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Welcome to Sour Grapes Central

Hot on the heels of the ridiculous “Most Hated” poll – where the only people voting must have been very jealous and very odd-looking inferiority-complex ridden females – we also had the timely release of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) report yesterday.

This badly written and unfactual report contains many glaring errors & contradictions in respect of dates, facts & specifics. Coupled with the ongoing probation fiasco, this is just another shining example of sour grapes by the sneaky & vindictive state of Florda, as they try once again to get their pound of flesh from the already acquitted, innocent, gorgeous and Not Guilty Casey Anthony.

Click here for more in depth analysis of this hogwash report (and their probable motive) from

The DCF also says it officially closed its investigation on September 14th 2008 – but a new report was done, that being dated August 10th 2011. It’s not too clear what prompted the strange generation of a new report as those sections of the DCF document are conveniently blocked out.  Surprise surprise.

Hopefully all of this will come up shortly when Jose Baez appeals the bogus lying charges – not withstanding the whole Miranda Warning issue that’s still very much in limbo.

Welcome to Florida, aka Sour Grapes Central. The state that never rests!


  1. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    DCF: Dummies, Crazies and Fascists.

    P.S. We love you Casey!

  2. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    I just read the report. And, believe me: don’t read it. They forget to discredit the evidence that has been discredited and lie about it. It is VERY BAD work by the Govt. (Surprise, surprise.)

  3. Roscommon Conn Patrick McDonnell says:

    Sorry I can’t shut up about the forensics, but I just found out that the whole thing about the trunk of the car WASN’T TRUE. There was NO CHLOROFORM, and, sure as hell, NO DECOMPOSITION. Look at the pictures of them together: Casey loved Caylee and Caylee loved Casey!!!

  4. Casey is glowing and her eyes are sparkling in the pictures with Caylee. She could not have killed Caylee.

  5. Tim Ceballos says:

    Casey, I hope you see this… You have been kept in our thoughts since day one….as we (my daughter and I) have wished only good things for you. And, now, as time has passed, ….we still want only good things for you, wherever you may be. Uhm, to be honest, I myself have fiercly been defending you on some social websites (FaceBook)… Some people only know negativity…and, its sad… But, Casey, do NOT let these judgemental people get to you. You are great… you are amazing. And, I am sure you are a wonderful person. I have no doubt. If you ever need a friend…an ear to listen, …or if you want to email a supporter…a friend, feel free to contact me. You will only get kindness and support. My email address is and/or my cell number is 760-805-0579 (southern california).
    Whatever you choose, …just know you DO have friends and people who care what happens to you…. Goodnight…. I am here if you need me. Your friend, Tim (and Joeal/my Daughter)

  6. Tim Ceballos says:

    Casey, we are still pulling for you. We (my baby Daughter and I) just saw you on your you tube diary… You are still very beautiful. Take care of yourself, …… We care what happens to you… Tim and Joeal (my babygirl)

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