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ZG Deposition Video Clips Released, Part 2

Here’s some additional footage just released from ZG’s recent deposition, courtesy of

ZG depo clips 11-29


  1. Whooaa ~ this whole thing has been stretched out to the hilt! While I feel ‘some’ compassion for Zenaida for having been questioned by LE, it was established from the beginning, that SHE was/is NOT Zanny the Nanny!

    If ANYTHING, Zenaida should be suing $PINdy! But we all know $PINdy & Georgette, the Sponge, can’t be sued by anyone ~ cuz they are a charitable organization, don’t ya know? If I’m not mistaken, even their home, vehicles and donations are ‘untouchable’!

    Casey hasn’t spoken a word since the first couple of months of her incarceration. Every BS concocted story has been out of the mouths of $PINdy and the Sponge! M&M needs to put their time and energy into finding loopholes to go after them!

  2. This “unemployable” opportunist saw big bucks from the go get. She was either totally dumb or very calculated to have appeared in the media to “prove her innocence”, any innocent person has no need to prove anything to the public ( esp if they kept their heads down in the first place!!!). So, guilty as charged for chasing the cash cow. She aint stupid and certainly knows how to hustle, unfortunately no amount of cash will buy whatever dignity she had back.

  3. Anybody know when the full depo will be released? I’m bored and need a good laugh.

  4. She’s wasting her time, Casey will get out of this because Casey never pointed at this Zenaida and said this was her… Moving on…. Casey, will get out of this! 🙂

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