

  4. Drew Hensley says:

    Hey guys the forensic arguments here are far more technical than I thought. Check it out.

  5. It really is mind boggling how people seem to not be able to put one and one together. If they are now claiming they have ‘proof’ Casey was on the computer at that time, doesn’t that also prove George was lying about her not being home?

    It would be very interesting to know George’s work attendance for that day.

    I’m with Jose. The prosecution withheld evidence. That doesn’t prove incompetence. It proves malicious intent.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      I think so 2 Sam, but you just wait when Ashton takes over he will try to put this on Jose – he’ll be before the bar again, and the outcome will be the same. To me it isn’t Jose’s responsibilty to prove the prosecution’s case. Ashton and LDB will put it on Jose before they take any blame for it. Did you read the link? Jose says he has documents that disprove all this. I do wonder though about the Photobucket thing however. This debate could go on a long time. Was that Tony Baloney’s last report? I mean for now.

  6. Drew Hensley says:

    Someone at Amazon said that the camera or time clock proved GA was at work by 3. I just assumed this was true. Idk.

    • There is a timesheet in the discovery docs that has a list of employees and their hours for that week. His name is on that list with his hours being from 1500 – 2300. It doesn’t say they actually worked those hours tho.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        hmmm very interesting. Well the same Amazon reviewer, or maybe it was another, said Casey never answered the phone when GA called at 3:04 but that according to the link above that’s not right even by Pipitone’s version of events. So where might GA have been calling from. You have to wonder if the ph call was part of George’s frame job.

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          Yes, creating his alibi……

          • JA Kalskett says:

            That is SO right! Unaccountable with money and his whereabouts…it looks like most of the trouble at home was b/c of his deceptions. Casey is where she is, because he “assumed authority’ over everything regarding the ‘calendar events’ of early-to-mid June.

  7. Drew Hensley says:
    • Drew Hensley says:

      The first paragraph is rather interesting in light of our discussion.

      • This report shows that “owner” was the account with the password rico23. So, if we are saying that was her then she would probably also, logically, be the account “casey”. That means that the people using the desktop would have to be using one of her accounts. (I’m pretty sure that laptop was her mother’s that she took and used during the “31 days”.)
        Also, when you live in a household where you share a computer with everyone, like I do, you may share accounts, you may login and leave it in yours while someone else uses it. These things happen with shared devices. Everyone knows this, it’s like when computer evidence comes up everyone gets some kind of amnesia as to how this stuff practically works in a household. Just because it is under her account doesn’t automatically means she did or did not do it. By itself it proves nothing. Besides, you guys are right, suicide research definitely doesn’t prove murder. The self defense research should say something to people as well. Around the same time that chloroform is searched, such as on March 21 for 12 minutes, self defense is also researched. This to me doesn’t say premeditated murder of a child. It’s convenient how everyone just blacks out the research terms that don’t fit their theory.

        • Drew Hensley says:

          As I recall George called his house landline phone just about 2 minutes before he cell phoned Casey. So if George was at work, he probably thought somebody was in the house, right? I know Cindy supposedly lied on the stand but some of these searches do sort of look like what you would expect from a medical person – peroxide, alcohol, chloroform, etc. Seriously a lot of it looks like Cindy to me. I looked at this new timeline theory (let’s play like it’s a true timeline) and it gives Casey a grand total of 2 minutes of research between 3:50 -52 pm before she logs off and starts talking to Jesse. She took two calls. She would have a little over an hour, about 67 minutes to carry out the murder and cover up, and then she starts calling everybody under the sun and can’t get anyone on the phone. Not impossible, but hard to believe that Casey would wait for the last minute to start researching how to kill her daughter, gather materials and execute disposal of the corpse in that window. The early to mid morning drowning theory is far more believable. She said she dozed off and her dad woke her up, so she was already awake and fekk back asleep. This supports what she told at least one shrink that there was light outside; he had the impression it was mid morning. If Jose’s timeline is right this happened between 8:06 and 8:45, but if the new timeline is correct, I guess between 9:06 – 9:45 which is mid morning; in either case the sun was out. As I see this either timeline points away from Casey. Why would she look up foolproof suffocation? Two reasons come to mind, possibly she was wondering what her daughters final moments were like (she died that morning) or, possibly, she was thinking about checking out they way her daughter did – by asphyxia; I refer, of course, to the drowning.

          • Good thoughts Drew. To me it always seemed like her frantic slew of calls, especially to her mother were more like something that would happen following an accident not a murder. Why would you call your mother several times and try to get her on the phone to tell her you just killed her granddaughter? Doesn’t it make more sense your calling her for help or to tell her something important?

          • Why wouldn’t her mother answer the phone? Cindy said she was in a meeting on Dr Phil. The meeting is more important than her daughter in trouble. Cindy should have went home. If she really cared.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          There was nothing on that computer that had not been altered or deleted / erased or damaged before LE searched it…how can anything on there be viewed as uncorrupted?

          • Drew Hensley says:

            Hey good thinking JA; they probably waited until they could tamper before responding to Jose’spublished allegations.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Drew, there was computer tampering even as early as March 15th (ST Pat’s weekend); when Z-G got her seatbelt ticket…and someone in their household (with access to the family computer; probably with administrator permissions) began to research info about Casey, her social circle and began hacking into Cindy’s bank accounts. If it had been Casey stealing thousands of dollars, she would have left the Orlando area with or without Caylee

  8. I think everyone makes valid points and I jope I’m not attacked for this. I feel if someone has their mind se5 that they think someones guilty or innocent then nothing will change their mind. Everyone in this family looks guilty to me. I’m not a fan of casey George or cindy. I feel there’s alot we will never know. Just as the prosecutors evidence was circumstantial I feel the defence teams accusations of her daughter drowning was also. This family has alot of secrets. We all have theories but unless theres a confession, we will never know what happened to that precious baby girl.

    • Melissa, no one should attack you for your opinion. I do agree with you that the people who believe she did it would need something so concrete as to be impossible. I honestly, while I was watching the trial, thought to myself that these people outside ranting and raving wouldn’t believe she didn’t do it if someone walked into the courtroom with a video of what happened. They are extremely hateful, judgmental, and impulsive people. I’m not that kind of person, I don’t make wild accusations based on assumptions. I believe that the way the system is supposed to work where relevant information is unbiasedly looked at is an excellent way to screen information for yourself in day-to-day life. You can never be 100% sure, but you can get pretty close based on information. Think about this: the defense doesn’t have to prove anything. In my opinion, if they even get to the point where their presentation is considered circumstantial that’s pretty good. In fact, they don’t even have to present anything, no witnesses, no experts, no opening or closing arguments. They can even present something that didn’t come from their client. The heart of reasonable doubt is something that could have occurred at the same level of believability or better than the prosecution’s theory. The burden is on the prosecution, but due to the media’s sensationalism they had to fight for her not guilty verdict. Sadly, reality is that this happens more often than you think. The prosecution’s case was a sub par circumstantial case that they masqueraded as a forensic case. The defense’s case was a vigorous defense of their client. In other words, both sides did their jobs. The prosecutors attempted to prosecute the defendant and the defense defended them. The prosecution’s case consisted of unproven adipocere testings, quantities of chloroform which were qualitatively (substances measured against one another) tested, not quantitatively (actual real amount) tested, she was her mother, they think you shouldn’t like her, buggy computer program findings, their view on her activities, an inflammatory duct tape animation, and dried out garbage. The defense’s case consisted of showing a dysfunctional family, alternative view of her activities, being a liar doesn’t mean you are a murderer, liking someone or not liking them is not a criteria for sentencing them to prison, elicited testimony about how much Casey Anthony cared for her daughter (from prosecution witnesses), FBI agents who quantitatively (amount) tested the chloroform and said it was normal, lack of motive, lack of cause of death, negative toxicology tests, a multitude of civilians and police officers who smelled no decomposition, no history of mistreatment of her child, and the actual circumstances surrounding how children drown in Florida all the time. People wonder why the jury found her not guilty, sometimes I wonder if they were watching the trial.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        One juror said they couldn’t tell if Caylee was with G&C or Casey when she died…but forensic science defined her death as having taken place BEFORE her body began to decompose in EARLY-to-mid June…

        • Drew Hensley says:

          You wrote – “but forensic science defined her death as having taken place BEFORE her body began to decompose in EARLY-to-mid June…” What is your reference for this? I don’t recall this.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Well, Drew, Dr G testified that Caylee’s body began to decompose “early-to-mid June”, and that fact was not disputed…since decomposition occurs hours after death, it isn’t ‘just a suggestion’ that death took place before the Mt Dora video…it IS A MATTER OF FACT

      • JA Kalskett says:

        youcouldbewrong, you said:
        “thought to myself that these people outside ranting and raving wouldn’t believe she didn’t do it if someone walked into the courtroom with a video of what happened”

        Isn’t it ironic, that these are the very same people who believe Caylee was alive on June 15th, when experts determined from her remains that she was already decomposing before the middle of June…because of a VIDEO

  9. Jon, I agree there really only is one answer to why. Why a mother wouldn’t answer the phone after several calls in a small time frame from her child? She didn’t think it was more important than what she was doing.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      What…if … she didn’t have possession of the phone?

      • JA Kalskett says:

        What…if … she didn’t have possession of the phone?

        oops…I didn’t read that right…never mind!

        See, I think there were times Casey’s phone was not in her possession…and text messages were sometimes made from her phone that weren’t made by her. Her phone pings that LE used to determine her location during the days in mid-to-late June and early-to-mid July, can only attest to where that phone was…not Casey.

        • Good point, but in my opinion, the people who were called in the way they were called doesn’t say someone else had the phone, but who can say? The only way you know 100% is if someone answered and can attest to it being her.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            You mean Casey? Which call are we talking about? Lost track of the dialogue.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …and with the text messages (she was supposed to have been making from her phone)…couldn’t be proven to be HER…only that the texts were made from that phone number

          • Drew, I think the call being discussed is Casey’s call to Cindy on June 16th.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            …you do remember that Lee was already in possession of the phone records before July 15th? He had been on their home ‘puter on July 15th while the 911 calls were being made…the whole family had different stories…some just had more proof to their stories than Casey…she had nothing! (not even any proof of Geo’s g-friend, as time went on after Friday the 13th, but before July 15th.)

          • JA Kalskett says:

            well, Kira…ANY phone activity: but especially after Flag Day, June 14th; b/c Caylee’s body began to decompose before the middle of June…

    • Could it be after the Sunday Father’s day fight at the Anthony home, Cindy was so made at Casey she ignored her calls on that Monday. Didn’t want to hear from Casey or talk to her.

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Hi Carol,
        I think Casey didn’t have her phone from late in the night of Friday the 13th. Her folks were in the habit of taking things away from her to teach her ‘lessons’

        • Is Casey a child or a teen? Why are they taking things away from an adult? They treated Casey like she was a child.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            How tall is Geo…does he have ‘short man syndrome’ and issues with authority? I believe so! But in this situation, in 2008, Casey was barely 21 and still living at home…But I think Geo took the car away from Casey once he found out where Tony lived. and her purse and phone as well as their belongings (taken from Hopesprings on June 9th) To Casey, that was her whole life, b/c whether he knew it or not…Caylee was asleep in the car when he took the car on Friday the 13th. (but likely where he didn’t ‘see’ her…in the trunk) If he hid the car from Casey while he went to work on the 14th…then Caylee was in there all day; until he left work or answered Casey’s phone calls or messages. IMO she was decomposing by the time he even knew she was there…tragically for Caylee

            Geo IS the type to “assume great authority” and perfectly capable [LE training] of practicing “tough ‘love’ tactics” to gain and keep authority within the household.

  10. Drew Hensley says:

    Here is one of the things Casey saw if it was her doing the suicide search:

    Method 3 Of Suicide – Chloroform

    This is a chemical (CHCl3) which is majorly used for anesthetics. This is hard to find and can be found in school/college laboratories.

    Methods that can be applied to commit suicide are:

    Pour 100-200 ml chloroform in a fairly large piece of cloth that can cover your nose and mouth and tape it properly. You will become unconscious pretty quickly and then since the cloth remains taped, you continue to inhale chloroform, which will cause death in few hours.

    I am having a hard time seeing how this method would kill Caylee unless she was bonked upside the head first which she wasn’t. Either that or she held it to her nose and mouth. Would that have knocked Casey out? Idk. Notice it says that it would take hours, which is also risky – more time to get caught with a lingering child. There was also no cloth under the tape found on Caylee. And where would Casey get this chloroform? Look at this sentence: This is a chemical (CHCl3) which is majorly used for anesthetics. This is hard to find and can be found in school/college laboratories.

    • i found this method 3 on a site that dated the post July 1,2011. how could it have been found on June of 2008? also saw it in a parody news blog and a someone posted how they thought Casey was too selfish to end her life and decided to read a pro-suicide site since the one clicked on back in 08 was only a blog that talk about the subject on sites that promote it.. it doesn’t make sense to kill your kid then repeatedly call your mom at work and cell. If the time is as Jose said(1:50pm) then GA was still home. Where are his pings to be more or less sure he indeed was at work by 3:00 or if he was near home before he got there. The media is running with this “newly uncovered” info given to them by biased forum members saying what was found in the pro-suicide pit blog consist of what the states theory was which is not true. wheres the duct tape search and the tox. report finding poison? or receipts of Casey buying chemicals or a search in general for poison? and where does the mention of plastic bags come from? the DA never said it was a murder weapon.

      • Most sites are updated fairly often so the new date on the site could reflect some type of changes to content or layout. You’re right JustI, there still is no record of any type of ingredients being bought, no containers with any trace amounts, no receipts, no recipes, etc. Even the search mentioned in court, how to make chloroform, didn’t lead to some kind of murder site, but a site that discussed chloroform as an old anesthetic. There is also no makeshift laboratory. If you are going to make chloroform, you have to follow a lot of special rules according to what I’ve seen, including storing it out of direct sunlight, using gloves, a mask…It has always bothered me that people actually believe Vass. My goodness, he didn’t even test the amount that was there and then he got up on the stand, under oath, in front of the nation and said there was 10,000 times the normal amount. His assistant said on the stand that they didn’t test the amount because chloroform dissipates quickly. Holy cow, if chloroform dissipates quickly and they are saying there was 10,000 times the normal amount several months after the incident then she must have been making vat fulls! Come on. I’m more apt to believe the FBI who said that the amount in the trunk was normal for a trunk because they, oh I don’t know, tested the amount before saying what it was.
        The plastic bags being the murder weapon is 1 of two things in the report, 1) they are trying to change the murder weapon to match the “new” findings, i.e. chloroform is also mentioned as a poison, it is not or 2) they are confusing the means of “disposal” with a “murder” weapon. I personally think it is number 1. They just want you to believe this so badly that they continue to stretch and wiggle the news stories. They can’t admit they’re wrong, their ratings are just too good. You’re also right, when Pipitone mentions an alternative theory that is actually, surprisingly plausible, he then quickly runs away from it (since it isn’t murder) and sticks in a stupid reason not to even consider it. She didn’t search for how to commit suicide. Well Justl is right, she didn’t search for how to kill someone or how to kill a child, or how to kill a toddler, or anything like that either and she didn’t search for how to kill with duct tape or chloroform. So if we think the way Pipitone does than it can’t be murder because there wasn’t that specific search. We all go online everyday and look something up, sometimes it’s a vague summation of what we are thinking. For example, if you are looking up Christmas gifts, you may type in laptop, not where do I buy a laptop for a Christmas gift. Just because the search isn’t exact doesn’t mean it isn’t what you are doing. Like I said before, it is like people lose all practical thought processes when the news comes on.

        • Agreed. The people who continue to claim that Casey somehow whipped up her own batch of chloroform are crazy. It is a highly difficult process that can easily result in death from the gases that are created. No layperson could make chloroform safely in the bathroom.

          • Drew Hensley says:

            I was just thinking along these same lines today. The haters are saying she looked up suicide to hide the fact that she was looking up how to murder, but logically if you want to hide the fact that you are looking for info on how to murder, you would NOT type in “foolproof suffocation” as the phrase could so easily be construed as indicating that you do in fact want to suffocate someone. Also this means of murder they describe is very calculated as was the way the child was packaged after she died, but the placement of the body close to home and in a “shallow grave” is consistent with panic and lack of thought per the forensic link I posted earlier. The inconsistency is so striking, it really does slap of a frame job! Now I’m wondering if George went to work that day or if left to run an “errand” but really returned home to do these searches under Casey’s login.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      you don’t think Geo could have been thinking of killing Casey, do you? She would have been really getting on his nerves if she was supplying Cindy info about the ‘twins’ after losing Caylee, they both would have wanted to catch the ‘nanny’. [People on these forums speak of Casey’s exes who’ve died in auto accidents and a therapist killed at Blanchard Park.]

      This could also just be more chaos to add to the distractions.

      • I think any thing is possible, but i don’t think the girls death was intentional. I believe no one, even if GA is a child molester wanted her gone. there was no evidence of that. Casey never denied having her daughter even to ppl she just met during the 31 days. I at first suspected it was Cindy hiding caylees death from Casey and those calls were Casey looking for caylee before she left the house. Now i don’t know, but do feel Cindy knew she was dead before the remains were found. Baez was trying to say that investigators may have hid evidence bc according to the states theory and GA statements of Casey leaving with caylee IF the time is 1:50pm GA then lied about that and it would throw away all their “hard work” trying to get something on Casey. Now cops say they overlooked it, but the sleuthers also said the internet info that the cops did have was off (if their right)an hour giving them the time Baez gave in the book. IF LE was going with the 1:50pm then imo its obvious they knew of the search and disregarded it because they were going with GA testimony placing their victim with their suspect last and also he put himself still in the home. Now the 2:50pm it can be argued that it was Casey bc GA was at work and called her. so where are the phone pings and records for all his cells? that’s another reason i feel the state didn’t bring up the search, the defense was going to put up their experts and the state had no way to refute them bc they had no records for GA. This notion that the jury would have voted different is wrong too, they would have already doubted the ocso bc their chloroform search results were wrong. It came out at trial, but to the majority of the public watching it was “overlooked” bc after that Cindy gave “bombshell” testimony she searched chloroform. I mean that’s how i feel about this.

        • I think Justl you point out one of the most glaring problems in the “31 days”. If she was getting rid of her daughter to party and have a good time (which other evidence/testimony shows is unlikely), then why after supposedly doing that does she go on to tell people she has a daughter? And then on top of that she is in possession of her? It seems counterproductive to rid yourself of your child to have a good time and then to continually point people at the fact that you have a child. I noticed in Pipitone’s report that it did say that the OCSO computer extraction didn’t take into account the daylight savings time change, so how do we know when the times the police give are right or wrong? OCSO really should get their computer analysis together, first, buggy software gives inflammatory, wrong information to a jury and now we can’t tell when something was searched. What we do know is that Casey Anthony’s cell phone was pinging in the area of her home all day before 4:00, which means either she left and hid outside until her father left or she was there and George Anthony created an entire lie (not something he hasn’t done) about them leaving, what they were wearing, etc. The State and the media tried very hard to give George Anthony credibility, the problem is, they can’t control how he acts on the stand and elsewhere. They ignored his admission to making up the Blanchard Park story (blamed on Casey Anthony in the media) to the FBI, they ignored his inconsistent story with the ping records, they ignored his trying to blame the police for putting the duct tape on the gas cans, they ignored that he refused to even admit that he had discontinued Ohio Henkel duct tape, etc. You know why they ignored all of that plus more? Because he was their star witness, they needed him to get up on the stand and say he smelled decomposition (even though more police and citizens overwhelmingly didn’t smell anything than did), that Casey Anthony wanted to keep him away from her trunk (even though her then-boyfriend testified she didn’t keep him away from the trunk and she had people in the car during that time), that he never molested his daughter (even though two men she dated got on the stand and said that she told them he was abusive, as well as the story about her brother. Something the media wanted you to desperately believe was made up on the spot as another one of her stories. Remember their Casey 2.0 references? The facts are she didn’t “make up” the abuse claims to get out of trouble, she had already told several people, as far as we know more than a year before that something happened between her father and her, as well as her brother. I don’t agree with the police because some people don’t tell others, but one of their criteria for substantiating abuse claims by an adult is a record of telling others or at least hinting at others. That is present, but they ignore it.), and that there was no accident (even though a woman he admits to knowing, but doesn’t admit to having an affair with said on the stand that he told her it was an accident and his wife said on the stand that the ladder was oddly left up).

          • I dont understand how its clear as day that the pings from june 16th put in to question what GA said happened and LE just let slide as well as the DA. some give him an excuse that he was really describing june 9th bc it was the 1st date given, but they should know that Morales said casey and caylee stayed with him june 8th-10th. Or it could be he was helping Casey, but he made it worse and as a former cop he should have known he put her last with caylee, more things LE needed to build their case. she could have left and came back , but why? i dont see a reason for her to leave and waited for him to be gone only to go back. why not just stay there til he leaves. makes more sense of her leaving before cindy came home, imo at least. Also casey wasnt housebound when her parents were working. she had a car and could go where ever she wanted. So all those searches done/site visited when it seems they were working doesn’t mean it was just casey. GA lied often about having a job. He even lied about searching for one while caylee was “missing” when he was really with river Cruz. this “new” info doesnt change what he said or his own weird behavior. The media is making it seem that it connects to the DA theory and could have changed things, when it doesnt. there was no poison or bags that killed caylee. And where is the search for duct tape in all that?

        • JA Kalskett says:

          What better way to hide the truth than to make it appear to have happened on a different date? This whole murder scenario is BASED on the wrong date…and no one suspects it b/c of that video…

          • im with you on the video.I know the time stamp says the 15th of june, but its too much coincidence for me that the exact date was before Caylee Anthony “disappeared/died”. It really could be since she was photographed a lot, but when i think about that i wonder if it was accurate. I think it would have been important for LE to investigate june13th-15th as well not just the 16th on. i dont understand how to this day that weekend remains a mystery. Because if their were right about casey being a killer then what happened in the days before, what was going on her life? the motive being to party was shot down by the own state witnesses.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Hello JustI,

            Caylee was only alive 1500 days or less, but you are right…there is at least 3000 pics of the child…besides videos and voice recordings…

            But I think LE to used the video as a reference-marker to determine what day the child ‘may have disappeared’ that later was determined she might have been a victim of foul-play, and later caused the murder charges “because there was nothing to follow Casey’s story, except what seemed to be lies…All b/c there was no proof of Caylee being alive after June 12 (C.Chester and T.Lazaro=eye-witnesses) except that video and stale witnesses at Mt Dora.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Somewhere, I read that the video had been made from a memory card or stick…I thought maybe the erroneous timestamp could be achieved on a new device before the timestamp was set, but i’m not tech-savvy at all!

            * I wonder if Casey was told to buy a cellphone from Target, on her ‘shopping sprees’?

  11. JA Kalskett says:

    Help me understand just what would make ANYONE to deliberately kill the child they love as the whole A-family loved Caylee? My answer is NOTHING!

    So to me, and from my POV, Caylee died as the result of an unexpected event, that surely would have resulted in one of the members of their immediate family being held responsible for her ‘early-to-mid June. But, once she disappeared, the heinous-murder story captured the attention of anyone who saw that ‘mid-June’ video…

    • Drew Hensley says:

      I can’t imagine she was murdered … maybe by accident if someone was doing something to her. But look at the info she would have seen. She didn’t have enough time to hold that on Caylee’s mouth – it says “in a few hours.”

      • JA Kalskett says:

        Great point! To me, they all adored Caylee…it is not logical her death was intentional; but the whole story that was spread by anonymous mis-info, LE or media ‘leaks’ and gossup had a ‘bigger purpose’ than to frame Casey for murder she didn’t commit. The H-M story had to affect the trial verdict, to protect the whole family, once Caylee WAS dead.

        • To me it’s the same formula every time, a bad investigation, greedy prosecutors, and a ratings hungry media. I can’t see a real reason why anyone who was around Caylee would have intentionally murdered her either. You’re right Drew, if the site says you have to tape the cloth to your face for several hours, there was not enough time for that. In addition, the site isn’t saying you are poisoning anyone (they want to combine poison searches with chloroform when they aren’t related), they are saying that you are going to basically overdose yourself on 1900s anesthesia rendering yourself unconscious and then you should go into either respiratory or cardiac arrest, especially if you place the plastic bags over your head. It is a terrible way to die, so I don’t see any issue with the person who looked it up not going through with it.
          I see it as completely plausible and probable that Casey Anthony looked up the chloroform because she saw the photo on her then-boyfriend, Ricardo Morales’ page (remember the chloroform searches were a month before the incident). The photo depicted a woman being chloroformed using a white napkin. You do hear about this in the news and it is depicted in movies, a white cloth with a substance on it being used for rapes. It is not out of the ordinary for a woman to be concerned with sexual assault, neither is it out of the ordinary if you saw this on your boyfriend’s page and he thought it was funny for you to be concerned.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I agree…but did you also mean that Morales had police training? I have never heard that before and don’t want to become confused…LOL

          • I also don’t think that Caylee was murdered by anyone. I think that Casey’s version of the events as discussed in Jose’s book are the most plausible explanation. Caylee drowned while Casey had drifted off to sleep and George was not paying attention – George then was afraid that after reporting Caylee’s death, Casey would blow the whistle on him in regard to the sexual abuse, so he immediately made Casey believe that she was at fault and would go to jail for the rest of her life. He had experience as a police investigator; he knew how to dispose of a body.

      • Drew Hensley says:

        In response to my own point. I can’t find an answer to how long it would take to kill a two year old by the described method with chloroform. Does anyone know? I failed to take into account the body weight of the child.

        • I can’t find anything specifically on children, but a fatal oral dose of chloroform may be as small as 10 mL (14.8 g), with death due to respiratory or cardiac arrest. There is also something called sudden sniffer’s death, which is a form of inhalant abuse (one inhalant being recreational chloroform), which can cause death at a smaller amount, but one must be “sniffing” it recreationally (this type of death is caused by the anesthetic gases sensitizing the user to a sudden surge of adrenaline causing fatal cardiac arrhythmia or hypoxia, deprivation of oxygen).

  12. Thought you guys might be interested that Dan Abrams agrees with us, “There was a lot of evidence presented at trial about computer searches that she did. For each and every one of those, the defense had a response…While this is an even a bigger bombshell than any of those, I think this jury still would have found her not guilty.” Read that here –>
    The article also has Lisa Bloom acting like a sensationalizing jerk, as usual, instead of actually giving useful legal commentary.

    • Drew Hensley says:

      Thanks, couldbewrong. There is a similar article in the local paper here this morning. What amazes me is what they leave out – like the bogus 84 chloroform searches and the toxology coming back negative for it and almost every major toxin known to humankind as I recall. They act as if the only rebuttal to the chloroform is Cindy’s questionable testimony!

  13. Drew Hensley says:

    look at the second paragraph under skeletal remains -

  14. Drew Hensley says:

    Also look at this article again, the best one I found online –

    Now this indicates the new timeline agrees with Jose’s in the morning hours (after 7:56 AM) when Casey is online messaging thru AIM. So why would Jose’s results be off later in the day? I thought they were saying the whole timeline was an hour behind? I guess not.

    • JA Kalskett says:

      IMO the timeline ‘everyone’ is scrutinizing is more like 48 hours ‘off’ like forensic science experts said.

    • I find it so typical of media bias that every article is focusing on “foolproof suffocation” and NOT the “venturing into the pro-suicide pit” website. Can’t have readers who don’t know much about the case thinking that someone was searching for ways to commit suicide…oh no, “foolproof suffocation” HAD to be a search for murder! *rolls eyes*

      • JA Kalskett, I did not mean that Ricardo Morales had police training. Kira you are absolutely on the money. They want you to focus on what they want you to focus on and leave everything else behind. The searches should all be taken together, what better way to tell why someone is searching especially since searches are just snippets of thoughts? Drew, the article on WTSP, says: “After all, poison, suffocation and plastic bags were exactly what the state claimed Casey Anthony used to murder Caylee and dispose of her body; poisoning her with chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape, then placing her body in two plastic bags.” No, they did not say that, the State said at trial that the way they believed Casey Anthony killed her daughter was to render her unconscious using home-brewed chloroform and then to smother her with the duct tape by placing it over both her nose and mouth and then placing her in the bags in order to dispose of her. No poison ever mentioned, you can’t change it now to fit your new spin! It also goes on to say that an email to Sandra Osborne, the computer examiner, from Burdick in 2011 before trial says that they could disprove Casey Anthony’s claim that she was awoken by her father using her Internet activity, but as mentioned by someone else, that Internet activity and phone activity does not exclude the possibility that she took some kind of nap because she didn’t get enough sleep during the night. Lots of people easily doze back off after awakening. The article also later says that Burdick thought that Casey Anthony would testify and that they could use the computer evidence against her. What the heck was going on in her mind? There was no way that Casey Anthony was going to testify, I never had a doubt that she wouldn’t. Cheney Mason even said in subsequent interviews that he very much did not want her to testify and advised her against it. She did not need to testify, there was no case. Besides testifying endangers your ability to appeal and get a retrial, which was almost guaranteed had she been convicted in this case. It’s kind of funny how the State claimed Casey Anthony suffocated her daughter, but never had them search for suffocation in the computer records.
        What I find interesting is they are saying in the article that the foolproof suffocation search was at 2:51 and she answered Jesse Grund’s call at 2:52. So she had 1 minute to look at a website that talked about suicide and then look at MySpace before answering a 12 minute call with Grund. Not a lot of time. Then she disconnected with him and answered a less than half-a-minute call with her father. When exactly do they think she killed her daughter? She couldn’t have killed her before these searches because according to them this was the cherry on top of her research, so when? She left the home at 4:11 pm, there is literally only a half-hour with no activity between 3 and 4. That isn’t a lot of time to complete this whole process and it doesn’t really make sense.

        • I agree, if she did the search and it was to kill her daughter then when was this done and where? how does one go from searching outfits for a Friday night club event to killing? promoting the club was nothing new. TL said they had no plans that Monday either. Casey was investigated by LE through and through and things that meant nothing in the case were made to look like they mattered just to get something on her. Its stupid(imo) to believe that after accusing her with no cause of death of suffocating her daughter that this foolproof suffocation search was simply “overlooked”. its obvious it didn’t go with GA testimony so they buried it. what would be another reason he called casey at 3:00pm? i see that day she never calls him back and still at 6:31pm she calls her mother again. we’ll probably never know why but i still find them interesting that they were made if she was suppose to be hiding from them.

          • I second that.

          • JA Kalskett says:

            Casey was trying to get Caylee back from them (CandG) after Father’s Day…she had no clue Caylee was already decomposing…why would she stick around in Orlando, if she knew her daughter was dead…once she ‘appeared to become a ‘thief’, it was easy to blame her for murder. IMO Casey would have disappeared with all her $thousands of dollars in stolen money, dumped the car in the ocean, and fed her daughter to the alligators if she was as cold-blooded as her heinous-image.

            It is all the sensationalism that has made her look guilty, b/c the truth is still missing.

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Thanks, Ycbw…I was afraid I had missed an important point . I do think Ricardo’s earliest interview was the most informative about the days surrounding June12th through June 17th timeframe,

          • when i saw the calls Casey made on June 16th and knowing Cindy had the girl the day before i thought that’s why she was calling her, to see where caylee was and what was going on. if she was the one keeping the death from Cindy why make all those calls. Then heard Cindy in the 911 call and don’t know if it could have been how i first suspected after seeing phone records. I felt it was an accident though. if it was planned a kidnapping would have been called into 911 right away bc even if true no one will believe that a month after the fact, without proof a least. This “new” evidence doesn’t change everything else that was in the case. June 15/16th remains so vague. There still no evidence the girl was in the trunk or Casey in the woods. Honestly when this “bombshell” was going to come out i though it be something like that.

        • GasCanGeorge says:

          How would Casey even know about foolproof suffocation for gods sake? Much less google it! That is something a cop might do or even a nurse…..I know in my 20’s I never even heard of it

          • JA Kalskett says:

            I agree! GasCanGeorge…I was 21 once…a long, long time ago, but those searches were made by George, after he found Caylee (already decomposing)
            IMO Geo was wanting to kill Casey, for what ONLY HE KNEW had happened to Caylee on Flag Day, June 14th. He was the only person that needed Caylee to appear alive on Father’s Day, anyone else would have called 911 when they found her.
            That was the purpose for everything that followed June 14th…everything!


    GA responds. well lawyer. says this vindicates him yet this search doesn’t prove anything and his phone and job records were never investigated. I saw job app. he made on june 17th and he said in it he had not worked since march/may? i wish i could remember where i saw this. why didnt the DA look into his alibi after they knew what the defense was going to say? this guy is something else, smh.

  16. People people………………..we love Casey. That we know for sure. Casey you are special, and loved by so many!!!!!!

  17. JA Kalskett says:

    ok…maybe i’ve said too much about my personal POV…ya’all don’t see where I’m coming from…do you?

  18. JA Kalskett says:

    …where did everybody go? It’s raining here for the next 6 days…don’t run out on me now….pleeeeese I’ll try to resist talking so much, like a know it all…it’s just my opinion, and no one knows it better than me.

  19. JA Kalskett says:

    Thx…but am I missing your point, here? Do you want me to ‘go away, now’? I understand, as this is your shop…but I was beginning to feel noticed here, not attacked. Lemme know…

    • Hi JA,
      Not at all. You are more than welcome to carry on contributing here, as is everyone. I was simply saying I do not necessarily agree with your “Cays decomping in the trunk” theory that’s all.

      • We all need to respect each others theories and it’s ok to agree to disagree as long as no one attacks the other. Have a nice day people 🙂

        • JA Kalskett says:

          Everyone here has been very tolerant to me and my “off-centered” POV. Though, b/c I can follow it, I feel I have to keep going with it until I come across (trusted info) that convinces it’s wrong…so far, nothing but a difference of perspective of the facts. (excluding hearsay and the word ‘somehow’)
          99% of the time, it is merely the perception of ‘what was going on’ with these people that allowed their smallest (and most loved) member, to have been decomposing when no one admits knowing the facts of when she was in danger or had died already…that is simply impossible. And at this point, only the ‘h-m-story’ (I call it) has been exposed…where is the other side to THAT, if there are 2 stories for every dispute?

  20. JA Kalskett says:

    Thx so much…I don’t take rejection well. (just joking…I’m getting thicker-skinned in my old age)
    But, about my POV…nodda problem…at my age, I’m also used to feeling like a square peg, too. Ha ha ha!
    [I’ll try to hold my own]

  21. JA Kalskett says:

    …how come no one has pointed out that my post don’t specify if she died on Flag Day or Father’s Day?

    • Don’t leave me hanging JA. What do you think? I actually think your posts are interesting, I enjoy talking to others with different opinions who are not intolerant. I personally still believe that it was June 16th that was the death day, but please enlighten me as to your thought process, I am a very open-minded person.

  22. JA Kalskett says:

    and you must be online right now…cool!

  23. JA Kalskett says:

    …to put it simply… b/c in the ‘heinous-murder story” Casey is called the “event planner”. No one can deny there IS a peculiar connection between the ‘calendar events’ and the ‘tragic events’, in this case but the 16th is not a calendar event day… Flag Day, ironically, is. (and of course the scientific determination as to when Caylee’s body began to decompose, means her death HAD to have occurred hours before that.)

  24. JA Kalskett says:

    I can’t tell for sure when Geo found Caylee, on the 14th AFTER visiting Cecelia, or on the 15th, or how long it took him to put the heinous-murder story together, but I’m sure THAT WAS the reason FOR the video…to make it appear Caylee was alive (even after she had begun to decompose)

  25. JA Kalskett says:

    sorry, i’ll miss being here during the day Friday but will catch-up with new posts when I get back from Seattle after dinner… Y’all take care.

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