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UPDATE: ZG’s Deposition

No definite news as yet, and no end in sight… but (according to Twitter reports) Charles Greene says things are “going well”.  The Judge has also ordered they finish the deposition today,  so a mid-evening finish looks likely. Yep. It definitely ain’t over till the fat guy (or his client) sings.

Here’s the latest from

ZG Depo 11-22

More news as soon as we have it…


  1. SJ – WOW, you are quick! Thank you for all the time, energy and effort you put into making this site for all of us – Casey Marie Anthony supporters ~ this has to be the best site on the internet. Can’t wait for the deposition to be published.

    • Hi MiMi! Thanks for posting and for your kind comments. Charles Greene reckons the video should be available “after the deposition is complete”. Sould be interesting. Happy Thanksgiving! SJ

      • SJ…… I also want to say a big “Thank You” & let you know how much we appreciate all that you do to keep us updated.I want to wish everyone a nice Happy Thanksgiving with friends & Loved ones.My heart just beams when I think that Casey does NOT have to spend Thanksgiving in jail again!!

        • Yes, thanks SJ!

          • Let me add my thanks to SJ as well! And I am so happy for Casey to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving out of jail this year! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

          • I would also like to thank-you, SJ! I imagine it’s not easy to deal with all the ugliness surrounding this that comes along with telling the truth.

    • MiMi,
      If this was twitter i would retweet what you said to SJ! 🙂
      GO TEAM CASEY!!!

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