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TODAY show interview with Dr Phil + new Anthony lies

In the build up to the first part of his much-hyped 2-part interview with George & Cindy Anthony tomorrow, Dr Phil has been doing the rounds today on various TV channels.

Here’s one such interview from the TODAY Show this morning (with Matt Lauer) – including a few more new clips & comments lies from George & Cindy. Should we really expect anything else from these 2 losers?:

Phil TODAY show promo 9-12


  1. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    First of all, what the hell did Cindy mean by “her Caylee?” Caylee was Casey’s daughter, obviously. If Casey wanted to keep Caylee away from George and Cindy, she has every right to. I mean, I know it wasn’t the case that Casey wanted to take Caylee away from Cindy, but my point is Cindy and George need to get over the fact that grandparents have (or should have) no legal rights over their grandchildren. Also, if “Dr.” Phil knew a damn thing about psychology he would’ve noticed (as a real psychologist would) that George and Cindy were lying. Casey only lied because she was molested by Geroge and Melich “forgot” to read her her rights, while:

    George lied about the affair, molesting Casey, the comment about “snowballing out of control,” which he denied making, There are other things he lied about, too: Caylee was buried the exact same way George’s pets were and George was photographed with the same roll of tape. George hid evidence and lied on the stand about the gas cans and etc. He’s rarely ever spoken striaght forward, and when he has it was a lie. What makes anyone believe he’ll tell the truth now?

    Also, when Cindy said George went through a “heartbreak” or something, how do we know that? He fake-cried on the stand and other places. “Dr.” Phil clearly knows nothing about Psychology, or at least ignores what he knows. Anyone who knows a thing about psychology knows George molested Casey. Anyone who knows a thing about psychology knows Casey would never kill Caylee (or anyone for that matter.) Look at any picture of Casey and Caylee, look at any video of Casey and Caylee, read what anyone credible ever said about Casey and Caylee, on the “Immaculate Deception, the Untold Story of Caylee Marie Anthony” the Defense investigator said Casey’s room was a shrine to Caylee. No matter how you think Caylee died, common sense should tell you Casey would never kill Caylee.

  2. I totally agree with the last post.George is still a LIAR!! Dr Phil knows it but all he cares about is RATINGS!! When I saw the Today show…I had to run to throw up! It was that sickening because according to Dr Phil these so called Grandparents(child stealers,Lee & Mallory better beware) have not had a chance to respond to all the things the Defense accused them of…well BOO HOO.They have had enough TV time for 3 yrs with their BS.At one point George said about the SMELL in the car,he was going by WHAT the INVESTAGATORS said & Caylee was no longer with them!!! Are you kidding me??!! HE is the ONE from day ONE who said there was a dead body in her car!! I’m not so sure my blood pressure can handle watching these LOW LIFE people spit out more CRAP! Now Cindy to me has GUILTY(of something) written all over her face when ask about the”My Space” article about Caylee MISSING on July 3rd.And of course George STILL has his usual GUILTY face on. They have spent the last 3 yrs trying to DEFEND themselves always saying they know nothing & have done nothing wrong.So WHY have they had a DEFENSE attorney since day one??? Of course not the SAME attorney…they couldn’t even defend them.

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