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Update: ZG a “Money Grubbing Plaintiff” — Charles Greene

In this morning’s hearing, Judge Lisa Munyon confirmed there would be no ruling until the end of the year… although a hearing in respect of the Equusearch BS has been set for December 19th.

Interviewed after the hearing, Charles Greene confirmed what we’d all been thinking for months… “Zenaida Gonzalez is a money grubbing plaintiff that likes to see herself on TV”. Well said dude.

Here’s the full news report from

ZG money grubbing plaintiff 12-8


  1. Well said Mr. Greene 🙂 thats ALWAYS been my opinion as well.

  2. couldn’t have said it better myself Mr. Green !!

    • Heres another clue too. “I have to look at my daughter and Say I can’t afford you” Oh and By the way, Casey said she made her up…. She didnt have a Nanny…. Its been three years. Lady get the hell over it and start working or eles You may be shiped out of Our Country.

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