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ZG – arrested & bailed out of Orange County jail overnight

Zenaida Gonzalez – famous for being an asshole and trying to sue Casey Anthony – was arrested and bailed out of Orange County Jail in the early hours of this morning.

DISCLAIMER: The original pictures above have not been altered or enhanced in any way.
It is her, and she really does look that bad.

Video report from WESH2 NEWS:

ZG arrested WESH 8-18-2012

Here’s how the Sun Sentinel called it:

“Zenaida Gonzalez, who is suing Casey Anthony for defamation, was arrested Friday night in Orange County.

Gonzalez, 41, was being held at the Orange County Jail on a charge of selling or giving liquor to someone younger than 21. She was arrested by the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. Gonzalez was in the process of posting bail, which was set at $250, early Saturday.”

Should we be surprised?

Even though Team Casey’s attempts to get this BS case thrown out were unsuccessful, here’s an excerpt from my Feb 29th 2012 post – “Team Casey file motion to throw out BS-riddled ZG civil case“:

ZG admitting (under oath) she has never been known as “Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez” is just one of countless discrepancies highlighted in the documents below, together with her backfiring self-inflicted publicity stunts and the DCF investigations into sex with an underage boy.

Here’s the video (from the above post) from WESH 2 News:

Casey Wants ZG Civil Case Dropped 2-29

It just goes to show that when you leave these clowns to their own devices (like ZG and GA), and you give them enough rope, they’ll invariably hang themselves. No pun intended :mrgreen:

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  1. LOL! Well perhaps some Dr. Phil money can help with ZG’s case….

  2. ArkansasMimi says:

    This will be her 2nd chg then. Remb when parts of her depo were released, it showed that she had been arrested before for selling alchol to a minor. Dumb a$$

  3. HA! All her dirty laundry is really being exposed and brought to light. This is what happens when your intentions aimed to hurt others for the wrong reasons. It’s called KARMA! Thanks for the updates SJ.

    • …and what a dumbass LOL! Why would anyone risk selling alcohol to a minor when they’re suing Casey Anthony?

      • Marilyn A. says:

        That’s very true but why would anyone sell or give alcohol to a minor at all. When I was younger but old enough to buy alcohol, my brother and his friends asked me to help them get some but I refused. I could never live with myself if something happened because I helped them get alcohol. This absolutely goes to creditablility and shows the type of woman she is… and she’s a mother at that! Wow, is all I can say!

  4. Something tells me the stage is being set for a huge meal of “Karma” to be served. Not to Casey, as the haters believe, but to those who have victimized her with impunity for the last few years.

  5. What a reputation she has! Not.

    • Hi CJ,
      Well, she does HAVE a reputation, it’s just not a reputation that anyone else would ever want to have – nor is it one that could ever be damaged, lol. This whole civil trial BS needs throwing out for sure after this latest event! We shall see…

  6. SJ,

    Can this arrest, hurt the lawsuit or is it irrelevant? It sure doesn’t make things look good for Zeinada, does it?

    • Since it’s a civil suit, it could hurt her case as a jury could look at is as an example of the reputation Gonzalez claims is being defamed, as could a judge if the case is decided by the bench. But I don ‘t believe it has any technical impact. Nothing she does after the fact has to be used as evidence against her claim.

  7. Someone on said that Cheney set ZG up…. sheesh!

    • Stevan Davis says:

      Oh of course. Typical of these idiots to come out with something like that.

      • Yeah… i wrote back and said that if ZG lets herself get set up that way then she is pretty stupid…

        • Every article I read CLEARLY said it was the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco doing a sting. It happens all the time, in every state and in every city and town. Cheney doesn’t have anything to do with her civil cases anyway.

          • Sure does, happens where I live all the time -Karen:) Anyhow, if she were set up, she fell for it because of her own bad choice. ( but we know he didn’t do that)

  8. I love how she’s darkening her hair in an attempt to look more like the Zenaida whom Casey described. Her bullshit case should be thrown out.

  9. Marilyn C. says:

    Oh MY!!! I have been feeling pretty lousy….but SJ You have made my evening!! I LOVE how you put the sponsored by MOTEL 6!! That cracked me up! Thank You for this!! Yeah…we have been discussing ZG’s wonderful reputation for a long time now & it seems to just gets BETTER & BETTER!! Hey SJ….WHERE is the video of one of the MORGAN bunch rescuing her?!! GEEEZZ the IDIOTS will never learn.

    • Hi Marilyn!
      I’m glad my post cheered you up! I already had a few emails from people asking me how I managed to get Motel 6 to sponsor the post. They were oblivious to the joke and totally unaware of my sarcasm skills :mrgreen: Maybe I should do the post sponsorship stuff more often! If anyone wants to properly sponsor a post and have their ad seen by several thousand people – just email me and it can be arranged. Payment can also be made by PayPal, lol.

  10. Marilyn C. says:

    I forgot to ask if anyone knows what happened to the JOB she got while being on DR Phil? Wasn’t that a cleaning job? Not working in a store!! Maybe MATT can come on here & explain to us how Casey somehow made her loose that one job too!! I can’t seem to find all of those supporters she had!

    • Hi Marilyn
      I had the same question when I read the article. Dr Phil had set her up with someone to do with a cleaning job back in April 2012. At the time, she told him that no one would hire her because of Casey Anthony. Lo and behold she now works at a convenience store.. Is she holding down two jobs? If she lost the job or quit, it will come out in the trial to be sure, adding more to her character, if it ever really goes to trial. I am wondering if her lawyers will give up the ghost because she keeps pulling stunts like this one. She will be laughed right out of court and so will they.

      • What a liar. No one would hire her because of Casey Anthony? By April 2012, everyone knew that “Zanny” never existed. She probably didn’t get hired anywhere because she wanted to sit on her ass and wait to collect money from Casey.

  11. Stevan Davis says:

    I don’t get the Motel 6 joke. What am I missing?? LOL

    • That’s where ms Gonzalez lives. It’s a shit motel rented by the month.

    • Hi Stevan!
      Apparently ZG was holed up at Motel 6 and didn’t have a pot to piss in at the time the Zanny news broke… so it was that, coupled with the 2 arrests for underage alcohol selling (plus the DCF underage sex investigation) which kinda makes this whole case a complete fiasco… together with her claim that Casey damaged her un-damagable “reputation” — hence the ongoing Motel 6 references.

  12. Jose Baez is now representing Shirley Wygal a mother who lost her daughter in the Colorado Movie Theater shooting and is suing the movie theater.

    • Jose will be very sought after now, because he’s brilliant in the courtroom. I’m happy for him after all of the shit that he endured from the media.

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