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ZG – Morning Hearing Update

From OS:

“Did Casey Anthony get money from her parents’ trust fund? After a ruling Tuesday, Anthony will have to tell Zenaida Gonzalez the answer to that question, but the public won’t find out at least until the case goes to trial.

Gonzalez’s lawyers wanted to know if Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, have been funneling her money from the trust fund they created in honor of their granddaughter, Caylee Marie. Anthony’s attorneys argued that was “private financial information” and irrelevant to the ongoing civil suit.

At a hearing Monday, Gonzalez’s attorneys said that because they’re seeking punitive damages against Anthony, they must know everything they can about her net worth. They said their fear was that Anthony would argue at trial that she’s broke.

“We assume that they will take that position in the case,” said Gonzalez attorney John Dill.

Anthony’s attorney, Andrew Chmelir, countered that Gonzalez was only looking for publicity. The source of any funds Anthony has received, he said, isn’t necessary to determine how much money she has.

“They’re asking for information above or beyond what her net worth is,” Chmelir said.

The judge ruled in favor of Gonzalez, with a caveat: Anthony must answer Gonzalez’s questions, but her attorneys may not reveal the answers publicly other than in open court if the case goes to trial. The trial is currently scheduled for January.

The judge also heard argument about Anthony’s so-called “video diary,” which leaked online in January. In it, Anthony made reference to other audio recordings she had made. Gonzalez’s team told the judge they want those recordings. If Anthony was keeping a record of her thoughts, they argued, it’s reasonable the subject of her daughter’s death could have come up.

“We believe that this request could go to the discovery of admissible evidence,” Dill said. Anthony’s team countered that the request failed to identify which recordings they wanted specifically enough.

“I don’t know exactly what they’re referring to, your honor,” Chmelir told Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon, prompting Dill to play a portion of Anthony’s leaked video diary on his cell phone.

“This is not new information,” Dill said. The judge ruled against the defense’s argument that the request wasn’t sufficiently specific, but said that the recordings would be subject to private review in order to determine if they could violate Anthony’s fifth-amendment rights.

That process could be derailed, however: Anthony’s defense said Tuesday that Gonzalez’s team had agreed to waive its request for the recordings at a previous hearing. The Anthony team was given 15 days to provide a transcript proving that.

Citing a pending appeal of four convictions for lying to law enforcement about her daughter’s death, Anthony has relied on her right against self-incrimination in order to avoid answering questions in the civil suit.

The suit is based on Anthony’s statements, in 2008, that a nanny with a name similar to Gonzalez’s had kidnapped Caylee. Authorities later determined the nanny didn’t exist and the 2-year-old was dead. However, Gonzalez was interviewed by detectives and linked to the case in the media.”

More news as we have it.


  1. Sounds like Munyon is ruling like a typical judge in anything Casey.
    Thanks for the info SJ

    • Actually I think Munyon has been surprisingly fair in her rulings. She won’t let M & M make a public spectacle out of the case by publicly releasing everything they get their hands on. Her rulings tend to represent a compromise between giving Morgan what he wants and protecting Casey’s privacy. And I doubt they’ll get all of Casey’s recordings or be allowed to make them public.

      • Good. I want to be wrong about Munyon. Thanks:)

      • Yes, but you saw how sealing information worked when Judge Perry did it. By the standards of the prior judges, the defense team will allowed to have a private meeting where they share the information with someone who is not bound the judges ruling that the defense can’t make the information public outside of trail proceedings.

  2. Morgan and Morgan are the epitome of sleazy Democrat trial lawyers. This travesty of a lawsuit is a perfect demonstration of how they operate. They harass and intimidate the people or companies they sue until they settle out of cort to avoid trial. Casey and her team should fight aggressively and never surrender to these ambulance chasers and their scuzzy client. I believe that by the time this case goes to trial in January Casey will have the upper hand and be victorious again. Keep fighting, Casey!

    • Thanks for that uplifting message Harry N! This whole lawsuit has me peeved. Yeah liberal attorneys for sure! LOL

      I think wanting the diary crosses lines. what about her right to privacy. While a diary could be considered valuable evidence in a criminal case, I don’t see how they can even ask for this. But they can and they did.

      Note to self: never keep a diary lest I’m sued for something.

      • Harry N. & CJ,

        I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring in politics. It’s divisive and turns people off. Jose has been called a sleazy “liberal democrat” lawyer. . Lets just keep this about Supporting Casey, and keep politics out of it.

  3. “The judge also heard argument about Anthony’s so-called “video diary,” which leaked online in January. In it, Anthony made reference to other audio recordings she had made. Gonzalez’s team told the judge they want those recordings. If Anthony was keeping a record of her thoughts, they argued, it’s reasonable the subject of her daughter’s death could have come up”

    I fail to see how this has anything to do with ZFG. In fact, it’s as if M&M are trying to retry this case over again.

    Also, if the diary was a part of counseling (which it sounds like it wasn’t) then it shouldn’t be released under informed consent between the counselor and client. But we would have heard about a subpoena if that were the case.

  4. Wow! What ever happened to privacy rights? I hope this is the last case Casey has to endure.

  5. Marilyn C. says:

    I just watched this GARBAGE on In session….I had no idea that Vinnie PoliASS would be running his STUPID mouth during me trying to watch the hearing.He is about as VILE towards Casey as NG.I noticed at almost the last of the hearing Cheney Mason showed up.I don’t even know where Mr Greene was! I am just in a STUPOOR trying to figure out HOW this got this far?? YES….M&M are going to be RETRYING the CRIMINAL case.Just as soon as they have to release their witness list,that will show! Its STRANGE I didn’t hear NOTHING in this defamation suit that ZG went to JAIL!! I do not have a whole lot of FAITH in ANY JUDGE in Florida!! They are all out to get Casey for anything…with alot of POWER pushing them! Matt got right on TV after the hearing BRAGGING to Vinnie he was going to get Casey on the stand for the first time to tell the truth or be slapped with perjury charges. OMG!! He made me deathly sick!! Sorry Guys,everything on here is probably misspelled or doesn’t even make sense right now,but I had to RANT after what I just watched!! It was all BS!!

    • Was Casey there? Maybe her attorney wasn’t there because this is one of those things that is just not important in the big scheme of the lawsuit? I hope this doesn’t become another media hate-filled circus.

    • Morgan is playing to the haters with his comments, but you can be damn sure that he’s not going to be re-trying the criminal case with this lawsuit. I’m sure Vinnie Politan is trying to convince the idiots who watch his low-rated show on his low-rated network that it will be just like the criminal trial, but it won’t be. It can’t be. And by the time the trial actually begins in January things may be very different. I think Casey will win again.

      • I do too Harry. I don’t see how what happened the morning of the 16th has to do with ZFG though. I think the judge may draw the line at certain questions that seem irrelevant and exploitative.

      • Vinnie Politan is an idiot and his yellow teeth drive me crazy.

  6. Your rant makes me want to rant. Where did you watch this? I thought they wouldn’t televise this?

    • I’m a pissed off girl and I want to rant about this too, but it’s not worth it. It’s dificult to concentrate when I’m supposed to be working during month end haha

      • Quite predictable that the usual clowns would come out with this on TV, just to try and make it a bigger story than it actually is. Don’t let these TV shows get to you… or the assholes that front them. Whether it’s “In Session” or the Hopeless Losers Network (HLN) — rise above the BS. As Walter Sobchak would say – “They’re f-ing amateurs!” There’s only ever gonna be one winner here folks.

    • It was televised on Tru TV, the bottom of the barrel of Time Warner’s cable properties and the only place old Vinnie Politan has a home since they kicked him off HLN.

    • Marilyn C. says:

      They showed it on Insession at 2:00 pm central time.I guess Ass Vinnie hops from HLN over to Insession,TruTV…used to be called court tv. I think they just wanted to get everyone riled up again.I have to answer your question about Casey….NO she was not there,but 2 attorneys who I didn’t know.They will probly rerun it on all the Florida TV station websites,etc…..since M&M THINK they WON today!!

      • Thanks! The attorney you asked about works for Greene. I saw a video of him on the article at OS where he referred to that:)

        I have strong feelings about her having to turn over her private thoughts. Whatever leaked on the web is one thing, but if it’s her private thoughts, it seems wrong and an invasion of her privacy. Keeping a journal is a personal thing whether it be video, audio or written.

      • Court TV, created by Steven Brill is long dead and gone, and has morphed into a scuzzy low-rent monstrosity that specializes in cheesy reality shows. Brill disowned it long ago. Vinnie Politan used to have a show on HLN, but no more. You give these people more credit than they deserve and more stature than they actually have. In a way this lawsuit is typical of what lawyers like Morgan and Morgan do, just with a lot more publicity because of Casey’s notoriety.

      • I watched it this afternoon to see the hearing itself. It was interesting to watch.

  7. how is it that when C zenaida Gonzale was asked for info by caseys defense attorney on how she was getting by and if phils shows paid he or M&M gave her children gifts her lawyers answered that they didnt have that info or couldn’t disclose, but casey has to hand over that info.

    • JUsti,
      I had no idea Zenaida’s team declined to give her financial info to Casey’s team. If that’s the case how unfortunate and discriminatory! Bullies bullies bullies!

  8. Speaking of Tru Tv which was originally court tv…. In 2006 there was a show on court tv called LA Forensics, and the name of one of the actresses on that show was Zenaida Gonzalez. She played Detective Flores I have been trying to find out more about this person, a picture or anything but so far have had no luck. It was 2006 when Casey came up with the name. Is this coincidence or not?

  9. I would like to know how in the world any money that Casey’s parents may have given to her should be accounted with her net worth. Unless it is an exhorbitant amount, which I can’t see happening, it should have no bearing whatsoever on this case. It is different if there is a trust fund set up for her with money in it, but bits and pieces here and there are nothing.
    The way I see it is this: Casey may have said the name Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez but not Zenaida Gonzalez.
    If they want to sue anyone it should be the media although in her first interview, Ms Gonzalez’s face was blacked out and no one could see what she looked like. Since then, she has willingly plastered her face all over the media,,,, well whose fault is that??
    Her lawyers are only doing this because they think they can make Casey talk and they want to be known as the big men who took her down. None of this has anything to do with money whatsoever!
    All that this woman had to do from the get go was to say no comment when questioned by the media in the first place!

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