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Trial Videos #5

Here are a selection of testimonies given by witnesses during the Casey Anthony trial. This is work in progress. We are downloading & editing new videos every week.

Choose a video from the dropdown menu above, or click one of the links below:

Jennifer Welch, (5th testimony), June 21st 2011

Jane Bock, June 21st 2011

Richard Eikelenboom, June 21st 2011

Yuri Melich, 3rd testimony, June 21st 2011

Dr. Marcus Bain Wise, June 21st 2011

William Walters, May 27th 2011

Catherine Sanchez, May 27th 2011

Simon Birch, May 27th 2011



  1. I don’t know if anybody saw, but now Roy Kronk wants to sue Casey. These people are disgusting.

    • Yeah, must have felt his 15 sec. were up and had to restart them again. SMDH

      • That’s OK, let Kronk bring it on…then maybe we’ll be able to obtain HIS cell phone records, computer hard drives, etc., for the time period of 1 June 2008 thru December 2008. This guy is greedy and I think he’ll hang himself if he pushes for this lawsuit. I have never in my life seen such greed, as in this case!

        I just read where someone said they look for George to be next in filing suit against Casey. I say, bring it! The greed will eventually take them ALL down!

  2. OMG, another woman commits sucide after Nancy Grace attacks her on the show. How many more victims will die because of Grace’s attacks.

    I hope the woman’s family sues CNN and Nancy Grace! It won’t bring back the victim, but Nancy has got to be stopped.

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