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George Anthony (6th T.), June 30th 2011

George Anthony, 6th testimony in the Casey Anthony trial , June 30th 2011:

The first minute of the video (no sound) shows George in his “Command Center” at his local Publix, together with his roll of duct tape. This is where George suddenly experiences his trademark memory loss concerning where he was in the video, or who the owner of the duct tape was. Watch also how he tries to intimidate Jose Baez as he struts right up to him and past him on his way to the witness stand @ 1:42. Testimony starts @ 2:07

George Anthony (6th T.), June 30th 2011


  1. George can remember what his Grand daughter was wearing on June 16th but has no idea if the duct tape everyone knows is his was at the command center.

    • Not only that, Patrick, but George reported his gas cans stolen – gas cans that he’s loved for twenty years. He never reported his granddaughter missing.

      • Who reports Missing Gas cans to the police? He knew that Casey took them for her car too. Why would the police even waste their time with such petty small stuff?

        • yes why would they? Where I live they wouldn’t show up and would tell me to file it online ( and not expect them to show up).

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