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Trustee withdraws BS plan to sell Casey’s life story

New Motion Filed – Debtors Response to ZG – (17 page (PDF)

From Orlando Sentinel, 5/7/2013:

“A trustee has withdrawn his plan to sell the rights to Casey Anthony’s life story as part of her Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The trustee overseeing Anthony’s bankruptcy, Stephen L. Meininger, had filed a motion in March seeking permission to sell “the exclusive worldwide rights in perpetuity to the commercialization of Anthony’s life story,” including her daughter’s death and her high-profile murder trial.

However, on Tuesday the trustee filed a one page notice indicating that he was withdrawing that motion.

Casey Anthony - July 2011

No explanation was given for the abrupt about-face, but a recent joint filing indicated that the trustee and Anthony’s attorneys were “discussing potential resolutions of the issue,” at U.S. Bankruptcy Judge K. Rodney May’s suggestion.

The next hearing in the bankruptcy is set for Wednesday afternoon. Calls to Meininger and his attorney weren’t immediately returned.

Anthony’s legal team vigorously opposed the plan to sell her story, calling it an “unprecedented invasion” of her “private thoughts and First Amendment rights.”

At a hearing on the motion last month, May expressed skepticism about the trustee’s proposal, but didn’t rule on it. He gave both sides more time to file legal argument, and granted an extension when the parties jointly indicated they were hashing out the issue.”

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  1. Marilyn C. says:

    SJ….I was so HAPPY to get this email!! I honestly could never figure out HOW in this world this situation even got this far! Since I DID watch every minute of this trial & ALL of the BS surrounding it,I had only chalked it up to THIS was the way they were going to make CASEY file for Bankruptcy(nobody else). I wonder who woke up & figured out this was PURE BS??
    Thank You for letting us know!!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the update SJ, but I must admit that I am a little confused as to what this all means? For whom is the trusteeship? How can they take her story and sell it and where does the money go? Is this an attack on Casey or in effort to help get her life back on track so she can start over? How is the bankruptcy linked?
    Sorry if I am behind the curve…I also meant to ask a while ago, is it the money owed to Jose Baez that she is bankrupting out of? Confused!

    Thanks for the updates!

  3. This is the best news I have heard. My prayers were answered. Just hope the bankruptcy goes through so Casey can clear hr debts and get a fresh start. Hope,she does tell her story one day only when she gets to keep all the profits.

  4. Is this great news for Casey and will it help her get out of debt so she don’t have that to worry about and hopefully make it easier on her to enjoy life from now on. I want to help to support her but how can I send her money

  5. Meowington says:

    NO one and I mean NO one has the right to do this to Casey. Talke about invasion of privacy and boundaries.

    Casey if you read these messages we stand by you and Justice will always prevail in your favor. Thankfully you’re surrounded by a positive support system.

    Namaste 🙂


  6. Poor Casey. Zenaida is a money-grubbing bitch, and Kronk is pathetic if he thinks that anyone will believe him. Shady bastard.

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