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Trial Videos #4

Here are a selection of testimonies given by witnesses during the Casey Anthony trial. This is work in progress. We are downloading & editing new videos every week.

Choose a video from the dropdown menu above, or click one of the links below:

Michael Rickenbach, June 7th 2011

Kevin Stenger, June 8th 2011

John Bradley, June 8th & 9th 2011

Lee Anthony, 2nd testimony, June 9th 2011

Eduard Turso, June 9th 2011

Jennifer Welch, June 9th 2011

Stephen Hanson, June 9th 2011

Gary Utz, June 9th & 10th 2011

John Schultz, June 10th 2011

Jan “Dr. G.” Garavaglia, June 10th 2011

William Rodriguez, June 18th 2011

Dr Werner Spitz, June 18th 2011



  1. How could the prosecution get it sooo wrong a veteran prosecutor with decades of experience I knew somethings wrong as soon as I heard George and Cindy speak. The first call casey made from jail. I hope casey tells her story one day. Believe this. There will be another little girl. George can not help himself. And Cindy will not help anyone. all she has left is that piece of shit. What kind of mother chooses their husband over their own child

    • Sophia:

      This is one of my greatest fears — there will be another child harmed. You are correct in saying he can’t help himself! There is no known cure for pedophilia and we can only pray that he is stopped before he has the opportunity. I concur – Cindy’s not going to help anyone and she will stick by this sorry excuse for a human!

      As for how the prosecution could get this so wrong, I have only one word for it — CORRUPTION!

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