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ZG case – latest update

From OS, 10-4-2012:

“Attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez agreed in principle on Thursday to not mention Casey Anthony’s murder trial during her upcoming defamation trial, if they can avoid it.

However, the murder trial could be mentioned on specific topics individually approved by the judge, such as to challenge the testimony of witnesses.

Anthony’s murder trial was among the most talked-about in Central Florida’s history. So her lawyers wanted the judge to block any mention of that notorious case from her upcoming trial in Gonzalez’s defamation lawsuit.

Attorneys for Anthony and Gonzalez discussed that issue Thursday morning at the Orange County Courthouse, and the two parties largely agreed — something they haven’t done often in the hard-fought suit.

“I don’t foresee us in a civil case saying, ‘X, Y and Z happened in the criminal case,'” Gonzalez attorney John Dill said.

Anthony’s attorney Charles Greene, meanwhile, acknowledged that “there may be points where something about the criminal proceedings come up indirectly.”

The parties agreed that they would have to bring up the murder trial during jury selection, in order to determine the extent of jurors’ knowledge of the case. After that, any references will have to be cleared by the judge.

In their motion, Anthony’s attorneys had asked Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon to block “any evidence, comment, or other reference by counsel of any witness in this case concerning” Anthony’s highly publicized murder prosecution and trial.

“The criminal proceedings are not relevant to any issue in this case,” the defense wrote in its motion. “Moreover, any evidence, comment, or reference to the criminal proceedings… would be unduly prejudicial to Ms. Anthony.”

In July 2011, Anthony, now 26, was acquitted on all major charges in the death of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee. Gonzalez is suing because Anthony initially told authorities in 2008 that a similarly named nanny had kidnapped Caylee.

Authorities determined, and Anthony’s criminal defense acknowledged at trial, that the girl was dead, and the nanny didn’t exist.

The motion was based on a ruling by Munyon in April, which threw out part of Gonzalez’s lawsuit. The part that remains centers on a videotaped visit Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, made while their daughter was in jail.

In the video, Anthony denied that she had ruled Gonzalez out as a suspect. Gonzalez’s lawyers say Cindy Anthony relayed that information to the media, thrusting their client further into the media firestorm surrounding the case.

The suit is currently set for trial in January, but both parties indicated they have more motions to file and argue. The next court date in the case is Oct. 30, when Anthony’s team will argue to move the trial away from central Florida.

Anthony remains in hiding, as she has been since her acquittal. She has been subpoenaed to appear at the civil trial. ”




  1. I believe that M&M is claiming that Casey gave her mother permission to speak on her behalf so that is how they are getting around suing Cindy for saying Zaneida wasn’t cleared as a suspect.

    I wonder if the abuse will be allowed to factor into it. In my opinion, it’s highly relevant that Casey was a victim of incest because victims will often say or do anything to please the abuser.

    • I see no reason this should factor into it. Anthony’s attorneys aren’t asserting she had good reason for naming this Zenaida. They are asserting that she did not name this Zenaida. With that stance, they have no reason to try to make excuses for why she would have done it. If you’re saying the Zenaida she named is not this Zenaida, then is it relevant why you named a Zenaida at all?

  2. It looks like things may be finally turning around for Casey.

  3. SJ – is this website for real?

  4. People out there in internet land think M & M MUST have proof or this would have been thrown out by now. Does anyone know why it hasn’t been? My theory is the judge wants a jury to decide to take the heat off her. She certainly doesn’t want a target on her back due to all the loons out there! Thoughts??

    • I agree with you Karen. This case has no legal ground whatsoever, it is a joke. It’s obvious that they are attempting to piggyback off of notoriety and gain some fame for themselves. This lawsuit is for all the wrong reasons. I doubt the Judge just doesn’t know what she is doing, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She is letting the case play out because, like you said, she doesn’t want the attention. She has made some bad decisions, but some good ones too. I just hope that there is a fair jury like in the criminal trial and the truth comes out. This woman is nothing, but a pawn in her attorneys’ famemongering not that she isn’t responsible for her actions. For goodness sake, she had her son arrange an interview with the media to bring attention to herself!! Come on, the media cared less about this woman than a rock on the side of the road. It was all about the criminal case. No one believed the nanny story. The police admitted that on day one they didn’t believe it. Casey Anthony even ruled her out as being Zanny the Nanny to the police. She never blamed this woman. Zanny the Nanny was like every other person she created in her mind. She has mental health issues, her child died, she was charged with murder, she faced the death penalty, she was vilified by the media, leave the woman alone. So she lied to her parents. Who hasn’t? Casey Anthony should not be held responsible for what the media decides to sensationalize or not. She should also not be held responsible for what her parents say. Defamation? The person who should be saying they were defamed is Casey Anthony. Ridiculous.

  5. I have no idea what other proof M&M have that give them the reason to believe its ok to continue this case besides the fact that they want to use the jail video where Casey doesn’t rule out ZG.

    Supposedly all they ever wanted was a public statement from Casey saying ZG is not the nanny. They argue that Casey must have said it in private, but the jailhouse video doesn’t prove it. I personally don’t know if M&M plan to use the psych evaluation because in there Casey said there was a ZFG nanny who watched Caylee.

    You know if anything Casey should sue everyone else. You can’t compare the problems this Zenaida has received over what Casey has gone through. If she really cared she would drop the allegations, move on and a little sympathy over this might actually save her.

  6. Now Cindy is on Twitter LOL

  7. If this trial does happen than the judge better order the lying ZG nanny to pay Casey Anthony for any damage she caused Casey

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