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ZG Hearing Update – Judge Grants Subpoena Request

In yet another pointless PR exercise — featuring the ever-incompetent money-grabbing M&M and their infamous PayPal-powered Motel 6 resident — and after a delayed start due to ego-congestion… the judge ultimately decided to grant M&M’s subpoena request – but confirmed that Casey’s address must be sealed (and remain sealed) to the public.

Here’s the video from featuring Charles Greene telling it like it is, plus a cameo appearance from M&M’s very own warm-up guy Keith Mitnik – proving once again what an asshole he is.

Lawyers Win Access To Casey\'s Address



  1. This Civil Lawsuit by ZG should be dismissed by the judge. It is disgusting. It is a mockery of the judicial system. It has no merit whatsoever.


  2. Harry N says:

    Morgan and Morgan know that if they leak Casey’s address and some psycho “warrior” harms her or the people around her they would be liable. They’ll be careful, but will definitely try to force Casey to show up to their farce of a trial. Thank God its not till 2013, when she’ll be off probation and long gone
    from Florida.

  3. Marilyn C. says:

    What happens if she doesn’t answer the door when they come knockin? Why can she not hide until she is off probation? That IDIOT Keith MitCHIT gets my blood boiling every time he opens his mouth with his DEMANDS!

    • Hi Marilyn,

      With regards to Casey’s “address”, I’m sure Team Casey have this one covered, and they also have 10 days to lodge an objection and/or put a plan in place to go through with it if needs be. You can, however, bet your bottom dollar that M&M will do all they can to inadvertently leak the info to the media and try to screw everything up as they always do. Taking that into account, the address they may ultimately turn up at will be purely temporary. I’m not going into specifics, but rest assured Team Casey have this well under their control. Team Casey hold and control all the cards as usual.

      Regarding Mitnick…. well… he reminds me of the guy they wheel out in the TV studio to get the audience warmed up for the show. That’s all he’s doing here playing the role of M&M’s warm up (and wind up) guy. Whether he serves any other useful purpose is yet to be determined.

      Thanks for posting!

      • Marilyn C. says:

        Thanks SJ…You always know HOW to calm me down when I’m having a meltdown about these IDIOTS. You would think by now I wouldn’t let them get under my skin, because I have all the faith in the world in Casey’s Team! Thanks Sweetie!

  4. SJ
    You may want to search for the raw video : State Attorney Lawson Lamar on re-election campaign on . At approximately 14.38 into the video he starts talking about the Anthony case and Jeff Ashton in particular. He makes some very interesting comments. Here is the link

    • Hi Debbie,

      Interesting video, and amusing to watch Lawson Lamar ripping The Laughing Guy a new one. He’s right with most of the stuff he said about TLG – although even he still can’t properly grasp or process the facts pertaining to the duct tape — choosing instead to keep banging the drum about the duct tape “being found over Caylee’s nose & mouth”. Yeah, right. This was never proven during the trial, for obvious reasons. The pixelated pics have never been explained yet either. Fantasy forensics & junk science at its finest!

      Thanks for posting!

      • Interesting thing about the duct tape is that women would never collect such a thing. Men would and likely do all the time especially when it is a certain one and the company is no longer making it. It then becomes a man’s treasure and would only be used in special circumstances. I can’t believe no one seems to get that fact.

  5. Couldn’t “Zanny” find somebody other than that hick to represent her? Guess not.

    • I don’t recall which lawyer at M&M, but a while back one of the lawyers said Casey better get her “behind” down there. Disgusting and vulgar. What an a disrespectful way to talk to anyone. And this lawyer says something about Casey hiding in the “weeds.” This really pisses me off. M^M are bullies, and stalkers!

      I think it was Cheney Mason who said if M^M find Casey she will be moved to another location. It seems they are moving Casey around.

      Is is possible there is an ongoing FBI investigation and Casey is in the WPP (Witness Protection Program)? If this is the case, she must be a witness to be hidden out by the WPP. I don’t know much about the WPP, so I could be wrong…but I do wonder. WPP will move a witness to different locations, if I am not mistaken.


      • No I think Team Casey is doing it all on their own just for Casey’s safety.

      • She could be in WPP! They do move witnesses from place to place for their own protection. I hope she always stays safe no matter what.

        • It appears something is going on: an ongoing FBI investigation. I found the Cindy and George Anthony FBI interviews, but I couldn’t find Lee’s. I kept searching for it. Then I read in Wendy Murphy’s book, that Lee Anthony’s FBI interview has not been released. Ms. Wendy says that that must mean there is an ongoing FBI investigation.

          It must be very revealing if his interview has not been released. My bet is the FBI is investigating George Anthony. Lets wait and see.

  6. heather says:

    Ya know lily…that’s a good point! I always wondered why the FBI wasn’t more involved after the interviews..seems they interviewed and left it alone…but why wasn’t George investigated before now? So frustrating!!!

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