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George Anthony (4th T.), June 28th 2011

George Anthony, 4th testimony in the Casey Anthony trial,  June 28th 2011:

George Anthony (4th T.), June 28th 2011


  1. Oh wow!. This is not a very nice man!!.

    I’m in Australia & and never new about all this.

    Having been watching all this since it was shown on our T.V this week..

    How did Casey hold up through all this?. Is beyond me??!..

    This is an awful man!!..

    • Heather Hill says:

      Just a few thoughts here. Do you think that the George Anthony will ever be brought up on charges or do you think that the State of Florida has too much pride in saying they made a terrible mistake in the way this case was investigated from the very beginning? What a shame it would be to let this crime go unpunished. It is crystal clear to me that George had some major involvement in what went down, if not solely responsible for the death and cover-up of little Caylee’s death.

      It drives me absolutely crazy to hear people continue to say that they don’t understand why she would wait 30 days to report her daughter missing. WHY in the hell would she report her missing at all, when it was evident from trial day 1 that she was not ever missing, but in fact, had passed on. That just goes to show peoples lack of knowledge about this entire case. Ignorance, to be honest.

      Btw…kudos to you! You were as accurate as anyone could be on what actually went down from the beginning according to the transcripts of Caseys psych eval.

      Thanks for all the work you have put into this website. Somebody needed to tell what really happened, and needed to show Casey that she does have people that believe in her. I think that has been something she has never had…her entire life.

      • Hi Heather. I still think something will happen (at some point) that will require the case to be re-opened. Not too sure what that would be right now – but GA’s major involvement is pretty clear to anyone that takes time out to look at the case with an open mind. Although the media still insist on portraying G&C as the poor “grieving grandparents”, it’s quite obvious from their actions before, during (and after) the trial that they’re far from grieving – except when it suits them (financially). I also still stand by my “Immaculate Deception” theory from last September. The only thing is – when the net finally does start to close in on GA, that’ll probably be the time he attempts his 3rd suicide. The 1st one being in Ohio after his mysterious “accident”. Just a thought.
        Thanks for posting! SJ

  2. How can you not think this guy has something to hide??? Wow, seriously I can’t believe they have not investigated this very shady guy. I love how he makes excuses even when he’s not asked to.

  3. GA is a very shady man throughout his whole testimony, but if you listen to the part that starts at 7:18 and ending at 8:41, that sounds pretty much like a confession to me. He couldn’t answer the question about the snow ball out of control. I thought for a minute that he was finally gonna man up to the fact that he did something.

    • Hi Jodi. Good post – although I very much doubt GA even knows the meaning of “man up”. The 8:30 to 8:40 point in the video says it all. 10 seconds of trademark GA tomfoolery. He can’t even answer a simple yes/no question despite The Laughing Guy’s initial objections. SJ

  4. Cynthia M says:

    I have been re-reading alot of the discovery documents, and there are several things that bothered me about George Anthony. 1st, when LE when out to the Anthony home and asked if they could go out to the yard and look around (after taking a statement from the next door neighbor about Casey borrowing the shovel), George Anthony allowed them to and then acknowledged to LE that the patch of disturbed dirt in the yard, next to the pool looked suspicious. When talking to the FBI, it was so clear that he was implying that Casey was hiding something. He also said the same thing to the officers that came to the house before arresting Casey.

    Also, when the FBI asked why he didnt report anything when it was clear that Casey was lying about Caylee’s whereabouts, he conviently tried to blame Cindy by saying that she asked him to let her handle it. The way he hesitated when asked that question, left me believing that he made that up. George has tried to portray himself like this wimpy husband who was under the control of his wife. There are many other things about George’s behavior throughout all of this that has left me believing that he was TOTALLY involved in Caylee’s death. During the deposition of Dr. Weitz, he states that while watching the two hour memorial service for Caylee, he felt disturbed by George’s comment on how he missed Caylee’s sweet smell, and the smell of her sweat. He felt that the remark had a sexual connotation to it. I also felt the same way when I saw the memorial on youtube, way before the deposition was released. There’s soo much more that I havent mentioned, but Im sure that there are many of you that have found more.

    • The “sweet sweat” comment is very creepy. Who says that about a grandchild?

      Dr. Weitz had George pegged for sure. I also don’t think for a minute that George is the henpecked husband that he pretends to be.

      • Kira:

        I recall George making the ‘sweet sweat’ comment at Cindy’s MEmorial. At that time, I made a comment on a site about it sounding perverted and was told “you are a sick individual – to think something like that”! lol Now, if only those individuals that defend George would just read Dr. Weitz’s report……nawww, that wouldn’t even help them to understand.

        It boggles my mind when people defend George! IMO, he’s definitely one sick, perverted, sorry excuse of a man!

  5. i thought from the beginning George he know ed something i have set back and seen and heard everything and you know at the end It all came right back at him George hiding behind the bush this case needs to reopen i so hope it will soon….

  6. carol gast says:

    i am looking for the video where george explains why he did not call police when he brought the car home from the tow yard. i believe he makes the remark that he was not a detective at that time! i remember my reaction when i heard that. she did not do it!

  7. Wow…very telling. At 8:50 when Jose says “did you ever send Kristal Hollowell a text message that said “I need you in my life?” Geo says “well, I’ve seen that has come out, so, yeah, I did send that.” Wow…so, he admits to things that have “come out” in the media, but hides those that haven’t. He is a real piece of work How can anyone support this guy? He is a creep. Ugh.

  8. you can understand he is lying even from body language, i believe whenever he says a lie he moves up his lips…

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